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 posted in Fear for Sale: The House on Black River on Apr 17, 16 3:53 PM
I am thinking of buying the SE of this game, but I am wondering if you get the morphing objects and the collectibles in this version. I really enjoy finding those things during a game. Possibly they are only found in the CE version. Can anyone help me with this question?
 posted in Grimville: The Gift of Darkness on Nov 21, 13 8:50 PM
I didn't get as far as the mayor's room when my game froze. It froze up when the shady character in the hat asked me to keep someone busy while he stole their wallet. I uninstalled the game and downloaded and reinstalled the "fixed" game, but there was no difference. When I opened the game it took me right to the same frozen part.
 posted in Cubis Creatures on Nov 21, 13 8:21 PM
Yes, that was what my complaint with the game was. Several times I restarted the level when I was almost done with it. I played 45 minutes and had had enough. The timer makes me nervous and that's why I don't usually play games that have timers. I can see how others might really enjoy this game. It just wasn't for me.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Sep 12, 13 5:26 PM
One of the stupidest and most aggravating games I have ever played. I got some farm animals, a goat or two and a couple of chickens, and then while they were moving around a grizzly and two pandas dropped from the sky and began killing my animals. Buying several dogs did absolutely no good at all, even though they were supposed to keep the bears at bay. The bears continued killing my animals until there was nothing left but barking dogs and growling bears, total chaos!!! I lasted about 10 minutes and gave up. Ahhhhh, peace and quiet, at last!!!!

There's a reason why I rarely play Time Management games. This game was a very good reminder!
 posted in Honeybee on Aug 2, 13 8:49 PM
I wonder if there has been an update to this game fixing the sudden freezes that happen during the game. It's extremely annoying.
 posted in Big City Adventure: Tokyo on Jun 12, 13 1:15 AM
I thought it was just me. I don't remember the previous games (I have them all) being this hard on the eyes. I probably should have played the demo before I bought it. Anyway, I added it to my collection, but I hope the developers take pity on us old folks and make the next game a little easier to find the objects. I usually try to play the whole game without resorting to hints, but I'm not sure I will be able to do that this time.

I liked the navigation through the game: the post cards with interesting facts about each location (I always read each one), and the games you play that reveal your next location, but the music was rather disappointing. I had thought it would be more "Japanese" instead of the usual jazz.

This game in the series is not as good as some of the earlier games. Too bad, as I have a fondness for Japan, Tokyo in particular.
 posted in Strike Solitaire on Nov 26, 12 4:16 PM
Nobody has mentioned the music yet. I really loved the music and found it very relaxing. The game itself was just okay. There is some strategy involved as you need to uncover the gold cards so that you can get your strike. There are certain cards that are not on top of other cards that can be saved and used at the last when you need to get to the gold cards. Well, that wasn't very clear, but just let me say that I enjoyed the game and MIGHT purchase it if it became a daily deal, but not at full price.
 posted in Snow Globe: Farm World on Aug 15, 12 8:19 PM
I call these TM games, the spinning plates games. It is as frantic and heart-pounding as trying to keep many plates spinning on their wooden poles. (Ed Sullivan Show reference, for you other oldsters.) I played the first level and went on to the second. Unfortunately, that was as far as I got. I could not get the 200 coins needed to complete the level. In order to have produce to sell you had to buy geese, which took away from the coins you already had. Then you would earn most of those coins back by selling the eggs and the geese, but still not the 200. Very aggravating to me. That is when I quit.
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jul 15, 12 7:28 PM
I read the reviews before I began playing the game, so I was expecting a really fun experience. Unfortunately, I found the game to be slow about moving around and confusing about what you were looking for in the HOS. I played 15 minutes the first time I played it and after several days I went back to the game to play the last 45 minutes. After playing for what felt like 45 minutes, I just couldn't go on and when I exited I saw that I still had almost 20 minutes left in the demo. I won't be finishing it. I am going to uninstall it. It just wasn't for me.
 posted in Shaban on Jun 19, 12 9:42 PM
sunnyglow wrote:I really tried to like this game, since we have not had anything that I wanted to play since last week's CE. However, this is one of the worst games I have ever played. Sorry, I see some are raving about this game. I personally don't understand it. I just don't like it. Hard to navigate and confusing to me. Sorry, a no buy for me even with the coupons I possess. Edited to state that this game is from Sweden not Iran. To me, this is definitely not political because I have friends from Sweden. I just don't like the game and I refuse to make devs feel good because they are new. No smiley faces here for an inferior game. I am a teacher and I believe in not rewarding bad work or bad behavior. Not going to rave about an inferior product. Sorry!
Actually the game is from developers in Tehran, Iran. There is an article in the Tehran Times about it. Anyway . . . . . . I am thinking of buying the game because the sheep are just so cute, even with one eye so much larger than the other one. Shaban has the same "one eye bigger than the other" that his sheep do. I do have a game credit I have been saving for something unique and different, and this game looks like it just might fit the bill.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch on Mar 18, 12 11:17 PM
I remember playing the free trial of Shadow at the Water's Edge. I don't remember if there was a free trial for The Trail of the Twister or not. I thought there was, but don't quote me.

