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education69 wrote:Lucy got a shave and married Armando the Ringmaster, they are expecting a little one any day now. Rumor has it the child will be a half man/half girl. If so they will teach it both weightlifting and knitting. As for Twyla the contortionist, she went on the road and became a single for a while, then she got a nice job as a model at a pretzel factory.

I was a little sad when I couldn't save Tabitha and Franco.

Also, I'm still wondering what happened to Lucy the Bearded Lady, Armando the Ringmaster and Twyla the Contortionist, there was no trace of them when I played the main game and side games, they were left out of the carnies roster.

As someone who really loves the ongoing story arc of MCF I was a bit disappointed they vanished without a trace, although I will assume they're dead.
The ending to Madame Fate and the creepy wedding in Escape from Ravenhearst had me thinking MD is female.

Unless Charles's fixation on MD ignored gender.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 12 2:45 AM
OK, I think I've listed all the scares now.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 12 2:42 AM
Chancellor23 wrote:Coroner. When she examines Ted the Teacher's body, she states that there were six other similar cases. At that point, there were four that we know of: Monihan, Denney, Billy, and Ted. Ted wouldn't count because he's currently on the table (she said "other"). Monihan wouldn't count because he died in the tunnel and his body was not found until this game. Why was he on her board? That leaves Denney and his son. Who were the other four? Monihan dug up the relic. Wasn't he was the first possessed? Then we watched it change hands (Monihan, Denney, Billy, Ted, Coroner, Sheriff, Pastor Roberts). Were the other four mystery cases similar but not related? And what did the Coroner mean by similar? They all died seemingly by accident, but different types of accidents.

It was probably more mystery people we didn't know about, Shadow Lake was filled with life before the demon horn starting passing through person to person.

Chancellor23 wrote:Ellen's Body. The police recovered her body after her suicide. So how did her body get back into Shadow Lake in order to take possession of the relic? Some kind of inland burial at sea? Looked like a physical hand to me.

Ellen was probably buried somewhere, ghosts do have their unearthly ways of looking physical.

Chancellor23 wrote:Cassandra. How did she get into the tunnel for the Grand Finale? We needed hours of sleuthing to find a key, plus night-vision goggles and a ladder and a screwdriver, to get through the locked door. Perhaps there was another entrance that no one had found in centuries? Also, why would the demon allow her to take the relic to a place where it could be defeated? For our convenience? Why not destroy the altar to prevent that? Or was the altar capable of more than releasing souls? The demon collapsed a tunnel on Monihan. Why did it leave the altar available?

The demon itself probably had some fragment of power left, and decided to screw with us. Also, villains everywhere are known for hoisting their own petards or making it easier for us to defeat them.

Chancellor23 wrote:I know it's a game, but it requires logic to play. So, i expected consistent internal logic.

I'd pretty much lost logic on MCF during Ravenhearst 1.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 12 2:27 AM
It's a spoiler alert.

But for continuity purposes, let's imagine Master Detective needs the ticket to enter Fate's Carnival before she can do something for the possible return.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 12 5:39 PM
I think there should be an advisory warning like Escape from Ravenhearst has. This game has twice as many scary moments than the past games.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 12 5:28 PM
Ah Lea, still hot as always.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 3:35 PM
bfgSeine wrote:I wouldn't consider myself a jumpy Fishie, but that scene with the T.V...yikes!

Hopefully the game has just the right amount thrills, scares, and fun and you're enjoying it!


I'm enjoying this game.

But my heart isn't.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 8:35 AM
bri_rose1978 wrote:Yeah, this game has quite a few of those jump scares.

Have you opened the bathroom mirror yet? I think that one and the playground one are the worst for me.

I've made it to the schoolhouse area and will resume playing tomorrow, do both scares happen at the school? I want to be cautious because my heart needs to rest.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 7:22 AM
When you watch the segments on the old tv to get the antenna for the guestbook, turn your volume down and look slightly away from the reporter's face.

It's a kikia moment waiting to bite you.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 7:20 AM
I've started playing SL and would love to know if they are any jump scare moments I should be aware of. I know it might be spoiler moments but I'd rather not wet my pants whenever I play this.

I already got my first surprise with the news reporter on the old tv.

~ Here is a list of ones found on my playing time with the assistance of other posters ~

- Old tv at the motel, news reporter's face turns ghastly hollow with a loud eruption

- The end of the ghost hunter's recorded tape at the penitentiary entrance, a bird flies into the window and smacks against the frame.

- The warden's eye poking out of the keyhole in the darkroom

- The disturbing head in the jar inside the warden's house darkroom turns around.

- The photograph of Ellen, the warden's wife, coming at you before causing the frame to topple.

- The old, hooded girl slowly turning around, vanishes and her ghastly face filling the light of the night vision goggles.

- Using the infrared camera at the playground, the visage of a girl on the swing disappears, and half her face pops up in front of you. Same hooded girl from the classroom.

- A backup dancer from Michael Jackson's Thriller will mirror scare you in the bathroom cabinet of the teacher's house.

- The skeleton of the escaped convict will rattle at you before it breaks down.

- Traveling through the penitentiary vent with the goggles, the ghost of the convict will come at you before vanishing.

- The second secret tape of the Ghost Hunters has Jack Talon getting knocked out quite bad by some unknown force banging on the door.

Definitely not the end of the Ravenhearst storyline, maybe 2 or 3 more sequels then it's back to where it left off.
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Apr 17, 12 4:04 PM
valsgames wrote:can not get pass level 9 with expert score and clues on what i am doing wrong

It's difficult and bordering impossible to achieve expert on your first playthrough, you'll have to play over the game twice to purchase everything.

It sucks but surprisingly different from other time-management games.
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Sep 29, 11 7:11 PM
Unless you saved up money, it is impossible to get expert the first playthrough, getting expert requires 2 playthroughs.

Just complete the level normally.
 posted in Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World on Sep 2, 11 6:00 PM
It raises the mood of your guests. The Groom's mood only changes after you perform an action that isn't the champagne bottle or kissing chalice.
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Sep 2, 11 5:36 PM
The extra seats for the rollercoaster is a Rebecca Black reference.
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Sep 2, 11 5:26 PM
You will be unable to complete the entire game through expert in one go, you simply don't have the means to do this, so it requires 2 playthroughs.

Buy Chloe and Maya's efficiency upgrades first, then their speed, then dedicate all your money towards the cloud babies.

I saved all my money from the first 3 resorts then I bought everything in the fourth.
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Sep 2, 11 5:19 PM
On many levels it is absolutely impossible to get expert. You will need to complete the game once then use all the accumulated money to upgrade.
 posted in Ice Cream Craze on Jun 11, 11 11:39 PM
Good for you.
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