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 posted in Fort Defense on Aug 18, 13 5:35 PM
Have you used your barrels to upgrade weapons and spells? That may be what they mean. The other option is that you can buy weapons with barrels when you don't have enough gold. Either way, you spend your barrels and it helps a lot in getting through the levels.
 posted in Toy Defense 2 on Jul 6, 13 2:30 PM
I've gotten 3 stars on all levels on casual. Not at all sure I even want to try the harder levels!!! Can't imagine what level 22 will be if its harder!
 posted in Toy Defense 2 on Jul 6, 13 2:29 PM
I eventually beat the level using upgraded troops from Operation Overlord. The grenade launchers stave off the ground vehicles/troops so money can be focused on the ack acks.
 posted in Toy Defense 2 on Jul 3, 13 4:18 PM
I got through all levels with 3 stars without too much difficulty. Now I can't even survive this level!! What the heck?!?!??! How does that happen? Redesign the level--you went a little overboard on this one guys. It should ramp up from the previous levels but not to virtual impossibility!
 posted in Sparkle 2 on Jun 18, 13 5:11 PM
Same problem with the map/story screen loading so painfully slow, I know I aged waiting for the next level . . . . Not worth the hassle.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 12, 13 5:01 PM
This is just a "bonus" level so don't quit the game because of this stupid level. I tried it twice, decided it was just dumb frustration, quit the level and found myself on the regular levels again. What a relief!!! At least when they put in this loser level, they knew enough not to force you to finish it. (Can you tell I really hated this task??)
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 26, 13 4:37 AM
Chapter 46 works well. Just upgrade your wood huts. Time costs shovels and stone. Stone and shovels cost wood. You just have to run your people back and forth A LOT (while fighting off ghosts) but, hey, you have 25 minutes of built up time!
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 16, 13 3:53 PM
I'm also not a fan of the airship (or any of the other "minigames") and greatly appreciate the "skip" button!!! I never understood the need to put these minigames in the story even though they're common. I can't think of an instance in which they were positively received. But, hey, the game is GREAT and there's a "skip" button so all is good.
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 14, 13 2:53 PM
I enjoyed the first 10 levels and took a break still during my trial time. I was undecided on whether to buy it but with your post and the developer's post, I am going off to buy it right now.

It's so nice to see developers who actually care about the players and who are so accessible. For that alone, I'm buying. Thanks guys!!
 posted in Rush on Rome on Jan 12, 13 3:42 PM
I thought I'd give this a try even though it was panned by most people who tried it. Since I've played quite a few tower defense games, I figured what the heck. Really enjoyed the first 3 levels. Then I hit level 4. After trying several different tower set ups, I just gave up. It's not fun anymore. There HAVE to be several ways to win a level for the game to be fun. Since there's very little info to start a level, you have to decide on the fly what to put where. Don't try to be so clever--you just overthink yourself out of a good game.

Very sorry I got this game. Doubt I'll play it any further because I'm sure there are many more frustratingly difficult levels later on if level 4 is so annoying.

I suggest a new version easing back on the difficulty early on. At least just start off with more cash so you have more options.
 posted in Toy Defense on Jul 3, 12 7:21 PM
This is the first ever tower defense game that I'm deleting without finishing (and replaying). While it has a lot of promise, the difficulty in getting stars to upgrade makes the game more frustrating than its worth. And heaven forbid you choose the wrong upgrade--then you're just sunk and hours of gameplay won't get you anywhere (which is apparently where I'm at on level 21 . . .)

If the developers would just let you earn stars for replaying a level, most of the problems would be solved. Endless hours of trying to beat a level wouldn't be just wasted, you could at least make SOME progress. But nooooo, zip, zilch, nada.

Boo! Hiss!!

Very disappointed with my purchase. It would have been less frustrating to fix a faucet--and I don't even know how to do that.
 posted in Toy Defense on Jul 3, 12 4:48 PM
amby0625 wrote:My brother plays Toy Defense on his iPad; the game is free, but there's an in-app option where you can buy stars.

$0.99 for 500

$2.99 for 2000

$4.99 for 5000

Since you can buy more s & money during the game using your s, if you still earn them everytime you replay a level, it would probably make the game too easy.

