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 posted in The Legend of the Golden Tome on Dec 8, 10 1:26 AM
Floraws wrote:Exactly, Wilson. I did as recommended -- uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I got the same game, no option to change the player... (??? how come?) and obviously no option to relaxed game, which is my objective. Please, I need help on this. That green envelope didn't help at all. I don't know what to do!

Click the profile name bar at the bottom of the screen in the main menu. Create a new profile ("Create") then hit "Ok". The profile window will dissapear and you'll be able to click "Play" then "Story mode" and "Relaxed mode" at last. In summary, to play relaxed mode after an update you should create a new profile. There is no problem like this for people downloading already updated version.
 posted in The Legend of the Golden Tome on Nov 24, 10 9:49 AM
Maybe you should play relaxed mode to have enough time to plan your every move without losing lives and bring the light to your heart of Match-3s conqueror. It's available since the update release. Cheer up and good luck!
 posted in The Legend of the Golden Tome on Nov 14, 10 4:23 PM
I recommend to install the DirectX 9.0c. It should solve most of the technical problems.
 posted in The Legend of the Golden Tome on Nov 14, 10 11:29 AM
The colors of the cirlcles should be matched together but the colors placement depends on the brown marker at the upper right "corner" of the gates. That means the brown colors should point the upper right corner. To match it precisely use the snapping. Turn the circle stones until they're snapped at correct positions.
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