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 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 8:40 AM
Ok. Just adding myself to the list of those with Windows 10 and the boiler room issue. Can't get past it even trying the suggested fixes. It was a good game up until then but since my granddaughter is playing it and wants to continue, I guess we will try to remain patient until either a fix or a no go. If the forums close, I am assuming we will be sending info and waiting for a response or a fix. Now we won't be able to read the forums to learn of game glitches before making a purchase? That sucks. If this site sells the games, I do think they should get info, in a timely manner, from the appropriate teams as to if and when an update/fix is available.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 18 2:54 PM
I read after the purchase by Aristocrat Tech, no one at BF was going to lose their job, and it was supposed to be business as usual, but I certainly don't know for sure since I am not an employee. The purchase was made last November, but I also read of one thing that happened since then, a ruling in March concerning the BF Casino game. I haven't noticed any changes in that game since then though. It seems that company is big into on line slots, etc., but they do have other games. I wonder how that ruling, if it stays, will effect this site. Evidently the forum is a done deal, as to everything else, guess we will just have to wait and see. By the way, I got this info on the Geekwire site.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 8:02 AM
Not a reply and too many pages to go through, but my game occasiionally has the background music stuck, like a broken record. It has happened in all the areas of play. It does stop if I exit and re-enter the game, but it becomes annoying while in a HOS. Is anyone else having this issue?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 27, 18 6:26 AM
So how long has the bear been changing from a shaggy bear to a bear skeleton? Did I really not notice this before? Good grief.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 8, 18 4:55 PM
I can't get the top middle stocking.and I've noticed in my game, I see mostly globes, snowmen, and Christmas trees. I'm sure that elusive stocking will fly into a room eventually, but it is nerve wracking, or racking. Either works for me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 7, 18 5:04 PM
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 7, 18 3:08 PM
Sometimes I feel like a natural disaster magnet, or just have really bad timing. Visited Italy, '76, had an earthquake. Lived in Japan '77-'78, had a hurricane and learned what the the typhoon fifth was...a really big bottle of saki that made you forget about everything. Then we had an earthquake. Stuck on the bullet train for 8 hours just a bit out of Tokyo, pregnant and with two stray manx kittens I was bringing home. I still tease my son that I was going to tattoo his **** with 'Made in Japan." Lived in South Carolina, hurricane. Lived in Hawaii, two hurricanes. I lived in California for almost a year, but luckily no major disasters. I do have a good friend living in SF, and am very thankful she is okay. My hometown is in the midwest, where hurricanes never happen and major earthquakes don't either. Tremors yes, and tornados and storms enough to scare you into the basement, but nothing major in the city I live in...except cold and sometimes lots and lots and lots of snow.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 3, 18 7:27 AM
This is getting old. Nine throws, one win. I roll 11, Anabel rolls 12. I roll 8, she rolls nine, if we roll the same, she wins the second throw, but most of my rolls start at two or three, and of course, she rolls higher every time. I tried 6 different avatars, but Anabel has no heart, or the dice are crooked. Got to tell the house to loosen up the table.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 11:03 AM
I always used the wink too so I'm in the same boat as you. I'm going to try your suggestion of Ms Scandinavian. Now if I could roll double sixes once in a while, that would be great. I've only gotten six of those so far, so that achievement will take eons.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 10:39 AM
I have 33 friends, three of which do not have the new room open, and that's good for me. I'm getting serious carpal tunnel and I don't know how you mega room people do it. I am impressed. Going to get the ice bag now.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 10:33 AM
Bemused123 wrote:You can get them by trading with the Children. On the right of the wand, click on the arrow. It will show you the pink box. They also drop off every so often from the HOs.

I was thinking I will run out of gift boxes before the event is over. My short attention span self didn't even notice the arrows leading to the boxes in the trading section. Thank you so much for that info.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 10:28 AM
Best wishes for speedy healing and all good news for you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 10:22 AM
I have a friend also who one day posted "sick-taking a break". She played as kitty and it has been quite a while. I tried searching her ID but found nothing. I am hoping she is okay.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 17 6:40 AM
I think CE was Trick and SE was Treat
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 30, 17 8:27 AM
Just when I thought it was over....I finished the pets and ghosts, and began to gift out all the Halloween items I had so friends could get their stuff. I didn't know this was coming. Guess I should have dusted off the old crystal ball.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 23, 17 7:27 PM
In our city, we go to the neighborhood Halloween Parade, which is a big deal here. Sometimes the kids ride the floats for Scouts or for being in a school function, but mostly, they love to watch all the floats go by and grab the candies tossed by the people on the floats. The parade ends at a local park where the kids are treated to hot dogs, chips, and sodas, and free pumpkins are given out to anyone who wants one, or until they run out. Of course, at night the kids trick or treat, and when they have had enough of that, they come home and hand out the candy to all the kids that come by, and in between, we watch any scary movie airing that night.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 23, 17 7:15 PM
july1277 wrote:I will be celebrating 20 years of being cancer free.

I can't think of a better day, until you add on more years to that twenty!! God Bless, and best wishes to you!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 22, 17 1:26 PM
Whoohoo. Congratulations!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 21, 17 10:56 AM
Those of us who completed the red, green, and blue ghosts only have the other three to finish. I can't even imagine having to do all six colors of ghosts at once. What do you do? Don't sleep, don't eat, don't leave the computer for a month? They'd find a skeleton at the computer in my house.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 26, 17 9:15 AM
I just bought a new pc after the last vacation since it went belly up. I was going to purchase a laptop, but I spent a little extra on the pc. I should put it on my Christmas list.
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