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 posted in Ballville: The Beginning on Dec 23, 10 2:48 AM
I have just completed all 100 regular + 100 bonus levels and enjoyed every one. I've bought all the buildings on the map and looking forward to see the sequel! Hope that Ballville 2 will be even more terrific.
 posted in Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands on Dec 18, 10 11:54 AM
Completed a trial, wasn't on hook with it. Just bought Ballville, which was really amazing.
 posted in Dress-up Pups on Dec 18, 10 11:51 AM
Nice game, cute graphics, but not so amazing as Ballville, which has just appeared on BFG. I would recommend it to everyone who liked Dress up Pups, it's totally worth that.
 posted in Cradle of Rome 2 on Dec 18, 10 11:24 AM
QEIII wrote:I've played 50 mins of the demo and whilst I think it is quite good, I preferred the Ballville M3 that came out a couple of days ago. I was getting a bit bored towards the end of the demo and so I don't think it will be for me.

Completely agree with you. Ballville is much more interesting and addictive
 posted in Ballville: The Beginning on Dec 17, 10 10:47 AM
I love this game. It's simply great. Sweet characters and nice cute sounds left any hesitating and I bought right after 10 minutes of play. The hidden object levels are hillarious and I'm afraid, I'll not be able to get out from my computer till all the levels will be completed. The games like this will make me game-o-holic somewhen.
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