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 posted in Northern Tale 4 on May 22, 17 6:49 PM
How do you "trick" Fenrir. I keep feeding him and nothing happens
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Dec 17, 15 9:59 PM
Can't get all the gold. Other discussion on page 5 is locked and the link doesn't work.
 posted in Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 14 4:05 PM
I deleted my name and signed in again, and the amulet worked.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 14, 13 10:29 PM
At level 40, I clear the way up to the green crystal and click on it...nothing happens. I've clicked all over the area at times...nothing happens. I've cleared the way through to the green at least 3 times, clicked, nothing happens. Thanks.
 posted in Northern Tale on Oct 16, 12 3:13 PM
Northern Tale takes forever to load each time. And once it's unresponsive. I've deleated it and uploaded it twice now with the same result. Help
 posted in Royal Envoy on Jan 19, 12 11:46 AM
My favorite time management are Royal Envoy, Roads to Rome and My Kingdom for a Princess. Besides these, are there any other similar ones available?
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