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 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Aug 30, 12 8:17 AM
All the usual suspects have given their excellent expert information I rely on to get started. Thanks Valdy and the rest! I've seen reviews with people writing about HOGs being more like Adventure and call them Adventure Lite, or don't know how to classify them. How about HOPLA = Hidden Object Puzzle Light Adventure? We still need to find objects, even though there is no list, to further the entire game along; It isn't a full blown Adventure where you have to talk to everyone 100 times/going in circles, etc. I hope this title helps everyone and I'd be thrilled if it's accepted. Been a member since 2008, don't contribute to reviews, because alot of people write excellent reviews already.
Bought the CE and it plays great on my laptop. It fills the entire screen without making any adjustments and you can access the extras before the main game ends. The use of "black smoke/clouds" like Sins of Our Father is used throughout, Awesome! I hope not every developer jumps on the bandwagon, using this color like turquoise.
This isn't exactly a HOG, although you do have to find or come across objects that go into the inventory and be used to start or complete another portion of the game. Colors are fabulous. Love the game with the knight! Never seen that before. For all the peeps that aren't too happy with the direction ERS is taking, I'd just like to say since I'm not very good at (hah! what an understatement) Adventure games, this is the perfect HOPLA for me. The difficulty level is just right (played expert w. no skips, & the second level). Don't mind getting lost, or having to play a mini game over and over because the scenes are beautifully rendered. I can still figure out where or what to do without resorting to the SG constantly.
Not the same old ERS music. Even though I'm a fan of ERS (except for Penumbra Motel) I agree the music was getting a little old and annoying. Live action used, thankfully at a minimum for me. Too much of it, and it creeps me out more than the game. I feel like it's weird 'reality'. I play games to escape and games animated like this, suits me just fine. Highly recommend this game. Thank you it's been awhile since you made my day. Thank you ERS
 posted in Night In The Opera on Jul 7, 12 3:45 AM
While playing the demo for about 40 minutes, more like "not playing", I only got "the cane top" that goes with the rest of the cane, wherever the heck that was. I like M3 games and this one isn't cutsie cartoon drawn, so I REALLY wanted to find out what was (not) going on and came over here. Read a couple of replies, went back to the game and WHAT A PIECE OF
This is one game I suggest you go along with the tutorial (if you're like me and usually don't) or end up wasting alot of time in frustration, blaming it on the game and not you.

This game is everything alot of people wish for in straight HOPA games: bright, clear, good graphics, no monsters, asylums, darkness clouded in blue, etc.
A Match 3 that some might need a WT! The H0 scenes are kinda pastel.
I'm playing "untimed" instead of timed. Too many things to do to have a timer over my head.
Regarding the music that is played on the gramaphone: there is a play and stop button on the gramaphone. If you choose to shut it off (at any time) it returns to the background muzak, and if that get's on your nerves, go to options and mute it.
Other than that, this is a GREAT game, totally different than any other M3. I wanted to post before it disappears off the Top 100 list. It's at 45 right now, debuted not much higher and sinking.
I REALLY recommend checking this out no matter what kind of music you like or don't. It took me 35 minutes to figure where the heck the M3 board was!...much less the H0S

