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When I'm in the eel feeding room and I try to put the teeth in , the game crashes. I have tried everything I can think of and perused the forum for answers. I'm going nuts. I buy so many big fish games and I just want it to work!

Thank You

They brought Red Riding Hood Sisters on,hallelujah.
So I guess it's in order? I got Rapunzel, Cinderella and Jack on PC since Imhad a bunch of credits I had to use or lose.
But I do not want to play them anywhere else! My laptop is barely working anyway.

For those of you who have been Parable Lovers for a while, how long did it take between PC release and ipad?

Please tell me it won't be too long....
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Aug 20, 11 12:01 AM
I just can't get past it. I'm about ready to lose my mind! I want out of Texas. Any hints or advice of any sort would be so welcome.
 posted in Jet Set Go on Apr 25, 11 8:53 AM
I really enjoyed the demo but I am tentative about buying it because so many people say it's too short. I noticed a lot of people said they loved Sally games and Spa games. Rachel's Retreat is a fantastic game with wonderful graphics and 50 levels!

I definitely recommend it to the people in this forum. I just finished it and am sad.

So, looking for something similar, I'll see if I have any luck.
dilliedallie01 wrote: Grrrrrr, This is the 2nd game { the top is not there, or the bottom of screen is missing} Tired of trying to play , I am about to give up all together..Sad Fish here

Me too, Dillie. I have tried everything. The games that do that are the ones I want the most. Please let me know if ANYONE gets an answer.
Has anyone gotten an answer on how to fix the cut-off screen? I've been in touch with tech support and nothing they suggested worked. I know I should give up but for some reason I REALLY want to play this game. I am waiting on their reply to my second missive.I've also tried other things than their suggestions but nothing works!!
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