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 posted in Parker & Lane Criminal Justice Collector's Edition on Mar 18, 18 12:36 PM
Awful black bands flashed across the start up screens and the menu page. I didn't try and start the game because this actually hurt my eyes so I just closed the game. Playing using Windows 10 on an HP laptop.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition on Feb 18, 18 5:09 AM
Loaded without any issues, but when I went to play it there was a message about not having the right driver and it wouldn't open. My drivers are up to date and I'm using Windows 10.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth on Jan 21, 18 6:46 AM
Hope a clever fish can help me! I have added 1 battery to the empty torch (it needs 2) the torch is still lit up in my inventory, and hint just keeps indicating the base of the torch - but I don't have another battery. I have checked over scenes, but can't see what I've missed. Please help.
 posted in Elven Legend 5: The Fateful Tournament on Jan 4, 18 9:35 AM
Glitchy as hell, only suffered 10 minutes of the demo before deleting. Black screen between screens for prolonged periods, freezing and 'stuttering' play.
Thanks so much for both the solution and the detail!
Hi I'm stuck with the little girl's backpack puzzle.

I have both spinners in place and have counted the number of each shape in order they appear on her backpack, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm obviously missing something, can a clever Fish help please?
It froze between me picking the level of difficulty I wanted and the actual game. The screen said 'Continue'and I could see ball lights, this faded about 90% then it froze. Had to use Task Manager to close down.
Windows 10
The game opened OK, but there were lots of flashes and flickering with the menu page and on some of the level info pages.
 posted in Solitaire Victorian Picnic on Aug 31, 16 5:25 AM
It's just mahjong but with cards. Got very boring very quickly.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on Dec 21, 15 7:59 AM
I have just downloaded the game and installed the C++ thing, but it says my trial is over.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The X Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 15 3:46 PM
It is close to the lamppost - you can get it after pruning the plants.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 28, 15 11:44 AM
Hi, I'm trying to collect a silver bowl/goblet to make a mirror curse trap (I'm on lev 15 if that helps). It was the middle of 3 items needed. I have the other two. The find button directs me to the Pier scene, which I have now played about 100 times, but there is no silver bowl offered as a reward it isn't even on the possible reward list at the start. Can someone please help?
Thanks, Jenny
 posted in Farm Up on Mar 30, 15 3:40 PM
This is my second winge - now for some reason all my animals are walking not producing. Even the hen on the nest. Using Windows 7, everything up to date.
 posted in Farm Up on Mar 29, 15 2:17 AM
My game always ran perfectly, but since the update it has become very glitchy.

Specifically - the game freezes and you need Task Manager to close it, animals (the goat was the last one) don't load right and become flashing white boxes when hungry, items disappear from the store barn - alfalfa, cucumbers, tomatoes, grain etc. every time I reopen the game something has to be regrown.

If this doesn't get sorted it's going to have to go.
The pictures have to be tilted correctly and the green and white round things turned the right way.
Game looks interesting and I like the graphics. Kira on the other hand is thick as a yard of lard. That squeaky-whiny voice doesn't help either.
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 1, 15 2:50 PM
My crab had little arrows so you could scan and keep up with him. There are a couple of bits of his route that you must interact with. Hope it worked for you.
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 1, 15 2:49 PM
In the bonus game the fish tank developed thick black lines where a water weed should be.
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 1, 15 2:47 PM
Thanks for your help. I spent a bit of time trying to use the glue before working out it needs to have the fingers open to stick! Doh
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 1, 15 2:45 PM
It is the president on the bridge. Play a water level puzzle to get the bust off.
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