Once I did, I immediately purchased when the trial ended and the art work is stunning, HOS are done very well. NO JUNKPILE. It seems slow (to me) but it really isn't and could be equated as boring, but it isn't. Personally, I had to not play as quickly as I am accustomed to doing on M3 games. That might be why it feels slow moving to just has other things to do,
It's a game so far and it's a long one. I didn't want to repeat all the positives others have written....I should've watched the quick tutorial instead of being in the dark, frustrated for 35 minutes, thinking "this is only a complicated can it be?!?!?!
 posted in Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 12 4:30 AM
RFLOL! ! ! now the name of a dog. I wonder if the devs chose the name 'Pippa' before OR after the royal's still cracking me up, I don't know what is making me laugh more.....the game itself or the name of the dog.
A nice fluffy, friendly dog named Pippa would be understandable and a compliment. A monster dog named Pippa, I don't think so. Just doesn't do anything for me except laugh..
I hope (the real) Pippa ..... doesn't take the devs choice seriously and to top that, she definitely does not fit the phrase some men use to describe unattractive women in real life "she's a real dog...." The devs, are probably a bunch of guys who were playing off the negative phrasing re: women. ....and I don't know why, out of all the names available, the devs chose 'Pippa'.
 posted in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper on Nov 20, 11 7:47 AM
I really enjoy reading Dominick's reviews. I don't know this person, and do notice the effort/time he/she puts into her reviews and some of the rude remarks directed to him/her.
He/She always writes unbiased, direct and to the point completed game reviews using the standard 5 or / rating, also used for completed book, movie, restaurant reviews. I usually don't bother reading demo reviews, and start from the last posting page and work back until I reach the latest demo review. If I do read a demo review, it's because it's lengthy and assume its about a completed game, only to find ad nauseum that it is another trial version review with a "cutsey" grading system. I am not putting them's just I'd rather play the game than keep track of everyone's own grading systems on a demo. I appreciate that those reviews help alot of other fishies, and they like that style. It's just not for me.
Dominick is quick to answer if you pm him/her when something is left out of a review that is a concern of yours. Her/His reviews are so detailed, I assume they have the answer I'm looking for. Unless I'm imagining things, there seems to be a trend of abrupt endings inching its way into SE's, and the most important thing to me in regard to CE's/SE's is: "Does the main game come to a satisfactory conclusion without having to purchase the CE."
Three are kind enough to pm me back and I am so happy they can purchase CE's, and write extensive reviews for people like me who can't afford to buy all of them and do so only when the main game ends abruptly.
Thank you Dominick , govegril and Lizzie.
Can somebody who has finished this game tell me and the other fishies if this game comes to a satisfactory ending without the bonus portion? The only time I buy CE's is when a SE ends abruptly. I wish I could buy all the CEs that are released but I can only manage 1 or 2 over a few months due to finances. So it's a really special day when I do buy one. You can PM me so it doesn't get lost in all the reviews if you like. Thanks in advance!
I must not understand something about this game. The graphics, story and voice overs are great, but I don't see how this game can take up to a week to complete. I thought I'd try the demo during the sale incentive today and the amount of time I spent on the first 2 chapters multiplied times the chapters including the bonus.... would take me 3 hours to complete. I have never finished any game in that time. (That's how slow I am). The guide shows approx 4 to 5 pages per chapter. I am already more than halfway through chapter 2 playing on expert, using 2 hints for H0s and I'm definitely not an expert ... What am I missing that everyone is raving about? Thank you
textrekkie wrote:This review is based on the demo version.

Haunted Halls: Fears from Childhood is the second in the Haunted Halls series from ERS. Up front options are the typical sliders for music and sound, options for full screen and custom cursor. Two play modes are offered, Regular cabin, the left background looks pretty good and shows a bird.........

This is the THIRD installment of Haunted Halls. The first one was an SE and the second a CE/SE. Originally purchased SE, never got around to reading reviews and then noticed as time passed, most reviews said the HH SE had an abrupt ending and the CE "cleaned things up". I then purchased the CE and have to agree with the majority of reviews for HH CE II.

Speaking of Bonus Games, I just read 3 pages of reviews here of HH III Demos and only 2 people said they purchased, completed the game but left out the important info all the demo reviews do not have...
The Bonus Portion.

