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 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath on Mar 31, 18 4:32 PM
Based on the Demo.
This was an immediate buy for me.
The graphics were beautiful. The characters and locations were beautifully drawn, beginning right from the opening scene.
The soundtrack was very well done, with soft beautiful music and appropriate special effect sounds. The voice overs were clear and realistic.
The puzzles were very interesting. They were fun to play. It was easy to figure out what the objectives were from the excellent instructions for each game. I did use the skip button several times when the puzzles were taking to long for me to finish.
The hidden object scenes were fun, fun, fun, and I enjoyed every one of them.
This is an amazing, adventurous game with plenty of puzzles and hidden object scenes. The story line was extremely interesting and the Demo ended in a real cliffhanger.

 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 3:24 AM
Not So Good, Not So Bad, Just So-So

Based on the Demo

The characters were very unique. The graphics were bright, clear, and well drawn. The scenes were very well done.
The music was very nicely done. Voice overs were excellent with some of the voices being very unique.
Some of the mini puzzles were pretty challenging. The hidden object scenes included morphing objects, mini-puzzles, and fragmented objects.
There were morphing objects and collectibles in every scene.
I didn't like the story line. It was too discombobulated for me. It was all over the map and I just couldn't enjoy the game, even with all the good things going for it.
It was a no-buy for me.
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light on Mar 29, 18 12:10 AM
Based on the Demo.

I really enjoyed this SE game. There were 4 types of hidden object games; 1. the dialogue type where I had to find the objects from the key words highlighted in the dialogue 2. the picture type where I had to find objects where the clues were silhouettes 3. the list type which I enjoyed the most and 4. fragmented hidden object pieces to make the object. The hidden object games were interactive with morphing objects in many of them.

The mini puzzles were a lot of fun, some of them very puzzling.
Graphics were great. The soundtrack was excellent, with eerie music and excellent easy to understand voice overs.

The story line was great. It took place in two time periods, with a portal to connect them. Objectives were easy to follow.

It was an immediate buy for me.
 posted in Royal Detective: The Princess Returns on Mar 25, 18 5:29 PM
Based on the Demo.

This hidden object game was a lot of fun. I had a little stone dog with green eyes named Sheriff to help me in my travels and the hint/skip button was a cute little character. The hidden object scenes were well done. I don't care for the dialogue ones, where one of the characters is relating an incident and I have to find the highlighted items. I much prefer the list type. Both are in this game.
The mini puzzles are varied, from relatively easy to relatively hard to complete. All were very well done, with easy to follow instructions.
I loved this game and it was an immediate buy for me. The graphics, art, and animation were first class. The soundtrack was fabulous with beautiful music and well done voice overs. There were many interesting locations to check out. The characters and scenes were very detailed and interesting.
This game is a lot of fun.

