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 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters on Oct 17, 17 11:28 AM
How do you get through the catacombs maze without dying?
I liked the Campfire Legends better because you are IN the story. With Bonfire Stories, it's just a ghost story. I felt like Bonfire Stories was just your typical HOG.
 posted in Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith on Nov 20, 10 2:16 PM
In chapter 5, I'm flying around in my airship and I landed on the dock at the West Island Docks, looked around, and then tried to re-board the airship, but I don't know how. At the dock, there is only the guy telling me I can have him take me on his boat back to Veridia, I think it is. When I'm in the world map view, I can see my airship at the dock, but I don't know how to board it.
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