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 posted in Halloween Stories: Invitation Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 17 3:13 PM
I am using Windows 10 as my operating system. I have issues with the fact that when I played it, it stopped and said "thanks for playing the demo". When I tried to buy it I get a message saying that an error occurred. Any suggestions?
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie Collector's Edition on Nov 18, 16 2:41 PM
I can't save the man either. The walkthrough isn't helping. Why isn't there anyone to help?
 posted in Shtriga: Summer Camp on May 2, 14 4:43 PM
2576 doesn't work on the suitcase. No walkthrough?
Trying to get the cart to go and it asks for a handle for the control station. I was supposed to receive that when I did the HOS in the train but instead I got a sledgehammer...
HELP Please!!!
 posted in Mystery Novel on Jun 5, 11 10:06 PM
no matter how often I get out of the game and then go back in, there is no "seek" at the bottom of the tree. Can someone tell me exactly where to go to get the last idol?
 posted in Mystery Novel on Jun 5, 11 10:05 PM
crikt1 wrote:
sbxxcb85 wrote:Where did you find the fifth idol?? I've searched all screens and can't seem to find it - Please help.


After u place the fourth idol, go back out to the first tree, there should be a seek under the tree. If it doesn't show up, u may be experiencing a glitch in the game. They are saying that if u exit the game after u start collecting the idols, you have to start over to get the fifth one.
 posted in Mystery Novel on Apr 26, 11 1:49 PM
I'm lost without a walkthrough. I have been to every spot that I can in the game but can't find where to use the file. That's all I've got in my inventory right now. :-(
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