This game was so much fun.
 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 18 1:36 PM
Based on the Demo.
This game is the bomb. The graphics were great: some were bright and beautiful, some dark and creepy. They were all very well done. The soundtrack was clear, appropriately creepy when it needed to be. The instructions were generally very clear and easy to understand.
The hidden object scenes were fun. There were crystal apples to collect that added to the fun and challenge of the game. It was filled with great mini puzzles. Some of them were very challenging. I had to skip a few because they were taking me to long to finish, but this was an immediate buy for me, so I am determined to go back and complete them all.
The game was extremely creative and original. There was something to do every minute. Some of the items that I found had very creative and original uses, which added to the fun.
This is a five star masterpiece that I found very enjoyable to play.
The game worked like a dream: no glitches, no problems, just smooth sailing and all fun.
 posted in Immortal Love: Black Lotus Collector's Edition on Mar 23, 18 9:29 AM
I had flickering in the upper half of my screen the entire time I tried to play the demo. When I reached the match 3 game it froze, so I quit the game. It seemed like a good one but too bad I can't play under those conditions.
 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 12:37 AM
Has anyone been able to play the game.? I am locked in some bizarre tutorial that covers half the screen so I can't even see the hidden objects. I've uninstalled and installed it twice and no joy. I was really looking forward to a straight hidden object game.
 posted in Royal Detective: Borrowed Life on Mar 18, 18 8:50 PM
Based on the demo.
This was a fun little game. The graphics were well drawn, nice and bold and bright. The hidden object scenes ranged from easy to challenging. Mini games were a lot of fun, some of them a little too challenging for me. I had to skip 2 of them. Still can't figure out the piano mini-game. The soundtrack was great. Voices were crisp, clean, an easily understandable. The background music was subtle and very pleasant.
The story line was great. It was interesting and original: a sculptor who makes stone statues to replace lost loved ones. The statues come to life and become the loved ones that were gone.
It was an immediate buy for me.
 posted in The Forgotten Fairy Tales: Canvases of Time on Mar 18, 18 4:49 AM
Based on the Demo.
In the very beginning of the game, there was a lot of hoopla and excitement but it died down quickly because the characters were not developed at all and it was very hard to have any sympathy or compassion for them. I found all of them to be lackluster and one dimensional.
The game itself was choppy and discombobulated. The mini-puzzles were very simplistic and the hidden objects games, if you could call them that, were just too too simple.
This one is a " no - buy" for me. I'm going to demo the Collector's version to see if that is any better.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 18 8:40 PM
Based on the Demo.
This game was phenomenal. The interactive hidden object games were excellent. It was filled with fun, sometimes complicated, and always challenging, mini-games. There were artifacts and coins to find and collect. The tasks were very creative. I give the graphics and music an A+. There was just enough eeriness and spookiness to keep the game interesting for every second of game play. The special glasses for anomalies added to the interesting aspects of the game.
The storyline was of great interest to me. As in every emergency, the police are the first line of defense, and this game was no exception. Even in the face of death and other great danger, the police were tireless in their pursuit of a remedy.
One of the most interesting and fun things in the game so far was a hamster powered battery charger. It was so creative and so much fun.
I highly recommend this to all hidden object lovers.

 posted in Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet on Mar 17, 18 5:02 PM
This is a fun little hidden object with lots of other mini games throughout. The graphics are nice and bright, sound quality is very good. It is fun and entertaining and was certainly worth the $2.99 Daily Deal price. I recommend it to all hidden object game lovers.
Thank you so much for that list, I want to make sure I replay each one.
This game is the bomb. It was so much fun to play a new Dark Parables. The FROGS were extraordinary, the characters were easy to relate to, the graphics were gorgeous, the music was pleasant and soothing, and tension filled when it needed to be. I love this game. The storyline was excellent. Another great experience from Big Fish and Blue Tea. And the morphing objects, my personal favorite, were almost too good to be true.

I couldn't buy this game fast enough.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 30, 17 1:18 AM
I'm going to try it anyway.
 posted in Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun on Aug 13, 15 6:55 PM
I was really impressed with the voice overs and the story line. The game was so much fun, even the more difficult levels.
 posted in Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun on Aug 13, 15 6:54 PM
This game is so much fun. The back story line is funny, the cards have pictures of gangsters for the jacks, queens, and kings. Some of the levels are just plain tough, but he player has the ability to replay that level to continue to get a perfect score.
It was an immediate buy for me.

 posted in Mystery of Neuschwanstein on Apr 30, 15 11:34 PM
My version was in English and in my opinion you didn't miss anything.

 posted in Mystery of Neuschwanstein on Apr 30, 15 11:33 PM
Thank you _DD_
 posted in Mystery of Neuschwanstein on Apr 30, 15 11:32 PM
I really wanted to like this game, but it left me cold, and bored out of my mind. I didn't like any of the characters, the hidden object scenes were too easy, and the story moved so slooooooow I couldn't take it.

The graphics for the background scenery were bright and well done, but the characters were wooden and spoke so slowly I wanted to pull the words out of their mouths. Regular gameplay was boring because it was just too easy. There was no element of surprise at all, nothing, and I really wanted to like this game because of its location.

I give it 2 thumbs up, which is a no buy for me.

 posted in True Detective Solitaire on Apr 29, 15 7:22 PM
This game is just plain fun. My 60 minute demo seemed to end in 10 minutes because it was so much fun. I had to think outside the box for this one because I have never played this type of solitaire before.

One of the best features is that for the first game the player has to play in the "newby" mode so during that first game the player can figure out the little nuances of the game, the: the "mulligans", the collected gold, and other features.

It's a great little game.
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