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 posted in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas on Apr 28, 18 6:31 PM
I hope you see this in time, as the forums are closing as of tomorrow night

If you're in regular mode the easiest way is the get one of the corner spaces (where you need to drop the shells) empty and then drop shells down into the middle spot of that bottom row and drag the shells over one space. You'll need some coins to clear out a corner spot unless you happen to get lucky enough with a good setup and get a match on one of the bottom corners.

In expert mode the corners are more isolated but it's still the same idea only you have to get both the middle and corner spots empty before you can get the shells to the space.

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 4:14 PM
Oh come on Mysti...if you got through Mundus several times and even without powerups or gold in normal, you can do that project with JQ Sleepless Star.

I think you mean JQ: The Sapphire Dragon as that was the next game in that series. I found it much, much easier than the earlier games in the series.

Skpjazz is also on another gaming site that we can't mention here. As for PF, yes there's PM available there, although it looks like a thread - it's just that only the users you picked when you created the PM can see that "thread". It's cool that you can PM multiple users all at once just by picking multiple users.
Hi dogcatmom, hope you see this in time before the forums close tomorrow

There are a few possibilities for why that's happening:

-you need to collect the red key from room 2

-you didn't get all the coin bags out of all the rooms after completing the bonus garden room, so the game thinks you're trying for the "perfect" achievement (you can bail from the level using the continue button at bottom left if you don't care about getting a perfect)

-you didn't play the bonus crystal room

Hope that helps and if you're still stuck I'm now at Pond Friends.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 8:35 AM
LOL Mysti, well since you asked...

Shut off all the powerups in JQ: The Sleepless Star and go for 5 stars on every level. This is how I play the game these days, and yes, it's doable, but some levels are going to take a lot of tries to 5 star this way. I have the secret book of which levels are particularly hard and the rough order that they should be played in for the best chances of success which I've never posted.

@skpjazz: The "other" place doesn't have a "gift this game" option? Although if the giftee doesn't have an account there they would have to sign up and download the GM that place uses. The last time I checked it seems like they want everyone coming in now to sign up for something that looks like a "rental" deal? You can play everything as much as you want as long as you pay the monthly membership fee? Then again, if that's how they're rolling now, could be why you can't gift a game to someone else.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 11:21 AM
Not to sound like I don't respect Mysti's decision, but I found out you can play Zuma within the online gaming forum there.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 6:54 AM
Pond Friends game reviews are under the Game Reviews section in the area called "Games and Technical Support" - you have to scroll down the page a little to find them. The reviews are then divided up by platform. If you were looking for the review I'd told you about elsewhere, it's in the PC and Mac game review area there (reviews are alphabetized by first letter of the game name). You have to be logged in to see all the forum content.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 6:50 AM
Probably better to try the older M3s since most of those don't have a lot of bells and whistles, but not anything with gigantic scrolling levels. I'm replaying 5 Star Rio Resort now and if you shut off the bouncing coins in the options there's not much "wiggling" of things except in the building scene. At least one other place has 5 Star Hawaii Resort which looks pretty similar to 5 Star Rio Resort, even same storyline character. Button Tales?

I've always enjoyed the DragonScales and Claws and Feathers games but not sure if all the birds flying in C&F will affect you.

[edit] Oh gee, how could I forget Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star! Now there's a great suggestion because that's how we met up! I even have a sick fishie project for you if you want to revisit being "The Sleepless Mysti" once more.
 posted in Jewel Quest Heritage on Apr 27, 18 6:41 AM
I'd welcome you to the pond, but sadly these forums are going away this weekend hope you see this in time...

If you are playing on an iPad or other tablet I believe the game isn't completeable in that was some kind of bug that players could only reach 99% completion some years ago, the last I'd heard of it. Otherwise there ought to be jewel boards there for you to finish that give a stone tablet for you to assemble into the holes of the picture. When you're in expert mode the Emperor boards don't unlock until you've finished all the other levels elsewhere in expert, but again, players had reported a few years back that the iPad version was broken where expert mode couldn't ever be completed. I don't know if it was ever patched as the Jewel Quest series seems to have been sold to another developer since and this game is very old.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 26, 18 6:32 AM
New sick fishie idea: Get Mysti hooked on Amy's Ice Cream so she'll have to move to my neck of the woods permanently (Amy's doesn't appear to ship anywhere, sorry)...
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 25, 18 6:31 AM
Skpjazz, if you do make that road trip you'll be happy to know there's an Amy's pretty much on the other side of the street from where I live.

Mysti, I respect your decision not to "migrate" but just in case you change your mind, get in touch with one of us.

I don't want to be all maudlin in the last few days here, so I will repeat again that a forum I was on many years ago got shut down for some reason. Those of us regulars were just as saddened as what we've seen at BF. Four years later, I got an email out of the blue from that website saying the forums were back up again. It's not the same as it was before the closure, but those forums are still around to this day. That email was back in 2008. So it could happen here too - BF just needs to change their mind on whatever it is that's really the block to them not getting new forums. Change is a part of life and never is a long time. I will say if The Pond gets resurrected, I'll be happy to swim back here. If it doesn't, I've enjoyed my stay here and will look forward to seeing you elsewhere.

