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 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 23, 11 3:32 AM
Dear Big FishTeam. I've downloaded the update which stopped my game freezing in the cave (mushroom electricity spot) then I played till the end of the chapter. I had to go and now when I try to load the game it is10x slower than it was. In fact, when I select my name to play the game it might get to 40% (after eating dinner and a shower) and now it's just black.... Keep patching my friends, I can't wait to play this game!
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 11 12:53 AM
Stuck at the cave/mushroom/electricity puzzle..... no skip feature, won't reset and now just keeps crashing the game :o( will try re installing once my download limit kicks in again at the end of the week (no fun on dial up sped....)
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 11 11:58 PM
Hi there :o) I've tried dropping my screen resolution as low as it will go but unfortunately the loading between screens is extremely slow. I've found it less frustrating to flick back to the internet while it loads and browse, or wash dishes etc. Apart from that it is a lovely sweet game, a real credit to the Big Fish Team :o) ps - a patch to speed it up would be awesome tho.... or another suggestion.
 posted in Cradle of Rome 2 on Dec 31, 10 11:01 PM
As a fan of the original Cradle of Rome, I must admit I purchased this straight away. Lovely graphics as usual, didn't notice smaller tiles or any bounce in the screen? It took me a while to beat the original game but this time I played this one straight through without losing a single life. The only additional challenge (and more of them would be nice) were the skulls that turned the tiles blue again and the most horrid blocks that could only be broken with a match three lines above them (that I didn't like because if you had made a match 5 you got a little cross bomb that then didn't break anything solid - so you got punished for making a better move)
All in all it was about the same as the original, with better graphics. I have all the villages and all the trophies. Bit too easy, although the heartbeat can still rattle me. Cheers.
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