When I read reviews I start with the last one written and work my way to the beginning until I have read enough complete reviews to make my decision.I'd like to know your general thoughts on the bonus and if the bonus is a necessary ending for the game, a trailer for the next game (sequel), a bunch of unrelated games/HOS, approximate length and if it ties up any loose ends in the main game. OR if it has a decent ending for all the SE buyers.
Mine was 6 hours 11 minutes with 27% accuracy! RFLOL! ! ! ! Must've been too click happy . I dunno how that was so low...maybe because I also clicked on the characters, statues, etc to listen to their stories if they had one, or it just gave a FYI. I always wonder where they come up with these lists...maybe the developers, themselves. Who knows? LOL
Wrote a review on page 8 . So I won't repeat but continues here.
6 hours 11 minutes with 27% accuracy......Is what it said in the "extras" upon completion of the entire game including the bonus. Lost track of time when I finished the main part. Story, visuals and gameplay were stunning. I started the bonus and would've kept playing but I think I fell asleep (I lay in bed with laptop computer when playing before going to sleep for the night) and the screen was still on the main menu where I left off: "are you sure you want to exit" when I woke up. Tonight I completed the entire bonus game. I don't know if the 6 hrs 11 mins pertains to the main game or includes the bonus. Irregardless, it doesn't matter to me because it took a few evenings to play. Really enjoyed the sound, graphics, etc. . Definitely worth the bonus. The game ends properly without the bonus, so the SE will be fine, but on this CE the Bonus is as good as the Main game and brings it to a crescendo. Whatever challenge level you chose initially stays the same through the bonus and they pulled out all the bells and whistles for it. Music, voice all seemed even more intensified. Very ingenious mini games in bonus along with hos. Rarely purchase CEs (most were short or nothing necessary to add to the main game). Glad I bought this one. Bonus really takes you to the end of the game and was very happy I could continue on. Didn't rush. Used the "world map" the most throughout the game, used 2 hints on 2 HOS for entire game and the SG for one mini game in the bonus otherwise this could've easily been a 15 plus hour game for me!
you and a couple of other people (LizzieK and one other person....when I remember, I'll edit) that post regularly always answer a question I want an answer to, but don't ask because someone else already asked/commented or more than likely: forgot! ). I learn something from your comments, whether its from reviews to a simple sentence. (like the one above)
On general comments I have always agreed with whatever you posted. Your thoughts have been helpful, interesting, and funny in the many years I have been a member on BF. You never let me down and I appreciate your frankness, too. :Thank you very much for throwing your 2 cents in.
It Seldom Gets Better Than This For Me Here! Thank You Pixel People and BFG!

I this game...I hope The Developers and BFG read this far down when there are already a ton of reviews.
This is the type of HOPA I love!!!!! I did not find anything to complain about. Strategy guide is on spot and in the upper right corner if you don't want to go to the guide there's a "reminder" of what the heck you're suppose to do without giving away the whole entire farm. I could watch the opening scene before you start the game and see this huge castle with snow falling all day long! Now that should be a screensaver.
Absolutely love everything; gameplay, SG, the robo dog!!! and all the other weird (tongue in cheek) stuff they threw into the mix.
I would love to see more games like this on BFG....I just love well done Fairy tales/Fantasy games and they couldn't have done it any better. I enjoy creepy games too....but to escape the same old same old in real life (recession, stress, people out of work, sick, etc) to an opening scene like this one and it continues with beautiful artwork, good story, fun game; this is the best way to leave the real world behind. And I do love Hidden Object Games over only adventure, so if you change anything in your next production, add an extra H0 scene. Thank you!

Review continues in thread "length" includes Bonus.
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings on Sep 30, 11 1:38 AM
layzeedaisy wrote:Laptopdancerr - I went and looked at the end of a walkthrough for this game and, as far as I could make out, it didn't appear to be a proper ending with her regaining her son.

Thanks all for the heads up on the last chapter. This is a no buy for me without a proper ending. I am really disgusted with BFG for using this type of marketing.

IMO the CE wasn't worth the title, this is just a very ordinary little game with 6 chapters. To actually CHOP A CHAPTER to make it cheaper is just that - CHEAP.

Thanks Layzeedaisy for answering. I had a feeling your answer would be what you wrote and I agree with the remainder of your comment.
PattiBBB wrote above if you want an ending; read a book or see a movie....a game is a game. Excuse me, but I play games for 3 reasons; graphics, gameplay and STORY. It's disappointing enough to go through all the scenes only to find it ends with "to be continued" or watch the lead in for the sequel.
Guess I should take your advice and read all the the brand new unread books I bought just before I discovered this site a couple of years ago and have purchased over 300 games from this site alone.
Because of feeling ripped off by most CEs, now I have to scrutinize SE's closely before I click "BUY" because there might not be an ending. LOL WHAt NEXT? I thought I saw everything at BFG but this beats everything else here.
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings on Sep 28, 11 8:23 AM
Lovely62 left a comment in the other thread for this game "Comments for Lost Souls". I couldn't figure out how to transfer her comment and left the question below there and here, so someone can hopefully help us out.

