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 posted in Master of Defense on Mar 14, 09 8:00 AM
Oh yes please, on each of them.

My 5 year old ruined my Master of Defense, he changed the resolution of the game, and it got too big and now I cannot get to where I need to go to change ti back, I tried un-installing re-installing but it obviously keeps stuff when it uninstalls and just goes back to the old horrible setting, If anyone can help, I would be forever and ever in your debt!!
 posted in Family Feud II on Sep 28, 08 12:02 AM
I so want to play this, but as I said, no matter what I do, Vista refuses to let me play it
 posted in Master of Defense on Sep 3, 08 4:47 AM
I love these sort of games, and I eat up all the free flash ones I can get my hands on, does anyone know if there are plans for more like this from BF? I love BF, such great value for money, and I would definitely be wanted to purchase more games like this... or if you know a game like this I am missing, please let me know? Thanks!!
 posted in Family Feud II on Sep 3, 08 4:42 AM
I cannot get this to run on my Vista computer, says the rating is wrong, and for the life of me cannot work out how to change it? Bad form Micro$oft, if you can't even say what games area allowed on your own computer?
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Sep 3, 08 4:40 AM
nardia wrote:Both Westwards are amongst my favourite games and have played them many times over - I wish there were more games just like them around. (Maybe there are - if you know of anything similar, please let me know).

Could not of said that better myself!!
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