I am collecting all of the Nancy Drew games, so the free trial is not necessary for me to buy them as soon as they appear here. FYI: Big Fish offers 22 of the first 23 games. The very first game of the series is offered here as Secrets Can Kill - Remastered. The developer's website says the second game in the series, Stay Tuned for Danger, has been discontinued and will probably not be offered as a Remastered game. This means my collection will remain incomplete. Bummer!! I'm sure that Big Fish will be offering games #24 and #25 in good time, and when they do I will buy them. The 26th game in the series is almost finished and will be released by the developer sometime this year.

As for your question about the crank, I can't help you as I have not started the game. I need to finish Warnings at Waverly Academy before beginning a new one.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch on Mar 18, 12 11:07 PM
I remember getting a trial hour for Shadow at the Water's Edge. Not sure if there was one for Trail of the Twister or not.

I am collecting all of the Nancy Drew games, so the trial is no longer necessary for me to buy them. Unfortunately, it sounds like my collection will remain incomplete as the developer has discontinued the second game in the series -- Stay Tuned for Danger. The first one, Secrets Can Kill - Remastered is available here, as are all of the first 23 games, except for #2 Stay Tuned for Danger. I'm sure Big Fish will be getting the newest 3 in good time. And when they do, I will buy all of them.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Mar 18, 12 1:06 AM
There is a Trial Version of ND - Secret of Shadow Ranch that just became available today. Since I am collecting all of the Nancy Drew games, I skipped the free trial and bought it immediately. But I remember playing a trial version of ND - Shadow at the Water's Edge awhile back.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Mar 13, 12 11:12 PM
I played the game the first time in Casual, got 58 fairies and none of the special achievements, so I played it a second time in Hardcore and got all but two of the special achievements and still only found 58 fairies. Drat!!! So, glutton for punishment that I am, I used the walk-through to determine how many fairies there were to collect in each chapter and began the game for the third time in Hardcore. Before I completed each chapter, I checked how many fairies I had found so that I could go searching for any that were missing and lo and behold I had found one more fairy than I should have in the first chapter. Ok, so far so good. I continued on into the second chapter not knowing whether I should be looking for one less fairy than the walk-through had said or the usual number for that chapter. I got in a hurry and completed the chapter with one (or is it two) less fairies than I should have found up to that point. Yikes!!!!

I guess this means I will have to throw away an hour and a half's work and begin again in Hardcore for the fourth time. My question, and yes, there is one, is do the number of fairies in each chapter change from profile to profile? Why did I have one more fairy in the first chapter than the walk-through tells me I should have? Has anyone played this game more than once and can they tell me if the fairies appear randomly throughout the game? I really would like to complete the game with a perfect score, having found all of the fairies and achieved all of the special achievements.

So, for now, I will have to save my 4th (and hopefully final) time for another night when I have enough time to complete the game in one sitting. It is too late to try it tonight, so maybe tomorrow.
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Jan 13, 12 2:10 AM
Persephone77 wrote:So did anyone else think the lady sounds an awful lot like Nancy Drew? It's driving me crazy but i'd swear it was her with an aged voice.

