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 posted in Dream Builder: Amusement Park on Aug 21, 12 3:57 PM
I would love to see and ipad/iphone version of this game!!! I have been playing this on my pc but don't use it as often as the ipad & iphone games. Love that Big Fish is offering more games on those platforms. I came here today looking for an amusement park game due to the fact that a NAME BRAND game company I spent alot of $$$$$ to play the supposedly Free ipad/iphone version has crashed and lost all my progress and NO Customer Service!! Thank You Big Fish for not only having a fun game but your customer service has ALWAYS been very nice!! !
I have to say that while I agree that this is a BEAUTIFUL game, I am disapointed to find it is mostly an LFA=large file adventure game and NOT an HOG or HOGA as are most of the others in this series. And I agree that it was alot of running back and forth. Also the SG was ok for some things, but I found more useful info from the forum!!! Where is the bonus content??? The 2 BW HOG scenes were like something out of a childrens magazine. I paid $$ for a CE cause I usually need the SG, I like wallpapers & screensavers, music and Great Bonus scenes. What happened? I'm NOT a fan of LFA games but I can over look that, morphing hog scenes I can live with but prefer true hog with some morphing. The story, art, creepy scenes and sound effects were wonderful!!! So Thank you BFG for that, but next time maybe your game description could be more accurate and the CE could include some of the above mentioned items that are usually part of the CE content. I did enjoy playing this game but I got stuck and spent about half the time looking for help here in the forums and I don't think that should happen when a SG is included, that is the reason for buying a CE in the first place.
Thank You!!! The SG was no help with this "raven door". So glad to find answers here in the forums. Thanks to all of you wonderful 'fishies'.
 posted in Bus Driver on Aug 3, 11 3:54 PM
Was not even going to try this game as this is too much like work for me!!!! I am a bus driver. But to be fair to the creators of the game I did try it. First the graphics are great!!! The use of keyboard is not that easy and steering from the back of bus view makes it harder to stay in the lane, as any passenger who" backseat drives" can tell you it distorts the perception of the lane. So now we as players are already at a disadvantage just trying to stay in the lane! To make it more realistic it would have been better to drive from the Drivers Seat and had the inside rearview mirror show the passangers acting up, moving seats, throwing things at each other and telling the bus driver How to drive! Also the cars, trucks ect. should change lanes directly in front of the bus cutting it off and changing lanes without signals,running red lights, speeding up and cutting in front and stopping in front of the bus for no reason. Don't get me wrong I love my job, every day is an adventure! But this is just an example of what it is really like to drive a bus, so if your going to make a game realistic, I say go all the way put in more distractions but make it mouse controlled and from the driver seat perspective. To me it would make a more interesting game to have that "real world" feel to the traffic and passanger behaviors. Also the traffic lights were so tiny it was very difficult to tell if they were red or green, so running a red light was so easy to do. So no buy for me, maybe you could make it in a roller coaster! Now that would be a fun change for me! I do wish others happy gaming, just try it for yourself, if you can master the keyboard controls you might like it.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void on Jun 23, 11 11:30 PM
Just finished, it was a great game! Reminded me of MCF games in the HOG scenes which I love! I skipped some puzzles and used the frog several times to figure out where to go. Thank you Devs and for the generous hint frog and skip button on puzzles, I know some of you wish they weren't there but I like the choice of using them or not. Now off to try the demo for Raincliff!
 posted in Amazonia on Jun 21, 11 12:53 AM
Ran fine on my vista laptop. Window 7 laptop I get the same error violation as the previous person did. I have this problem with a couple others I had purchased prior to the newer laptop. don't have this problem with the newer games I have purchased since then. Thanks for the demo to try befor purchasing.
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Jun 21, 11 12:38 AM
Over all a nice HOG with a litte adventure and puzzles. I did use the walkthrough a few times but found this game easier than some of the others I have tried and those I used walkthroughs more often. I like ocean/water theme games. The scenery is pretty and HOG scenes colorful. Enjoy
 posted in Gardenscapes on Jun 21, 11 12:30 AM
If you like this game try Dream Inn Driftwood, Babylonia, or Fishdom Seasons or Fishdom H2O. Some are HOG or M3. All have the "decorate" theme which I like. . Some do have timers, most have a no timer option, so demo is a good idea. I found in this game if you want him to do other projects, tap your mouse where you want him to be. He loves golf or sitting on bench/ swing relaxing.
 posted in Galapago on Jun 20, 11 9:42 PM
This was the first game I bought and got it right here at !!! The bright colors, animals, and volcano theme were just too cute and it was fun and kept me busy but with the timer option it was the icing on the cake Also the shrunkin heads making snarky comments are amusing. If you want a challange try mode. Also like to view my "collections" of critters!
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Jun 20, 11 9:33 PM
You have to bulid up bombs by making large matches like 6 or more pieces of the same tiles. then make matches below the bomb to drop it as close as possible to the seperated tile. Also when you get the" lightening circle", try to use it to get rid of all the tiles with the emblem that matches the seperated one. hope this helps this is my first time trying to answer a help question so hope it makes sense. This is my favorite game Just wish there were other "holidays" Valentines, Easter, July 4th, or other themes!
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Jun 20, 11 9:21 PM
I also like games without a timer and have passed up this one and many more due to timers. There are some TM games that look interesting but they are timed for really fast game play and I get enough stress at work so don't want games that stress me even more!!! Wish all games came with the option to play timed or without timer and let us decide for ourselves!
 posted in Puppy Sanctuary on Jun 16, 11 10:05 PM
I really like this game. Played the full demo and bought. The hour demo went by fast, as I was caught up in the game so it was a buy for me. I am a dog person so the "rescue" part was what first caught my attention. Also like the different "games" within the game, match 3, shoot the pieces to make matches, and hog for food and water, and caring for the dogs, buying toys and decor for the sanctuary. Love the no timer option. Fun game!
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 4:09 PM
I really liked this game It is a nice combination of HOG scenes, and decorating the inn with 3 choices for each decor item, paint, roof, patio, flowers, etc. I love the decorating The scenes are bright and cheerful, great combination of different themed rooms! Some objects were easy to find and some were small or well hidden but had plenty of Hints and with the cat, magnets and firecrackers hidden in the scenes as "extra helpers", didn't use the hints very much. I would recomend this game if you want a nice HOG with a "few extras". Relaxed or timed mode.(I prefer relaxed) Thank You
 posted in Blossom on May 27, 11 5:50 PM
Love this game! I like the choices of difficulty. Pipe games are a favorite of mine While I agree that "full price" may seem a bit much for this type of game, I feel that for me, it will be well worth the cost in exchange for hours of stress relieving entertainment!!!
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on May 24, 11 2:17 PM
I just finished this game. Waited awhile to purchase as I debated CE v SE. Got SE after reading some of your comments and also walkthrough. I found this an interesting game, while it's not RR or DG it was easier to play with what some refer to as" hand holding", I enjoyed playing this game! I didn't know if I would like the "live actors", I found they did add an interesting element to the story and I enjoyed the "swamp" setting. I don't care too much for the puzzles,( it's not just this game I prefer HOG scenes to puzzles ) so the skip button was great for me when I got stuck in them. The hidden object scenes were just what I have come to expect in MCF games, not to easy, not to hard on the eyes. Thank You for another Great addition to my MCF collection!!!
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