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 posted in Farm Up on Nov 7, 13 1:00 PM
knitnest wrote:Despite the amount of manual labor the family has to do, this farm has great technology. I noticed a while ago that the animal pens with automatic doors that will let the people in but not the animals out - but we already have automatic doors in the 21st century.

Then I realized why you never have to carry anything back to the barn - it gets transported back there. With no pad! This is 23rd century stuff, people. Incredible.

Beam me up, Gramma!

hahahaha we also get to see the weird recipes of the 23rd century!
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 13 5:39 AM
I'm going through an all-pastry phase as well (level 31). Because I don't get any requests for other factories (or have completed that part of the quest a while ago) I try to use them to fund the wheat. For example If you make a couple of trousers you can plant 9 wheat (If i remember correctly) with that money, which would give you 3 bags of flour. That would be ridiculous in real life of course, selling 2 trousers for 3 bags of flour lol. But it helps out with all that wheat demand. I do the same with the other factories too. Just use them randomly to fund the pastry activity
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 13 5:32 AM
I'm on level 31 and I rarely need goose, turkey and ostrich eggs. You do get the random quest here and there, but generally speaking I don't think you'll ever need too many. I always keep a safe number of them in hand, like let's say 200, in case a quest pops up (they do, but they generally ask for small numbers) and sell the rest whenever i ran out of silver (which I do now that I plant lots of expensive wheat)
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 6, 13 5:28 AM
I am at a point of the game where i find that it is simplier to change the ratio depending on the quests. I have two sheep pens, with 4 sheep in each. I generally maintain more brown sheep than white. But if a quest comes that needs a lot of white wool, then I sell some of the brown and buy white. Grown sheep are very cheap to buy, so it is not a big deal to keep exchanging them according to your needs. As far as the chicken are concerned, I generally have 2 normal chicken and one of each of the other kind of birds. Now I'm going through a couple of pie quests, that request for a large number of eggs and I sold one of the other birds and bought another chicken, so that I my stockpile won't run low. After I finish those two quests, I will go back to 2 chickens and one of each of the others, since I sell the non-chicken eggs if i ran out of silver. I think you generally need to go along with your needs
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 15, 13 3:06 PM
well thanks. its good to know its not just going crazy!
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 15, 13 2:08 PM
i've noticed a couple of days ago that Kodiak has stopped producing missions for me. that is, although i have one mission slot available and only four in order and no light cloud (hence the rest of the towns are in a green triangle state and not an exclamation mark) Kodiak has nothing. no triangle, no !. when i click on it nothing happens either.i believe this has happened after i've accepted a mission from there but a new one never popped up, even after i delivered the goods requested.
does that mean that missions have ran out from the certain location? are the missions allocated specifically to certain places? because i thought that there is a list of missions like 1,2,3 etc and the first one appears on the first available town, the second on the next available town and so on. i can think of no other explanation other than the Kodiak missions have specifically ran out, which i consider weird, if you take into account that its one of the last towns available. the rest of my missions, i'm happy to say, are being replaced normally, once accepted/completed. is this Kodiak situation something i should worry about? essentially my mission pool is being limited and considering i am halfway through the game (level 30), i'm worried it will hold me back on leveling up. has anyone else encountered that before?
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 15, 13 1:50 PM
well you need to upgrade to get more animals. if you are not allowed to then you will have to wait for the appropriate level. but you should not worry about cow production yet. you will need a lot of milk once you build a dairy factory, which is a few levels down the road, if i'm not mistaken. my advice is to stick to one cow for now but try not to sell the milk, so you can use your reserve later on
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 21, 13 1:41 PM
quests from the map are completely irrational. most of the time you cant complete them because they are many levels ahead. its frustrating. but after the update, people from the farm should have given you more quests. i'm currenty on level 23 and i've had lots of quests helping me to level up ever since the update
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 4, 13 1:55 PM
clearly in the strawberry quest you just quickly get rid with gold. it costs 6 times less or somethign
 posted in Farm Up on Jul 23, 13 10:08 AM
now this is weird. before the update i have taken only two quests, because all of those on the map were for levels way ahead of mine and i did not accept them, since i didnt want them to take up quest space. after the update new farm quests popped up (the ones with lightbulbs above the players) and i have completed two of them and two of them are underway. that means i currently have only 4 accepted quests and there is nobody with a lightbulb above their heads to indicate a new one coming. i am not building anything either. but when i went to the map to check if any of the quests have changed and i can now do them, i got the ! and it says i have the maximum amount. but i don't because i only have 4 and the maximum is 5. i restarted the game but nothing changed. i don't know, maybe it will be fixed by itself or something