Can somone please tell us what the ending status is on the SE if Lovely 62 doesn't follow up?
I'm glad you like the game....but you left out the most important info all of us want before we decide to even buy the SE not to mention the disappointing CE. We need an ending people. No offense to the original poster Lovely62, but maybe she/he is not in the States and might not understand we want to know how the ending issue is resolved.....not a spoiler, but a simple answer to the question: Does the SE have a satisfactory ending? Thank you very much!
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings on Sep 28, 11 8:07 AM
lovely62 wrote:I been playing for a few hours and love the game the graphics are so beautiful and the music is so relaxing, I don't regret one bit in buying the SE..I am very happy that i buy SE's because i can't afford CE's anymore..I think some of you fishes should try the Demo, you want regret it, I try to give games the benefit of my doubts, sometimes i would listen to others and i would miss out,so i decided to always give the games a chance.. I just wish the DEV's knock there prices down to 9.95 for CE;s i am pretty sure more people will buy then holding out for the SE versions..
well with that said happy gaming fishes..
Kuddo's to you

Can somone please tell us what the ending status is on the SE if Lovely62 doesn't follow up?
I'm glad you like the game....but you left out the most important info all of us want before we decide to even buy the SE not to mention the disappointing CE. We need an ending people. No offense to the original poster Lovely62, but maybe she/he is not in the States and might not understand we want to know how the ending issue is resolved.....not a spoiler, but a simple answer to the question: Does the SE have a satisfactory ending?
Thank you very much!
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Rewrote below....quoted another poster's comment by mistake. Correction below. Sorry
Someone mentioned in this game's forum before it was "stickied" over to this location that BF might be not making the money they were hoping for and hence the 2 times a week CE releases. (Sorry I forgot the person's name and exact wording but it's on page 1 or 2 of the review). Her/his comment brought up a concern of mine that has been bothering me for awhile. I know I would never get a honest answer or an answer due to confidentiality from BF regarding their sales quotas, how they are doing as a business, etc., so I'll just say it here:

I purchase ALOT of games from this site....just under 300 at the time of this comment. We "own" the games the minute we purchase. I don't know how many fishies buy a back up CD for every game. If I did, I wouldn't have 300 games from here. Should BF go under for whatever reason, does that mean all the money we spent on games become unplayable? New computers are purchased for different reasons, so that means downloading again.

[b]And to BF : Why can't we purchase backup discs after the initial purchase?
I don't want to purchase a disc at the same time, because I might not like the game, or want to replay it for various reasons. Why do I have to make the decision to purchase a back up at the time of the initial sale? Would there be an announcement that the site would be closing to give us instructions and options on how to play/keep all the games we purchased/own? I am looking at ALOT of money going down the drain and thinking about curbing how much I spend here. Multiplying 300 opened my eyes a few minutes ago! Some of the good games are available in Walmart, etc and I would get the disc, CE version and a nice box/packaging for less than here. I do understand this is the "no frills" version purchasing on line but does this also mean the games "we own" are ours forever whether BF is around or not?
 posted in The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery on Jul 24, 11 2:51 AM
WOW ! SE is released a week or so after the CE? I had to double check, I wasn't imagining things. CE was that great, huh? No takers? What happened? ??? Everyone finally got burnt out on seeing/playing another game about "how many groups of students can get lost"? I hope this is a sign we can move on to a new creative storyline. Thank you.

