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 posted in Alice Greenfingers on Dec 5, 15 5:46 PM
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 posted in Alice Greenfingers 2 on Nov 2, 15 5:35 PM
why won't either of my alice green fingers play on my mac anymore
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Sep 5, 15 9:09 PM
Why does this game work on my macbook air and now playing keeps telling me to install shockwave 11? It doesn't make sense.
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on Sep 5, 15 7:04 PM
I have a macbook air on operating system 10.10 Yosemite and every time I try to play it tells me to load Shockwave 11 and I have gone to Adobe and downloaded the latest version of Shockwave which is 12 for my operating system and it still gives me the same message. Why can't I play? Please help.
 posted in Diner Dash 5: Boom Collector's Edition on Sep 30, 12 1:34 PM
my latest operating system on my macair is 10.8.2 and I don't see an upgrade (even when I look manually) but this game will not work anymore. I'm very frustrated. Please help.

 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Jan 17, 11 5:32 PM
just a hint about converting "heathens". There is a sick doctor (purple color) that you can convert right away if you heal him. He's sitting at the hospital area. Just heal like you normally would and he will convert. And as far as converting the other ones, I have been able to convert one or two but you have to be very consistent about preaching as soon as there sign above their head that they are tired of hearing your words. Just don't give up!!

Also,, I have read from others that it's really important to clear out the temple early, because if you wait then the red guards eventually wander over and you are not able to get there.

I think the strategy about using the kids to distract the guards is perfect. that's how i was able to get food by tearing down that first idol near the woodpile. but the guards will go away if you finish the construction on the main structure in the middle (that forms into a hand). that's really all ive been able to find out without actually buying the game.

It helps if you have two of your five choices with the ability to run. things go faster.
 posted in Spa Mania on Sep 28, 10 11:17 PM
i don't understand why they released the first spa mania for pc and mac but only released spa mania 2 for pc. I can play it on my pc but prefer to play games on my mac. maybe sometime down the road it will come out for mac.
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on Aug 10, 10 10:47 PM
kendra, do you mind me asking what version you are using, windows or mac? I am having the same problem on my mac and you are the first person I have heard report this issue. I can't see many of the players and the bride and groom are blinking in and out. but mainly quinn is missing most of the time. have you heard back from big fish on what they plan to do about this?
 posted in Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine on Feb 9, 09 4:35 PM
Does anyone have any information on this game regarding a mac release? The first one was released for Mac and now this one isn't. I really would like to try this game. Thanks.
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