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 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 25, 11 1:26 PM
It would be marvelous if they do a sequel to the Ravenhearst stories. Dire Grove & 13th Skull are grand but nothing compares to "Ravenhearst"!!!!
I trialed this game & really enjoyed it. Will buy ; might even be tempted to get CE!!
 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 3, 11 5:40 AM
Only did about half hour of trial then un-installed!! Didn't like it & names for items to find strange!!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Dec 1, 10 4:29 PM
Thanks for the help. When I backtracked I realized I had NOT picked up the logs near the Sawmill!! That's what I get for trying to play games late at night when I am tired!!! Enjoying the game. I am now looking for 4th girl and being more careful about finding things!!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Nov 30, 10 4:35 PM
Thanks Kelvy; didn't notice anything about paper& candle!! Will check it out again in the morning, so confused just now, have to sleep on it!!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Nov 30, 10 4:26 PM
I seem to have all I need to light the stove in the sawmill but can not put firewood in the stove!! Have firewood, matches & bucket of soot. The stovepipe is in place. Am I missing something.???
 posted in Mystery Cruise on May 27, 10 1:01 PM
Kathy 827; Room 11 is on lowest level at front of ship; by my count you need 32 lightbulbs. If you are that far you know where all the other rooms are. I still can't get to Room 12 myself; will re-start on new profile as suggested by Mod tomorrow. Must do other stuff tonight!!
 posted in Mystery Cruise on May 27, 10 12:25 PM
Helptex; there is a box of lightbulbs in Captain's room (I think)That gives you a bunch of them. I have 33 bulbs and trying to find Room 12. Will check game again & check where each room is. Will be back later with the info I find.
 posted in Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator on Apr 20, 10 5:16 AM
Just DLing this game; will have to see how it works for me. Small, dark objects aren't for me but will try it & see. Thanks for forewarnings.
 posted in Annie's Millions on Mar 10, 10 12:47 AM
Will go look for it; not that I need another game at the moment.
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 23, 10 1:06 PM
I tried Green Moon but don't know; will check out the walkthrough. Got into basement but couldn't figure out how to turn on the light. So many games to try so won't worry if I don't like it.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 7:57 AM
Dire Grove out and I wish I could play; I can buy but not play!! Not until I get new computer!! Well at least it is here!!! Enjoy every !!!
I am here with a coupon in my e-mails!! I just hope my laptop is fixed before it is released!
Waiting for DG to be re-leased and my free credits to come in. Or should I say that the other way around? Might get CE later if and when I feel rich!
 posted in Everything Nice on Nov 28, 09 7:59 AM
Was wondering; it sounds like a long game. Will have to check it out.
 posted in Everything Nice on Nov 28, 09 4:07 AM
What is the name of the game?? Welcome to the Pond kwebb88!!
 posted in Azada ™ on Nov 27, 09 7:36 AM
Welcome to the Pond; JLAXEN
It is quite awhile since I played Azada and would suggest the All Games Forums as well. You should find help there.
 posted in Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper on Nov 26, 09 12:02 PM
I have been in contact with CS and have done all they suggested. I don't think It is a problem they can solve because it is an item left out by the developers and will probably need a re-make or up-date.
 posted in Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper on Nov 24, 09 12:24 PM
I have run into the same problem about the oar. I had to re-start the game when I bought the game which was a disappointment. I am enjoying the game so help the problem can be fixed.
 posted in Escape the Museum 2 on Nov 19, 09 2:17 AM
I was looking forward to this game. I demoed and bought, but am in 2 minds about it. Loved the idea of the husbands view point of the story. The graphics are good but the end of level fuzziness got annoying; star award at end of level was handy in that you knew right away you had missed something(I tend to forget about items you need to collect); side missions were nice and showed the guy had compassion for others. I liked & enjoyed most of the game but there were a few things that bothered me. There was the pic in top right that was supposed to show you how to get through scene with arrows; never saw arrows and as soon as I clicked on pic it disappeared. Having to cover whole screen i search of working areas then clicking on them to find sparkly hot spots. I could click where gears showed any # of times and no hot spot would appear, would check walkthrough and be show same spot. The bus was one place that I really had a problem; clicked pole, tried to place umbrella there quite a few times( guys BP went up there)and no hot spot showed up, looked at WT and showed hot spot on jacket! I will play again now that I have a few of the tips and see how well I remember the way to go.
I think EM1 was better.
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