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 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 10:09 AM
Boy you fishies are making it harder and harder not to play. I loved it but was just going to wait til next month to purchase but it's getting harder and harder to resist
And for anyone out there interested in a delightfully creepy game....Like puppets and ravenhearst this is a really good one. Did anyone notice the creepy little scene in the greenhouse?...yikes....not since finding the coffin in ravenhearst have i just been freaked out....but I like creepy...which is why everytime halloween rolls around I sleep with the lights on....(never know who's out there!)
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 9:44 AM
i adored this game! I will definately buy it but since I filled out a punchcard for the month I may decide to wait and see if any really goood dd show up, then I may have to buy it to fill out another card....
Anyway, music is nice and creepy and the gameplay for me had me still working on chapter one when my hour came up. I really am fighting not to buy it.....really fighting urge not to sink my teeth into it....drain it of delicious game goodness.....ahem....anywhoo, game has not timers except for the achievement wall ( If you can finish the game in 180 minutes) but I don't think the acheivements get you anything other than a good pat on the back....
Graphics were excellent and the objects not to shabby to find. The hardest part sometimes were the mini game tiles....but I found them all anyway. Well anyway it's a good game and if your like me will probably at least last you four or more hours since I heard there are four chapters.
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 9:34 AM
Hi, go to your previous post I have replied there.
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 9:32 AM
Go into the entryway and walk into the sunlight now ( you have the spiffy new cloak now, why not try it out?) then up in the right hand area will be go to storage area, go there and keep going right on the screen and you'll hit the attic soon...
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 9:26 AM
Or a fitness instructor......
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 7:26 AM
MCF MCF MCF MCF!!! (sorry sometimes the voices get to loud.... :whistle
Seriously though it looks like a good game and while my computer is frantically trying to download it fast enough for me,l thought I would check out the reviews. I love all the dark games and the light ones. But I find too much saccharin bad for me. The light ones are nice to look at but the storylines seem mostly bland...I preferred the Dark Parables game to the Awakening game. Even if I got the CE it was kinda short but at least the storyline was more interesting. But you gotta have variety. And I have both games anyway. Awakening was visually stunning.
But to round up my ramblings...LOVE the dark games....But I wish we could all have the types of games we enjoy though....I know when I go a day without a new dark game...start jonesing....
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