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barelyberlee wrote:
SqueakyP wrote:Just finished purchasing and downloading this game. Immediately after installation I received a notification from my anti-virus software that a trojan virus was detected and quarantined. Awesome, thanks!

Someone else below, in a locked thread had the same thing. You might want to look at it for the instructions on what to do. They want the information and such so they can look into it

Thanks, berlee. I checked it out and posted in the tech thread. :-)
hdnobjgamluvr wrote:
biscuitsmama wrote:My McAfee found the following Trojan and quarantined the file:


Said something about screen puzzle 1. .

I just downloaded the game and got the same warning from McAfee. Never had that happen before

I received the same message immediately after installing. McAffee is up to date on my PC. Uninstalled and won't be reinstalling unless and until I know it's virus free.
Just finished purchasing and downloading this game. Immediately after installation I received a notification from my anti-virus software that a trojan virus was detected and quarantined. Awesome, thanks!

 posted in The Snow on Aug 28, 13 6:43 PM
I'm trying to play one of the first mini games after completing the main game. One of the challenges is to destroy three lines of yellow tiles. The instructions say to make yellow tiles by making matches in the upper part of the board. Okay, but they're also pushing up from the bottom. My question is- how do I destroy them? I am clearly missing the objective!

 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Dec 28, 11 7:21 PM
Graphics are nice and the music and S/E are good. I wanted to like this game but gameplay was excruciatingly slow. I'll pass on this one.
 posted in The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Jul 29, 10 2:25 PM
Sorry you're having troubles. I had no problems with the way the game ran on my laptop.
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 29, 10 10:03 AM
Ah, I see I'm not the only one. I downloaded this game last week but only got the chance yesterday to play it. Absolutely awful. Since every review I've skimmed has already made reference to the minuscule and impossible to find objects I will just add the incredibly dark scenes did not help the task at hand and that the music was incredibly irritating as was the voice-over acting. I was pleased that I could skip over the on-screen dialogue because even that was written poorly.

The game's creators had an opportunity to make a fantastic game around this classic story and they blew it completely. I am amazed that Big Fish even released this garbage- clearly no one there gave it a whirl beforehand.
 posted in The Tarot's Misfortune on Feb 22, 10 2:09 PM
The game won't even start for me- I click to start it and the screen flashes to the game developer logo and then minimizes to the desktop. I maximize the game again and it happens again, over and over. Closing and restarting doesn't help.
 posted in BurgerTime Deluxe on Jan 28, 10 12:03 PM
UPDATE: I finally got the game to start. What a disappointment though! :-(

When I try to start the game the screen goes blank and then minimizes the window. I have to go into the windows task manager in order to end the application. Any one else having this problem? A shame, too, because I was really looking forward to playing this update on the old classic.

 posted in Rasputin's Curse on Jan 25, 10 7:35 AM
Didn't much care for the trial. Straight HOG with minigames that aren't challenging. I love this genre and I hardly play the majority of them for the intricate story lines, lol, but the story here was so contrived and with so MANY inconsistencies (husband insisted on the trip and moments later in a cut scene says "why can't we stay home? Why do we have to go away?) and impossibilities (gee, there's absolutely no one in the hotel lobby, let me find the keys to the safe and just help myself to the room key) in just the short hour that it was driving me crazy. I'm usually not a stickler but the contradictions began immediately and just got worse- towards the end of the hour I just kept clicking "skip." It's obvious the creators of this game really didn't care much about the story and its flow. I'll wait on this one - if it ever is offered at a deep discount I'll consider it.

Aside from that gripe, the graphics were very nice- the scenes are beautifully rendered. I would have liked a bit more challenge in the minigames and the option to change the cursor from their default decorative one. Hint system recharges fairly quickly.
 posted in Little Things on Oct 19, 09 4:48 PM
I love Hidden Object games and I wanted to love this one but knew just looking at the screen shots it wasn't going to fly with me. After 15 minutes I've got a blazing headache from sitting too close to the screen. No game, at any price, is worth that. Sorry, but I'll be skipping this one.

EDIT: (I do want to add that I thought it was a unique twist on the Hidden Object genre (as was Pure Hidden, which I adored) but this was just too much on my eyes! )
 posted in Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship on Jun 28, 09 12:05 PM
MM2 is the THIRD game in two weeks that I have downloaded from Big Fish games that has not run due to some error. Customer Service recommended upgrading this and that but I already have the most current versions; besides, too many people are complaining about the same issues that it can't be my computer.

MM2 gives this message when I try to start the game: "Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version File "swscale-0.dll, error 998"

I have been contemplating canceling my BigFish membership and am looking for a reason not to; these issues don't help!!
 posted in Lovely Kitchen on Jun 20, 09 12:14 PM
After downloading and trying to start the 60 minute preview, it won't even load. I get the following messages:

"Hardware failed to switch to specified mode"

"Error: Access violation at 0x02FAD896 (tried to read from 0x0000000), program terminated."

This is the second time this has happened with a game of the day download in the last week- last week it was with "TikiBar" What's the problem? Anyone else?

 posted in Tikibar on Jun 8, 09 9:06 AM
The game wouldn't even load for me- just kept giving some kind of load error. Thanks for the reviews, folks- you've saved me the hassle!

 posted in Amazing Finds on Dec 7, 08 3:45 PM
I just downloaded the game, finished it in 57 minutes and have already deleted it. I am SO glad I didn't waste my money or a game credit on this one. The game was certainly not worth any wait no matter how short. While the game had potential, the music did grate on me fairly quickly and I found the broken English of the storekeepers in the various international locations a bit offensive.
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