Hopefully someday will release CE/SE's on the same day, so all can participate in the excitement of a new game everyday.
 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Jul 11, 11 5:07 AM
It's entertaining to read all the negative remarks for this game, because they are exactly the opposite of most of the usual HOG complaints.
Here, most are complaining:
1. they can't see the hidden objects "because of old eyes". In all seriousness, please have your eyes examined on a regular basis by an optometrist or ophthamologist for a new RX and to make sure it's nothing more serious. Consider other games to play if all HOGs are a difficulty or buy a magnifying glass if one isn't included in the game.
2. "You have to scroll over the entire screen to make sure you haven't missed anything; there is no direction; and the scene scrolls from side to side"
Usually with every other HOG SE/CE, the majority of comments have to do with the dislike of sparkles and too much handholding. Which one is it that you want? This game has neither and is mentioned alot in the above comments.
3. "this game must be for the younger set because of graphics, story, whatever"
I'm 58 and childish according to some of the previous reviews, because I enjoy fairytale themed games and sometimes easy is just fine.
I have a teenage daughter who views this game as laughable because it's too easy, story is boring and graphics are mundane. All of you that mention that this game and some of the other games "are for the younger set" usually make me chuckle because it's obvious you do not have regular contact with a school age child;
They are much more sophisticated game players, playing more advanced games than what is usually offered by BFG.
This game appears to be directed to women who just want to relax for a bit.
Childish games are marked as 'Childrens/Kids game by .
I agree that the tool bar/sack is annoying and the grammar is sub par. I finished the game, no tech problems and is good for when you don't want to pull your hair out over frustration.

sinshack wrote:Go ahead, fishies!

I'm hoping this is as good as the first two in the series. The third was a bit of a disappointment, especially the bonus content, but still good. The first to were fantastic, however, so I'm hoping this 4th installment of the Dream Chronicles series lives up to expectations!!

Hi Sinshack,
I'm a bit confused about the way you described the series. Maybe I'm missing something (like a few games).... but I recall The Book of Air as the first Dream Chronicles CE and "Book of Air" was the first in the second series of Dream Chronicles.
The first set consisted of:
1.Dream Chronicles
2. Dream Chronicles 2 "The Eternal Maze"
3. Dream Chronicles 3 " The Chosen Child"
The next series started with:
1,"The Book of Air" CE and SE
and now:
2. "The Book of Water" CE

I don't claim to be an expert or criticizing what you wrote. I'm just usual. Could you please let me know? Or anyone else, for that matter. Thanks

Edit: Looks like a couple of other members noticed the same thing while I was writing this. . Thanks to all for clarifying.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Feb 27, 11 2:32 AM
Hi AirCoCo,
I agree with you on certain things. I learned the Abbreviations from (game site removed by moderator). The 'official' terms are helpful when reading the "real" reviews and opinions from people who have completed the games, whether long or short.
The informative reviews come in after a day or so, when people have completed a game. So I skip the first 2 pages or at least the first one. (the number of pages grow, as more reviews come in, and then I start on 5 or 6) because the first few pages are the same peeps chatting about downloading, how happy they are about a new release, posting "cutsie reviews", thanking the same peeps and the longwinded reviews on demos. If you're on dial up maybe it serves that purpose.

It's quicker to play the trial and then check what others have written after the initial postings. I've been a member years longer than the recent influx of new "reviewers" who probably have alot of free time on their hands to spend chatting with their new friends and having fun in the first few pages. It does appear like a clique, if you are new to posting; so now I wait, and don't post publicly unless it's in response to something like yours, because I once felt like an outsider, too. . Once in awhile I check in early because I don't have anything else to do and see it's still the same.
 posted in Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon on Jan 28, 11 3:39 AM
This game has been around for awhile. I thought it was today's DD and was placed in the wrong spot on the home page! It's made by Puzzle Lab. This sequel is unrelated to the first from graphics to gameplay and shouldn't deter you from trying their more "grown up" games which have excellent graphics, music, etc. The first Charm Tale is a beautifully done inlay puzzle game; storyline is fairytale like. Another game they put out at approximately the same time, called Charm Tale Solitaire is set in medieval times and is done with playing cards. Different than the usual types of solitaire card games. Reminds me of an old TV game show called "Concentration". Fiber Twig 1 and 2 is a puzzle game attaching different pieces to keep the fiber twig growing into a long vine. Also, different than anything else "out there". All of their games are a "permanent fixture" on my computers with the exception of Mermaid Lagoon. Their games get installed first when I have to replace a computer. The games are relaxing and fun. Don't equate relaxing for being boring. Far from it, it's addicting once you start. My review is based on all their other games. ML is mediocre to say the least.... must be a mistake for it to appear as a new game here. LOL All the games except Solitaire are for sale on BFG.

Edit: for list showing which games are on BFG
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