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 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 9, 16 12:32 PM
cebo123 wrote:does upgrading to windows 8 help you move on in this game ?

No, it doesn't.
 posted in Divine Academy on Mar 10, 16 12:25 PM
Do you have a god asking you to lay a garden path? Is it one of your tasks?
 posted in Divine Academy on Mar 8, 16 4:42 PM
The garden path tiles are in the decor section at the bottom left. Scroll to the right and you will see it.

To lay the path, put down a tile and drag your mouse from beginning to end. It is up to you to determine what the path looks like. When you're done designing it, click on the green checkmark at the bottom.
 posted in Divine Academy on Feb 16, 16 10:53 AM
I am. Still do the daily tasks and fool around with the layout. Put some things in storage and take out other stuff. Yesterday I finally figured out how to start a new profile so have started over under a new one. I sure miss my dock.

I think I've finally come to terms with the game not being upgraded beyond with what we have. Maybe I'll pull it up on my tablet and see if I can manage playing it with my fingers or a stylus. Hate the thought. I'm too old for these newfangled devices.

And it did it again. Something weird is going on.
For some reason, the game manager just had me reactivate this game. Was there a fix downloaded without my knowledge?
 posted in Divine Academy on Jan 15, 16 10:47 AM
Whenever game updates are available, there is a red flag by the Queue in the left column of the game manager.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jan 15, 16 10:45 AM
Does a install file download to your PC? Does the game manager install it but it does not show up with the rest of your games?

I went to the game on the BF browser page and it downloaded for me but I didn't try to install it since I already have it running.
I can only suggest uninstalling the game manager. You'll have to download some game to reinstall it. If that doesn't work, then contact Customer Support.
 posted in Divine Academy on Dec 28, 15 6:01 AM
APRIL8 wrote:Never did I say forced. I said I bought something thinking the game was moving forward and it did not. It was misleading. And there has been no information on a update at all. If you dont have an answer to when the update is then you should not have replied to my comment in such a way.

Sorry but you asked for a refund. Again, people don't need to purchase anything to get the game to move forward. This is not a ripoff as you have claimed in your original post. It was your decision to take your chances and invest money into a 'free to play' game. I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for you.

I also think folks who do stick around are going to be unhappy that there will only be one more level (9) and, with all the supplies we've stockpiled, it will be done in a flash.
 posted in Divine Academy on Dec 27, 15 11:40 AM
No one was forced to spend anything. I don't understand how it can be considered a ripoff. If anyone spent more than the retail price of the game ($9.99 US) then that extra expense is on them, not Big Fish. The game lasts many more hours than a hidden object or time management game so I don't know what people expect. It's a 'free to play' game and therefore nobody has to invest anything in it to enjoy it.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 15, 15 7:14 PM
OrionsRose wrote:Another possible tech issue:
I understood that solid white boxes meant things could be used currently, specifically when dotted and/or blue boxes have been bought. However, I have tried several of my white box items with every other white box item only to come up with nothing. Is this a tech issue or something else I don't understand?

I think the items in the main categories, like earth, life, etc. do not ever change their status. I've finished the quests and none of them had dotted or blue lines around them. It's the new items that you've created that change their status. Took me a while to come to that conclusion. Okay, to be honest, a heck of a long time to figure it out.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 13, 15 4:14 AM
OrionsRose wrote:
I just had an actual tech issue though when trying to shut the game off. The screen froze and after I did Ctrl+Alt+Del it said there was an access error. Didn't note the number though, sorry.

I get an access error if I start going lickety split and the game can't keep up with me. Slowing down and being more patient helped a ton.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 13, 15 4:09 AM
I am having more fun playing this game than should legally be allowed. There is so much to discover and ponder. It's awesome!
 posted in Divine Academy on Oct 8, 15 7:45 AM
zoozoospetal wrote:

Boy, you have been a busy bee! Maybe take up knitting?

I have holy sheep as well. that is when they're not hanging off of the side of a cliff! It might be time to get a priest to deal with these sheep.

My granddaughter insists I've developed a God complex because I can stop earthquakes and quell volcanoes. Saving sheep from the pitfalls of hell should be a breeze.
 posted in Divine Academy on Oct 7, 15 7:23 PM
Oh, dear. I was hoping nobody asked.

49 Chloris
47 Sphinx
10 Ships
5 Athenas
7 Demeters

That's in storage. I have one of each decorating my spaces as well.

Mana is at 240 and holding. I think I'm at level 55 but forgot to write it down for this post.

I need another hobby.

Don't forget to leave space for the sheep! I did catch them walking on water a couple of times however.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 26, 15 6:04 PM
Thank you for answering my question. I wish I had done the same. It seems fruitless to continue earning money just to buy statues that I don't want in the first place. I don't want to oversupply myself so that I won't enjoy the next update as well.

Never thought I'd complain about having too much money.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 26, 15 7:13 AM
Awesome designing. May I ask what your happiness level is? What did you spend all your money on? I have more Chloris and Sphinx than I can shake a stick at.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 21, 15 2:11 PM
You won't be able to do the quest that requires 5050 scrolls until you upgrade the magistrate.

Selling a building should be the same process as moving one into storage only you click on the button that appears on the lower left of the screen.

I don't know how this will help your situation however.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 19, 15 6:58 PM
winnerkooties wrote:Thank you.

You are very welcome.
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