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Hi Woodland1954 & Welcome to the Pond,

Silly question, but are you referring to the shell game on the shore? If so, what you need to start the game is a pearl, not a shell. If not, please let me know so I can help, as this is the only one I remember with the shells.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 12, 14 1:58 PM
Hi bjmartin45,

Since you have the plate already, just put in place when you see your pointer turns into rotating cogs.
Hi froggieladylori & Welcome to the Pond,

Since I am way past that point, I believe the first time I went through the game I also had a problem with it returning to my inventory, and had to find the right spot to put down. If that doesn't work, let me know. I will go through the game again and will try to help with this issue.
Thank You ganonsbane,

I had forgotten about the drawing. Guess that's what happens when you start getting old. LOL
Hi Althena533,

Click on the rug by the dresser, top right corner of it. The rug will peel back and should be able to take it from there.
 posted in Rise of Dynasty on Jul 9, 14 10:11 PM
Hi cocky2,

Sometimes it is just the anti-virus that you are using. The games from here all always safe. I have had the same message as well and played without any problems or with getting any virus. Hope this answers your question.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 9, 14 10:08 PM
Hi bobhillman,

This one stumped me at first as well. The order is actually in reverse. I learned that sometimes there is no logic in what needs to be done. It just is. If you think about the Indian totems, the Eagle/bird is always on top, lizard on bottom, monkey in the middle. Think about the food chain. All I can say about that. That is how I figured it out.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 8, 14 9:01 PM
Hi walterboy & Welcome to the Pond,

Once you finish the main game, go to extras, it will say bonus game-top left of screen. Click on that and it should start.
Hi sillyc52,

Where are you trying to use the magnetic charm at? You should be using it at the beginning of the tunnels/caves.
Hi sjsullivan,
Use the slingshot at the pier on the bell in middle of screen towards the top. It will scare the seagulls away, then zoom in to where they were.

Edited for more info:

The Lantern that you are looking for in the pub is in the telephone booth.
Hi Latte1 & Welcome to the Pond,

To remove the nail with the pliers, put the pliers around the nail until gears show up, when they do click and it will remove it. Just a note, same thing will need to be done with other objects that need to be removed.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 12:46 PM
Hi pattiornot,

After you have outlined the cannon picture, back out to where the table saw was. It is on the right hand side by docks (to right side where you played the hos). Place the outline on the board to cut it out. Hope this help, Good Luck.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 12:42 PM
Hi everyone,

While using the brush on the grate for the fingerprints, also go outside of the grate as well. Use a continuous motion, don't click. Just be patient and move the brush all over. There was one spot in particular, top left towards middle, that took a while to complete. Once you have gotten the prints you need, the brush will automatically return to the kit.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 11:20 AM
Hi frozzo & Welcome to the Pond,

If you are looking for fingerprints in Alma's hut, just continue with the brush, making sure you are using a continuous motion instead of clicking. Once you are acquired what you need, the brush will disappear.

As I have finished the game, don't really remember what I was looking for with the brush in Alma's Hut.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 11:17 AM
Hi jmjekids,

Not sure what system you are using, but I had a problem with Windows 8.1 freezing and then closing out the game in middle of a HOS. Was happening quite frequently. If you are using IE11, try using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser instead. This solved my problem. Not sure if it will help you, but give it a try.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 14 11:14 AM
Hi ladybraveheart & Welcome to the Pond,

Make sure that when you are using the brush, not to click on the spots, just hold the brush and continue to cover everything you possibly can. When you have uncovered the hand prints fully, the brush will disappear. It does take a little time and patience. Good Luck
 posted in Tales of Terror: House on the Hill on Jun 24, 14 11:23 AM
Hi Meandy40,

You will get the shovel from an HOS, where you put the grapes and made juice for the man to take his medicine, he gave you a wooden ring, put it on the cabinet to trigger the HOS.

Need more help let me know.
Hi Tookat & Sartasia,

I couldn't agree more with both of you. I personally don't care who posts what thread as long it is up and running. Although, for some reason this bothers some people. I just don't get why some people have to be so rude to others. I like most of us, come here to play games and have fun, we ALL could do without the rudeness and anger that does float around from time time. Let's all remember why we come to BF in the first place and be considerate of others. It's not that hard to do. It would make for a better gaming experience for all if that were the case.
 posted in Living Legends: Frozen Beauty on Jun 19, 14 11:55 PM
Hi kermitwc & Welcome to the Pond,

If you scroll down in this forum, look under "Moon". I have posted the solution to the moon puzzle. If you would rather see it down instead, that too has been posted under same post.
 posted in Tales of Terror: House on the Hill Collector's Edition on Jun 19, 14 11:46 PM
Hi talent200,

Put the music sheet on the music stand. Go back one step (maybe two) to where the hall with 3 stained glass windows are. Once you put the music sheet on the stand, zoom in on 1st stained glass windows, there you will find the notes, you must do this with all 3 stained glass windows.
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