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 posted in Fishing Craze on Mar 12, 11 10:08 AM
Free Realms has careers to choose, one of them is fisherman. You can do many things in this game or you can just stand there 24 hrs. and fish. You have an avatar who can do all this things we wish we could. You can interact with real people, too. It's an online game, but it gives you access to people instead of the same ole cartoon drawn ones in the other games. I still play this game, but I've finished it half a dozen times and am rather bored with the same thing. Free Realms is the answer for me, and I hope you'll like it, too. I'm waiting for the next version of this one.
 posted in Fishing Craze on Feb 27, 11 1:55 AM
The dolphins aren't a problem if you dash forward a bit. They'll miss you that way. Watch when they're flipping in the air, then get out of their way. The pesky pelicans are my problem! On a few lakes, the only way to win is just use the magnets. Others, you have to try to get a fish in between pelicans. I've won this game five times now with platinum all the way. I play Route 66 a lot, because there's no pelicans. LOL! There's a way around every pest in this game. Most are solved by staying up against the left dock. With the bombs away birds, your boat fits in between the bombs. Another problem I've found is when the other fisherman gets right beside my boat, too often MY fish drop into HIS boat!! Only a few times did his fish drop into mine. Keep trying...........with patience and determination, and you can win them all. Try to catch the high point fish, usually the largest ones and drag your line to catch more than one. Most of all, laugh at it and have fun!
 posted in Fishing Craze on Feb 17, 11 4:46 PM
I've played this game through several times with platinum all the way. Often, I catch two fish at a time, and now and then, three fish. I've been wondering just how many fish can be caught at the same time. The other day, I caught FOUR! Has anyone caught more? Just how many can you catch on one hook at the same time?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 10, 11 3:06 PM
Great graphics, large play area, lovely music! But, ABSURD storyline, same ole brain dead, lazy, VV's with ADD fed by the children. BORING! Major disappointment. Believers in what? Who's the heathen here? VV's live an apathetic life, fornicating for reproduction, ignore the children, and never interact with each other. The "heathens" who appear to be a tribe probably have marriage rituals and some type of unity. VV's are a truly heathen bunch of people living in sin mating with just anyone without any love or family unit. Then, there's the same ole mournful zombie walk the mothers do for two solid years before they turn the child loose to run wild having no further interaction with them. Hate this feature of the game! My Tribe's moms are the same but don't do the zombie walk, and the baby comes out right away walking and independent. Totally ignored by adults, too, but doesn't have to endure two years of being packed around by a zombie mom.

HATE the way death is portrayed in this game. SICK of these lazy morons walking off the job and saying, "No!" and "Huh?"!!!!! Nothing for me to do, but make the childlren pick up boring artifacts and mushrooms. Seems like fruit on a tree would be more realistic. Mushrooms? Absurd! Then, I spend the rest of my time taking the ADD bums back to work. I've known people with ADD and they are productive and responsible.

I'm going back to My Tribe and Dream Farm Home Town. VV5 is just one more ABSURD VV with slow play and heathen ways.
 posted in Fishing Craze on Dec 13, 10 5:41 AM
Wait a minute! I've finished this game about four times with platinum all the way. Yes, at first, all the pests annoyed me, but I've perceived it as a challenge. The rest of this message might be a spoiler for you.

To avoid the whale, merman, suck face fish, and bombs away birds, merely stay up against the left dock. You can dash out when it's clear and drag your line catching up to three fish. The others, just wait until they go by. With pelicans, often you have to just go back and forth across the lake looking for magnates. You just can't sit out in the middle of the lake and fish. Watch the dolphins when they jump (really cute) and dodge them when they head your way. Just dash forward a bit and back again, they'll miss you. I play this game everyday, even several times a day. I like it better than Gold Miner, Real Quest, Finders Keepers, etc. I hereby challenge you to try the game and give it a chance. You can do it, if you just try to find a way around the pests. Enjoy the art, too. Pretty colors.
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