Then this whole impossible star system makes sense--they didn't alter the game much (if at all) for PC. As an Ipad game, they make money with people buying stars out of sheer frustration with the expensive and questionable upgrades. Here, we're just stuck with the frustration!!!!
 posted in Toy Defense on Jun 30, 12 5:10 PM
I'd be fine with the star system if, like Farm Frenzy, you could earn stars by replaying a level. It looks like you can earn some stars by playing a level and getting a passing score, then earn more if you get a gold star.

Okay, now that I actually got gold on a level that I got "blue" on before--you get some of the stars for getting blue, you get the rest of the stars when you get gold so no extra stars available that way
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 15, 12 5:23 PM
No, but I believe there are quite a few regulars here who have finished all levels with "gold" so post with whatever levels are giving you trouble and I'm sure you'll get several strategies.
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 10, 12 12:40 AM
AmberKB wrote:I got to level 3 and gave up. Trying to navigate with those arrows just killed me! I liked the Sheep's Quest, where you could just click on the arrow, and it would rotate.

This manually rotating thing is NOT fun at all.

I felt very very much like you do, but I played on a bit. You get used to it fairly quickly and it's an advantage in some instances because it's faster.
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 8, 12 6:39 PM
I'm not sure how much sense this will make but here it goes:

I'm assuming you know how to "walk" sheep through zigzags by putting arrows facing each other to trap them. The big problem with this level is the step by step nonsense on that final leg down to the "barn" (or whatever it is!). You just don't have enough time to walk both sides down so . . .

Start with one side, gather whatever coins and then trap them at the very top edge behind the tree before going down the center. You'll have 3 arrows left to walk the other side and trap all of the sheep together.

Now you'll have 3 free arrows again and you can step by step maneuver all of them home.

Hope this helps!!
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 8, 12 11:27 AM
I managed to finish by QUICKLY placing arrows to pen in the bottom right and upper right wolves AND placing arrows to keep the sheep out of there. The wolves on the left can go into the hole with one arrow.

After that, the sheep wander into a circle so the other wolves can be steered around them.

It definitely takes some practice!!!! The best I've done is to have maybe 4 or 5 seconds left . . . .
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 8, 12 7:42 AM
I've managed to finish all levels with purple (apparently this game's equivalent of gold) except level 50. Can't for the life of me keep all the sheep alive, get all the coins and drop the wolves within the time limit. Anyone have some suggestions (other than give up)?

Updated--I finally finished this level with just a few seconds to spare. By far the toughest level of all!!
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 6, 12 3:15 PM
mlogan wrote:I downloaded the trial but seriously doubt I will be buying the game.

The things I liked about it:
- I like the puzzles, though so far none have been too challenging, but reading that there are 250 levels, I would assume they get more challenging.
- The graphics are adorable.
- The music is fun, though perhaps a bit annoying after a while.
- I like the timed aspect, more of a challenge.

What I don't like:
(And it's possible I missed something in the tutorial levels, but I don't think so.)
- It never clearly states what color of ribbon is what. I assume blue is "1st", purple(pink?) is "2nd" and green is "3rd", but if it tells you that, I missed it.
- It never tells you what you need to do to accomplish the best (blue?) ribbon. There is a timer for the level, but it doesn't tell you how fast you need to solve the level in order to get blue. This is really frustrating. I kept replaying a level to see if I could get from blue to pink, but could never figure out what I needed to do to make that happen.

This last point is a big gripe for me and why I likely will not be buying this game.

The kicker with the colors is that none of them depend on time (as near as I can tell). The difference appears to be whether you collect everything on a level. Lose some sheep, leave some wolves or coins, your score goes down and you don't get the ribbon. I think purple is the best, then blue, then green.

The levels get murderous in the 40s, then get okay again for about 30 levels, then get really hard yet again. I figure it will take me a month to play all of the levels--just to finish them without worrying about the color of my ribbon!
 posted in Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds on Jun 5, 12 3:58 PM
I've played 40 plus levels so far. The first 30 or so are easy enough to finish without much of a problem. Then they get tough--really tough. You can't skip a level so you just have to keep hacking away, trying to keep at least one sheep alive to finish a level. I may be back for help so I hope enough people can crack this game to lend a hand!
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