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 posted in Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector's Edition on Jan 17, 16 12:27 PM
I believe the problem is that you cannot see the right side of the screen.
If you play the game in Window Mode you should be able to reach the third fire.
 posted in Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector's Edition on Jan 16, 16 10:59 AM

Graphics, sounds and music have been used in previous games. Ridiculous story. Missing voice-overs. No replay for mini-games and puzzles. Yet another buggy Bonus chapter making it impossible to finish the game. What has happened to Mad Head Games?
 posted in My Island Kingdom on Jan 12, 16 6:13 PM
Valdy wrote:And have you been through all the 100 levels to know for a fact that there are no other timed levels, MarkAlan?

No, but if you've played it for awhile you can see the 4th tier of every level is timed. And if you look in the game's folder you'll see 174 levels. So do the math.
 posted in My Island Kingdom on Jan 12, 16 6:06 AM

Only the 4th tier is timed. So you still have more 100 levels that are not timed.

From the creator of "Campgrounds" and "Country Harvest" comes this new twist on "My Kingdom for the Princess". "My Island Kingdom" sports a pleasing interface with colorful graphics.
This game is pure strategy! For those who enjoy not being rushed and using their brains, this is a thoughtful puzzler with a whopping 174 levels.
My only gripe is that there's no player profile. So another person cannot play and you cannot reset your score and start over.

If you're looking for something new, give it a try!
 posted in Alice's Patchwork on Nov 9, 15 8:45 PM
abarrett wrote:Thanks for posting that the game is timed, because this means that I won't be downloading the trial or buying it.

There is an Option to play Relax without a Timer.
 posted in Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead on Oct 16, 15 1:21 PM
I wasn't able to use the key on a locked card until set the option for window-mode. It's most definitely a display resolution problem. Hope they fix it soon.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 29, 15 5:50 AM
FunIt wrote:MarkAlan: You're not supposed to ...

You are incorrect. Every game in this series, not to mention every game on this site has the ability to escape or exit out of the credits screen. In fact, there is a menu button at the top-left corner of the credits that does nothing when you click on it.
Definitely an obvious bug.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 2:37 AM
Cannot exit or escape the credits.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 12:08 AM
They should really consider renaming this website to "Hidden Fish Games"
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 15 12:03 AM
When it comes to the perfection of Time-Management, you will need look no further. This one is it! For many years the developers of the Delicious series have painstakingly refined and perfected everything about this game and its much neglected genre. And if any game deserves a Collector's Edition, it's most definitely this one! It's a great addition to the long-running franchise!

If you've never tried this series before, you may enjoy it and find it quite delicious!

 posted in Mushroom Commander on Jun 16, 15 9:38 PM
The randomly generated levels sometimes place your mushroom or dew-drop in an impossible location.
 posted in Black Viper: Sophia's Fate on Apr 28, 15 4:27 AM
Really, another hidden object game and it's not new. I always look forward to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning because they might post something new and not hidden for a change. But unfortunately this one is not new, it's from last year like yesterday's title and it's of the hidden variety which has no variety. Paying money to stare hours at a pile of garbage is not my idea of a "game".

If you still receive Microid Games, why don't you have their time-management title "Garden Shop - Rush Hour!" that's on every other game site. The answer is clear... You keep pandering to only one audience at the expense of the rest.
 posted in Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles 3 on Feb 23, 15 9:54 PM
You can find all the "Fill and Cross" games for free on "MyPlayCity" website.
I don't know why they even bother releasing them here. They only release five games a week now and they're pretty much all hidden-object garbage.
 posted in Mosaic: Game of Gods on Feb 9, 15 4:36 AM
What spoiled the game for me was the loud New Age songs (yes there are lyrics) and the jerky mouse cursor.

There's nothing new here, it's identical to 8th Floor's Mosaics Galore.

It does offer a Relaxed mode for those of us who want to play for pleasure and not pressure.

The graphics are crisp and nicely done. If you don't have a system with a powerful graphics card you may want to uncheck the custom cursor option like me.

Your not penalized for placement if you are slightly off.

You have to drag the pieces with your mouse rather than just pick them up with one click.

And if your don't like blaring New Age songs with depressing lyrics, you may want to mute the music.

This is the typical non-HOG, double-punch game we see offered on Mondays.
 posted in Fill And Cross Pirate Riddles 2 on Jan 8, 15 8:47 AM
I've been enjoying this game for a few months since I got it from a free legit website. All the puzzles are fair and doable. I just wish they had the option to auto-complete rows/columns that are finished like the Gizmo games.
 posted in Crafting Story on Jan 5, 15 8:49 AM
[Removed by Moderator] You have to figure out by trial and error what sequence to unlock the next one. And so on... There's no logic and no point. It's just plain horrible. What's surprising to me is this old game being offered here. I wouldn't want this garbage even for free.

 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 3:40 PM
Whatever you do, don't spend $ 550 on the Singing Elvis.

He will block you from viewing orders, serving them, and clearing the table for other waiting customers.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 3:35 PM
I just realized that BFG released another game a few days ago by the "developer that shall not be named" titled "Runaway Geisha". So it appears that this is the second release since the new acquisition.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 20, 14 9:33 AM
The Delicious Series has been a TM staple for years now. And because the BFG founder and CEO once worked at that 'other' site and had a falling out, they were never able to publish any game developed by the site that shall be nameless.

So, why now? What changed? I just read on the web this morning that Churchill Downs (the Racetrack operator) acquired BFG for $ 885 million just last month. Perhaps the change of ownership effected this. And why the 11th game of this series finally made it here.

Any other thoughts?
 posted in Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollars on Oct 13, 14 5:10 AM
This smells like an HDO game...
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