EDIT: apparently there was a guy standing next to the creepy black market guy with a quest for me. never seen anyone in the farm on that position, so i didnt think to look there. oh well, creepy guy has friends, after all
 posted in Farm Up on Jul 13, 13 5:05 PM
you just click on the sheep when they become fat. grandma already knows how to do it
 posted in Farm Up on Jul 13, 13 5:02 PM
it does take up a lot of space but its very useful, especially if you are completing quests which require lots of planting of crops that dont take a lot of time to rippen and your energy bar doesn't have enough time to refill so you can pick them up. you pay with silver and you get energy without wasting blue bottles or combine it with the use of blue bottles
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 18, 13 3:58 PM
i actually think the farm is very gendered. the men are up for the "macho" jobs (but are so slow at them) and the women are doing the crops and animals. who says that women are unable to build or -even worse- that grown up men cannot plant a tomato? dont children at kindergarden learn how to plant things? is this human de-evolution? was it intentional then that the men seem to be taking too long to complete tasks and are less clever than your average 4 year old?
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 18, 13 3:46 PM
Msflowergal wrote:If you hold the left button down below the touch pad on your laptop, then push up with your finger on the far right side of the touch pad you can zoom in. Zoom out by holding the left button down while running your finger DOWN the right side of the key pad. It was SO maddening till I figured out (with some help!) what I was doing and how to fix it!

i tried what you suggest and nothing happens for me =( this is so annoying. i've read around and people insist that it is fixed with the mouse wheel. but i was never using a mouse in the first place to zoom it out. i actually don't know how it happened (from what it appears nobody does actually). it is so frustrating really, especially since i had to work my way through a butterfly quest under these circumstances. so really, we dont know how to fix it, do we?
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 6, 12 3:40 PM
overall this is a good quality TM game. if you liked supermarket mania u'll definately like it. there are some interesting features like the special characters and the many upgrades but i believe they could have gone one step further to differentiate it from supermarket mania. this is quite a fast game, it doesn't take too much time to finish each level, so although there are 100 of them, its not as time consuming as other TM games.
the problem with Spooky Mall is that it has too many technical issues, that does not allow it to run smoothly. had there not been these issues, i think i would have considered it one of the best TM games we've had in months. i really like the graphics and the speed that the characters move around is quite good. i think more rush hours could have been added. also it would have been better if all upgrades were available on the start of each shop, so the player could strategise on the order in which he/she would want to spend their money on. i also believe it would have been more interesting if it was slightely more challanging (its easy to earn gold with the exception of few levels u need to replay). but technical issues and minor setbacks aside, this is a good game and i made a purchase
 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 6, 12 3:25 PM
this game contains way too many technical issues. to be honest, if any of them appeared in the demo version, i wouldn't have purchased. to add what other people had been saying, whenever i get a rush hour, the game automatically exits to the game manager! that means that i loose the level progress and have to restart it and obviously makes it particularly annoying. it happened 3 times so far!
 posted in All My Gods on Mar 4, 12 3:43 AM
i purchased this game and i've just finished playing it.
i think it was overall a good and enjoyable game, although perhaps not the best we've seen so far. at least it was not HO. i'm not sure whether i would have bought it if i didn't have enough credits to get it for free, as there was no woh factor but, having said that, it is not bad at all.
one thing i didn't like was that by the end of the game there seemed to be less and less challanges. and as soon as i reached the 20,000 gold cap, fullfilling huge cabbage orders did not seem just as rewarding. also a lot of what was going on was depending on the mana rather than the player.
on the positive side i actually think it capture the mythical dimension of the whole story well. i happen to be quite familiar with ancient greek and roman mythology and i think that the behaviour of the gods was the right one- it would have been very easy to get it wrong for somebody that hasn't read their mythology. on the other hand, more gods could have been involved and more challanges added.
generally speaking i liked the game, graphics and sounds and that's why i bought it. we should be given more options in the strategy and TM tabs in this site. it seems that there are many enthusiasts and very few games to offer them
 posted in All My Gods on Mar 3, 12 5:41 PM
yeah but isn't that wrong? shouldn't there be a way for my money to add up over 20,000? i mean i get paid for other tasks but the money doesn't get added, because i've reached 20,000. that's unfair. i can't become rich in this game. and i need my mana for other pupropses, now i just keep waiting for the mana to fill up so i can just fullfill a request without actually playing for it. wrong wrong wrong developers
 posted in Sale Frenzy on Jan 30, 12 3:33 PM
i think that this definatey ranks as one of the worst TM games ever on the BF site! its soooooooo boring and unimaginative. we don't get TM games that often,so could u please make them meaningful? i've played the whole demo and there was nothing different between level one and all the rest i've played. and i didnt like the graphics and the sounds either. boring, no purpose and no challange. i'm really disappointed. i was soooo happy to get a TM game and then so annoyed that this was it. actually i think this game should be marketed to children. its like look at the picture and find the matching item. if you can tell yellow from red u r really clever sort of thing

EDIT: to make my point even more clear NO SALE of SALE FRENZY for me. i've just wasted an hour of my life waiting for something to happen
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 7, 12 4:05 PM
actually from the middle of the game onwards it does become challanging. i've been playing it for days, its quite a long game. problem is, despite i bought it and i initially liked it i'm near the end and i'm a bit bored now, because, although the level of difficulty increases, nothing new really happens. i think that's why it took me days. because i play a few levels at a time and i get bored. more things should be going on, once you progress. i think that's the game's greatest problem. nothing new ever happens
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