Best to everyone in gaming and in life!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 24, 18 6:19 AM
Mysti, if your "alter ego" is ever in my neck of the woods, I'll be sure to take you out for some Amy's.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 24, 18 6:09 AM
I do believe that all of us see different aspects with levels which is why some can figure out the "trick" much sooner than others, but Mundus is a complete crapshoot with how winnable the levels are every time you play them in the normal mode. It's funny which levels are easily gotten past by some which took me days to complete and vice versa, but it's clearly all the luck of the draw.

And no, retiring the pond won't retire me from M3 gaming - I'll still be doing that. Pretty sure anyone who's interested in looking me up later knows where to find me. Change isn't easy but life goes on. Onwards and upwards all, and happy gaming!
@HCC_314: I think it's a minor glitch with the stars not appearing. If you got the perfect for the level (which is for getting all the coin bags along with all the stars) the level circle is gold with a trophy. Wouldn't worry too much about it as I saw the same thing happen a few times when I was playing. If you let all the stars pop into the level finished dialog at the end of every level it seems to help but I can't confirm it.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 22, 18 6:52 AM
Hi aprilbuttons, you have to make the bombs either through M5s or from them appearing in bigger matches from the cascades. The powerups on the left won't count. You don't necessarily have to get them all in a row - that's a very unlikely possibility, but with the game "helping" you oftentimes in the cascades, try to work from further down so you can use the element of luck involved with cascades.

Since we can't pull levels up on demand and also can't post images in these forums, if you need more help you can either email me a screenshot of the level (PM me for details soon as the forum is shutting down April 30th) or repost your request at Pond Friends in the game help forum there with a screenshot of level 140 as you can post images there. I've migrated to PF under the same username but all in lowercase.
 posted in Flying Fish Quest on Apr 22, 18 6:43 AM
Hi FreeBird01, you're supposed to drop the items to one of the spots at the very lowest row. There's only 4 spaces there which are the ones that work, marked with the arrows.
 posted in Jewel Match Royale 2: Rise of the King on Apr 21, 18 5:00 PM
There's a garden room to play on level 3 - it's the arrow that opens up after you've cleared all the tiles in the 2 "regular" rooms. There should have been a popup message appearing after you cleared the tiles asking if you wanted to go to the next level or play the garden room, but if for some reason the popup didn't appear you can always click the "continue" button at the lower left corner of the screen to go to the next level.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 18 4:07 PM
As one of the "foreign fishies" to this forum - my posts in a few threads here were concerning the upcoming forum closure. Yes, I don't play MC but this issue isn't about a game, it's about a community. The announcement was also not made in most of the forums. We are all members of The Pond, even if we don't all visit the same neighborhoods. A community which sadly will be going away soon and affects all of us.

If my earlier posts in this forum concerning why can't BF get new forums hurt anyone's feelings I would like to apologize for that as it was not my intention to come off as being disparaging of anyone's opinion. In case anyone doesn't know, it's been stated in the petition thread elsewhere that BF will not consider getting new forums and they have already repeatedly stated that they cannot upgrade these current ones. I've even contacted CS to respectfully ask that they reconsider their decision - and got a polite response back which was a nice "no", but no is still no.

In no way do I support BF's decision and I'm not happy about it either, but as all the signs say BF has made their decision and is sticking to it, we have to accept it as much as we don't want to. Otherwise I'm not here to crash any parties and wish everyone the best wherever they choose to go and happy gaming.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 21, 18 11:39 AM
Mysti, I hope to see you at Pond Friends too. If you decide not to "migrate" at least you have my email addy.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 18 10:35 AM
Yes, but they are too cheap to want to
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 18 10:14 AM
Yes, it would be too much trouble to transfer these forums to a new platform, but with them keeping this URL up as an "archive" I don't think that's really much of an issue. IMO I think BF is just being too cheap to create new forums with current software elsewhere to continue promoting the new games after April 30th. Stupid business decision, but it's their problem if they lose their loyal customers by being just like every other casual gaming portal.

I know some have posted that other gaming sites have forums, but the only one I can think of right now is Steam, which doesn't really have the games I'd enjoy? As an example, a friend emailed me a link of M3 games available there, and it turned out to be a mashup of random mostly old M3s (all of which I already have), random marble poppers (all of which I already have), and a few games from assorted M3 series, but not even the whole series in those cases... Some of the other casual gaming portals like the "I" site, the "Wild" site, and the "Gamez" site used to have forums, but they shut them down otherwise I'd migrate back as I used to be on one of the other portals' forums before coming here.

I don't play MC but a lot of players migrated to the Delphi forum already for that. FYI I've gone to Pond Friends just in case anyone here needs help with a M3 down the road. Happy gaming all, wherever you may go.
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