I was going to post this same observation, but you beat me to it.

One other comment. About whether this is a time management or a strategy game. There doesn't seem to be any time limit to accomplish your goals, but it does require strategy to place the wagons, sawmills, water towers, etc. in the right places and in the right order to beat that level. So it seems more like a strategy game to me.

I liked it, but only got as far as level 5 in my hour trial. A very challenging game, I would guess.
I didn't play the first Shadow Wolf Mystery game, so this is my first experience with the series. I was rather bored with the game. It moved along quickly in the first part with the puzzles being easy and tools found and used soon after, and then I got to the part of the game where I was supposed to use the ship to cross the water. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of needing to find Part A to use Part B, but the tools I had did not work to acquire Part A. (In real life they would have, but not in the game.) So I went to get Part C which would help me get Part A but didn't have the key to get Part C. Never did find out how to use Part D or Part E. End of progress. At this point my one hour demo time ran out. I definitely won't buy this game as a CE. I won't buy it as a SE and probably won't even buy it as a DD. It just didn't interest me.

My hat's off to the person who got as far in the demo as was possible in slightly more than a half hour. You are smarter than I am. I don't know how much more I could have gone in the game if my hour had not been complete, but I had come to a standstill in my progress, so I'll never know. Anyway, I just didn't care for the game.
 posted in Cardboard Castle on Nov 26, 11 11:03 PM
This game grew on me. At first I thought it was incredibly hard and stupid, too; but then I began to figure out how it is played and I started to like it. It is a cute game, if only it had more levels. I managed to get through 6 levels during my free trial. Well, not quite through the 6th, but I could see what my last mistake was and I was just preparing to go back one move and fix it and then ride through the gate when my time ran out. So this means that with 15 levels in the game, I was almost halfway through. I might buy this game if it comes out as the DD, but not for full price.
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 13, 11 12:47 AM
msfaeriedust wrote:I wanted to like this game but it never fully engaged me. Also, I didn't find the hints all too helpful. And I got very frustrated with the mini games. Some had such little direction I couldn't even figure out where to begin or what to do. At least help me understand what I need to do. Being vague does not make it challenging in a good way. I'll pass...
What she said. This is also how I felt about the game. I want to add that I felt mildly annoyed throughout the whole game. Part of my annoyance was from the **** scenes where you would click on something that appeared to be, say, a glove, and a sword would light up and disappear from your list. I don't like to find hidden objects by accident. I feel cheated. I agree about the mini games being very difficult to figure out. The first one I solved by accident, never discovering what the goal of the puzzle was. (Cheated again!) Others I just skipped after minutes spent trying to discover what I was supposed to be doing..

Anyway, I wanted to like this game, but I couldn't get past feeling annoyed and cheated. The long load time between scenes didn't help things either. I might get this game when/if it becomes a DD, but probably won't spend a credit on it at full price. But all in all, it wasn't a bad effort on the developers part for their first game.
 posted in Best in Show Solitaire on Oct 18, 11 9:57 PM
I didn't re-download, which might have sped up the game somewhat, so I was getting very aggravated by the slowly spinning cards and by the even more slowly turning over of the newly-revealed card. This was extremely annoying!!! Also, some more instructions would have improved the play. I had no idea what the dish saying
Queen would do if you clicked on it and ended up wasting it by clicking when I had no card showing. I won't be buying this game even at the DD price. (The dogs are cute, though.)
 posted in In Search of the Lost Temple on Oct 3, 11 8:44 PM
U25150 wrote:

What is with these games lately? They're really not even games. They are equivalent to DMV eye exams except you have to stand across the street to take it.

I just want to add that I was disappointed that after 45 minutes of play and the beginning of a headache I STILL had not got to China. I was looking forward to it, as that area of the world is fascinating to me. I finally said to myself, "Self, when or if you ever get to China the items you will be looking for will be just as teeny tiny as they are at Grandpa's house, so just give up and quit. It's not worth the headache."
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