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 posted in Witches' Legacy: The City That Isn't There on Feb 20, 17 9:07 AM
I am having the exact same issue. Demo ran fine, so I bought game. Now it freezes every so often. I go to main menu and say quit. Instead or quitting, game reloads at frozen spot which has thawed and works fine. Until the cursed necklace. I have tried about everything to get that 8th leaf. Nada results. I will contact support and see if they can help but I think this is a frequent enough bug for the Techs to pop into this forum with the fix.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Sep 10, 16 11:45 AM
Everything has been working fine and if I needed a shovel or wind etc, just clicked. Then the game started using a shovel when I did not click it. At first I thought it happened because I had the cursor too close to that edge and accidentally hit it. However, it also happens then the cursor is in the middle of the puzzle and no where near them. So I am moving a gem to make a pattern and the shovel jumps in and removes a gem - usually the wrong one which screws up my pattern. Help!
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition on Aug 16, 16 9:37 AM
Silly question perhaps but I can't find the button for the bonus chapter. I have Where is it? Thanks.
Okay, I thought that difficulty level query would start the game again but it led into the bonus game. Good that I found it. Bad communication on the game part.
In my "Extras" there is Play, Wallpapers, concept art, screensaver, movies, music, mini-games and hidden objects. Nowhere is the word "bonus" to be found. If I click "Play" it goes to difficulty level.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 10, 14 10:35 AM
I installed the update and now every time I try to open the game, it closes the Game Manager app. Very non-productive. Using PC with Windows 7. I sent query to Tech support but up to 72 hours is a long time to wait for an answer.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 8, 14 8:19 AM
Overall great game. Very good graphics and lots of different scenes. Minimal use of the usual cheap HOG tricks to increase difficulty (changing object colour to match background, using very dark scenes or hiding object in a totally dark area). Overall, cleverly done. The use of consistent object list and keeping them in same place in scene at first, then moving a few at a time is excellent for new HOG players and done so doesn't bore more advanced players. Can't tell yet but it seems to being set up, however, to require players to constantly pay more money. The wait times for replaying a scene are up to an hour for me. When needing an object to satisfy a quest, seems that everything except that object gets "won" at the scene. I needed either of two objects from one scene and waited through over 6 scene plays to get just one of them. With an hour between, that got irritating. I had a day to persevere and only managed to locate 2 objects needed for the supply ship and those were in conflict with what I needed for the quests. Don't know if others having issue of the game closing down every so often as well. Last item, would be good to have some way to switch between scenes without clicking back and forth, especially as the number of scenes adds up.
 posted in The Dragon Dance on Mar 4, 12 9:30 PM
I read the posts on the problems but as the update was a year ago, I bought the game expecting all to be fixed. The gliches are not fixed. I had to exit and re-enter several times to keep the game working and also use the tips for still existing issues such as the ant column that I found on the forums from before your update. Yes, I got through the game and the graphics were okay (overly dark in places). No, it was not particularly enjoyable.
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