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 posted in 9: The Dark Side on Jan 11, 13 8:32 AM
luseeusa wrote:At the end, the hint says use the Artifact on the dragon. I am still reading with
the magnfying glass at the letters but the buttons cannot be pressed whatever
sequene. I tried 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7, 8, 9. still nothing happens. HELP ME!
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden Collector's Edition on May 22, 11 12:11 PM
How to tell you play too many seek and find, puzzle games!

Like many of you, I notice the oddest things when I play these games. ERS Gaming produced Spirits of Mystery, Amber Maiden. We all have probably played a many of their games (great graphics, sound, characters that talk, etc) over the years.
In Amber Maiden, in what I call the Queen’s Chambers (Sitting Room, Library, Alchemist Table, etc.) when you begin up the rock stairs where the three owls with jeweled eyes are located (this room also becomes the portal to the island where “evil” lives in the bonus game) at the foot of the stairs stands a man (or Uncle Fester for lack of a better term) in a hooded cloak holding a teal color orb (he’s across from the window where you need the hook on a stick to get the purple egg shell to make a potion). He does absolutely nothing in the game other than just being there.

Ok, hardcore gamers, I’ve seen “Uncle Fester” before and it’s driving me nuts trying to figure out which game (or games) I’ve seen him in before. I know it’s not uncommon for an artist to place their “mark” on their work, or leave subtle messages, but does “Uncle Fester” look familiar to anyone else?

Thoughts: a couple of months or years back there was a game where a doctor/scientist created a machine at an asylum. Slowly the machine overtook the asylum and was living off the fear of others. What was the name of that game? Another game possibility, a mad scientist convinces an old woman he can keep her “young” forever. When we find the old woman she has all these tubes attached to her keeping her alive, but youthful she is not (though I cannot remember the mad scientist’s “power” source for this game). What was the name of that game? If you know, let me know or I’ll let you know. Thanks.
Best game I've played in a long time. Love the puzzles and not those repetitive search and find scenes all the time. I am, however, sick of disgusting Victorian themed junk search scenes. I think we’ve all seen enough of bashed in baby doll heads, roaches, and molded food to do us a life time .
Are the pieces gone, or you just don't see them on your inventory bar? Use the arrows shown on each side of the bar to move left to right, or right to left. Game is very good about not letting you use items (or dropping items) where they're not supposed to be used. Go back to the area where you first found the item and see if it's still there.

If that's not the case, call IT. Do you have enough memory or RAM to run the game? What version of Windows are you playing in?
I’m a PC gamer from the 1990’s (we’re talking 100’s of years ago in computer time). Myst, Shiver’s I & II and late versions of Leisure Suit Larry, these games were the best. Great graphics for that era, and puzzles that challenged you. 13th Skulls is probably the best PC game I’ve played in some time (The Dream Chronicles and Drawn were good also).

Puzzles that make you THINK! RUNNING from one place to the other to complete tasks and ACTIVE conversation with other parties in the game.

Mystery Case Files THANK YOU for moving away from the same old, same old search and find games . It’s getting to the point that they ALL look and play the same . . . boring. Give us more like 13th Skulls! Make us THINK! CHALLENGE us with games that we can’t finish in 2 hours (total waste of money). I think everyone will agree that we don’t mind paying a little extra for a great game.

Mystery Case Files has come a long way and it shows . Only complaint, when the occasional search and find scene is needed, could you please move away from the disgusting Victorian themed junk scenes? I think we’ve all seen enough of bashed in baby doll heads, roaches, and molded food to do us a life time . . . ENOUGH ALREADY!
The "Map/Cannon Puzzle with Roman Numerals" is probably the best puzzle I've played in years! It actually makes you think! Wish more game creators would use this same principal. There are several good puzzles in this game. Glad to play a game that moved away from the "look and find" format . . . boring!
GaPeach1981 wrote: You do have to place them in a particular order.

Remember the chest at the foot of the stairs in the mausoleum? Across from the statue where you hung the lamp for light? Open the chest to find a layout of Roman numerals. Now what is that for? I suggest doing a print screen for help later on, or make a copy on a piece of paper. You will know what it’s for closer to the games end. Good Luck!
Didn't consider the game CE material. Stick it in the pile with the other so-so games. Usual running back and forth, hidden items game. Although the game came with a strategy guide, you shouldn't need it as the game plays just like the other 1,000 on BF site. Graphics were better than some, but fell short of the target. I’m sure we’ll see “Haunted Halls: Green Hills Search for Tim” in the very near future.

I'm a big fan of the Dream Chronicles and Drawn Series. The creators of those series knew how to break out of the pack and give their games great graphics and challenging puzzles.

I too was having a problem with some of the larger games running slow on the computer. Do you delete the games (in Windows Control Panel, Uninstall Programs) after you play them? These games with their graphics can take a chunk of your memory to run. If you want to play the game again, just log onto BF and click on the "My Account" tab. There you will find all your purchases and can reload them to play again. I'm also finding that some of the games are running better in Windows 7, than Windows XP (the whole 64 bit versus 32 bit). Hope that helps.

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