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 posted in Monster Quest on Dec 28, 08 12:15 PM
Momhart wrote:Hi Angel.....

Go into the wooded area and you'll see a big foot print. Drag the bag of plaster to the print and make a mold. You'll have to assemble it in the lab.

Thank you so much Momhart I appreciate your response. Have a good day and happy gaming.
 posted in Monster Quest on Dec 27, 08 9:17 PM
I found everything in Hunter's cabin and the woods. I found the bag of plaster but, that is the only thing in my inventory. I can't go to the lab, it isn't lit up. Can someone tell me what I'm suppose to do with just a bag of plaster. I saw the locked chest in the cabin but, have no way to open it. I appreciate any help. Thank you
 posted in Casebook on Oct 27, 08 8:51 PM
dtouchton wrote:Since it seems no one else has played this, you might want to type in "Case Book walkthrough" in your google search bar. See if something is out there.

jen1973 I'm afraid at this time we won't be able to help you. As you can see in dtoughton's posts a lot of us couldn't even download the game or get it working on our computers.

So sorry, hopefully someone will get it up and running and will come back and help those who are able to play the game. gl
 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Oct 26, 08 6:59 PM
lynbrian, bfg has complete walkthrough for this game. Just go to search all forums at right top and type in Art of murder walkthrough. it's free
 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Oct 26, 08 6:56 PM
Can someone please tell me the numbers that is on the piece of paper sticking out of the pocket book on the couch in the apt with the thug? I know they say the numbers may be backwards but, I can't see the numbers.
 posted in Art of Murder: FBI Confidential on Oct 24, 08 10:26 PM
I found out very early in this game that if you don't complete a task in one area it doesn't allow you to advance. I got stock in the orangery. It wouldn't let me out so I went to another site to check out a walkthrough to see why and here and behold I didn't do two things prior to entering the orangery. So now I have to start all over. Now I'm going to look into getting the walkthrough from BFG.

Thank you bfgErie this is going to an essential tool for this game.
 posted in Jigsaw World on Oct 9, 08 5:30 PM
sandipuppy wrote:You can separate the edges from the other's one of the buttons at the's the one between the magnifying glass and the question says "bound" when you hover over it...don't ask me why...

Thank you sandipuppy for the info. I didn't check out that icon when I was playing earlier. Kind of a wierd term to use. Thanks again.
 posted in Jigsaw World on Oct 9, 08 4:33 PM
cesse47 wrote: is always watching ... lucky for us.

I agree 100%
 posted in Neverland on Oct 9, 08 10:15 AM
When I first viewed this game on the trial period I thought this would be more for the younger group. But, as it progressed I found some of the hidden objects a little difficult to find, hence not so much for the younger crowd.

I enjoy the fact that it is not timed, I can just sit back and enjoy the game for what it is. Also, I really like the interaction with the toys as it ads a newness to this type of game.

I really like the fact that she is transported to her childhood years, I travel right back with her. Playing this game for me helps remove some of the stress as an adult I experience during the day.

I did purchase the game and will play it a little bit at a time to relax my mind and enjoy a childhood I never had.

I think this is truly a personal choice game. So I would at least try it out. Happy Gaming
 posted in Crazy Machines on Sep 17, 08 12:29 PM
princesschaos1st wrote:I am at the begining of the game. I am on the dominoes puzzle. Instructions state you need to arrange the 3 dominoes so that the ball knocks the box off the scren. I have done this, yet the level is not ending. Time is still ticking away and not able to go to next puzzle. What am I missing? Followed the directions as they were written. Am I supposed to have both balls falloff the screen as well? If so then that should have been stated in the instrucions. Any help will be appreciated as this looks like a great game, but not getting a full version of a game I can not play.

I downloaded the game yesterday and had a problem also. My screen was black and I could hear the professor talking. So, I went back and uninstalled it. Then installed it again. Don't know what happened the first time, but, this time everything is working fine now. So, maybe uninstalling and then reinstall may help. Good luck. If this doesn't work contact Tech support or Live chat. They are always a big help.
 posted in Crazy Machines on Sep 17, 08 12:14 PM
I downloaded this game yesterday. Got through the first few gadgets but can't seem to line up the domino's just right to get that ball past the last domino on the left that will make it role over the last domino and off the board. If this is the game play through the who thing, don't know if I'll buy this one.
 posted in Azada ™ on Sep 13, 08 11:54 PM
Does anyone know the code for the safe. When I click on letters he comes up and says "I gave you code when you free me" I can't find my notes for that. I don't know what will happenen after that. I hope someone remembers. Thank you (Game: Azada)
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 13, 08 10:44 PM
Ok, goodnight prpldva
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 13, 08 10:30 PM
Thank you so very much, prpldva. I did figure out mansion 3 room 304 while I was waiting. But, the other two, no way. Got a headache trying. You are a whiz at this. Have you ever tried creating your own game? I know you could do it. I got the trophies in the other mansions. I am having trouble with one other room, but, want to work on it a bit and see if I can figure it out. So, I just might be back. Thanks again. Are you an insomniac like me?
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 13, 08 7:46 PM
Thank you prpldva, I appreciate any help you can give me. Tomorrow is always another day. So please take your time. Thanks again.
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 13, 08 7:39 PM
elvisfan2, welcome to the sea. It is usually referred to as the "pond" but, too many fish, the pond over flowed into the sea. hehehe. Anyway, if you like mind boggling puzzles, then this would be right up your alley. I didn't know when I first started to play that all the rooms had to be gold. That is when you get the trophy. But, there is a lot of help in here all the peeps (or fish) are really nice and supportive. Like prpldvasaid, look at his posts. prpldva is right on with the solutions and has been of great help to me. Well, happy gaming and just have fun.
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 13, 08 7:28 PM
Mansion 2 rooms 401 & 405 Gold

Mansion 3 , Room 304 only Gold

I appreciate help on getting the gold rooms in the above. Thank you very much.

I was up until 4:00am working on others. Maybe I'm tired, but these elude me.

 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 12, 08 8:24 PM
Thanks again, prpldva, finished Mansion IV, guess I have to go back and make sure other mansions are all gold. Didn't know that when I was doing them. I did find some liquid and put it in the globe in secret room. Don't know what to do with that now.
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 12, 08 8:02 PM
Don't know what happened. I went back on (I'm on iMac posting and playing game on laptop) and what ever it was disappeared. It moved. Thanks for listening.
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Sep 12, 08 8:00 PM
prpldva, yes, there is something wrong with 402, you said you didn't like that one. But, after you taking it so far I figured the rest out. It kind of went wrong after the 7th move I think. But,I forgot what I changed. Any way it work. I am having trouble with 405.I get to the point where moving the room to the right will put the man over the candle and just go down the latter. The room is open and should move but, it won't. The guy just keeps going back and forth until I click again and stop him. Do you think there is a glitch in the program. GEEZ after all this I hope not. If so I can't compete the game.
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