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 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 7, 15 8:44 AM
GameLvr30 wrote:
sartasia wrote:Personally I think this was thrown out there quickly because of the muck up on yesterdays dated re-release. Nothing more. Not sure what is going on with BF. Pretty sloppy couple of days.

This game has been available at Game*House for months so the problems with it have nothing to do with BF. It's just a poorly made game whose developers have zero desire to fix what is wrong with it.

I was not referring to the games problems just that this was a mindless entry to add to an already BF released game. In other words there for optionary purposes only. I don't think quality was a factor.
 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 6, 15 7:28 AM
Personally I think this was thrown out there quickly because of the muck up on yesterdays dated re-release. Nothing more. Not sure what is going on with BF. Pretty sloppy couple of days.
I did beta this..3 days ago. So much for input. Not even going to bother trying the demo since the time lapse is such. I found the beta mind numbingly easy and unimaginative. The story line disjointed and boring. It was the first beta I ever did where I had very little good to say. If you are a beginner to HOGs this might be interesting. I say might....

As with all games...
Try before you buy!
Happy gaming
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 12, 15 7:53 AM
patskarma wrote:
PattyMeeMaw wrote:This is another Mad Head game I cannot play since upgrading to Windows 10. I get the error message to update my drivers. There is nothing to update! I have older games from this developer that I can no longer play because of this issue.

I had hoped that there would have been a fix for this since the furor over Maze 360. As I recall, there was a representative from the developer monitoring the comments. I also seem to recall a fix would soon be on its way. I still can't play THAT game, either.

I have sent a DR Felix report into tech support. I hope there is a solution soon, or I will be requesting refunds for games i have that I cannot play.

Same here! Cannot play any games from this developer also. Tells me to upgrade my driver since downloading Window 10. I sent a report to Dr Felix the last game that I could not download and never received a reply. Like you, Patty, I cannot play the games that I already purchased. Will also request refund if they cannot solve this issue. I have all the Nevertales and if I cannot play them, I will ask for a refund and after all these years, I will dissolve my membership with BFG. Not a happy player.

Really sorry to hear what you are encountering. Just wanted to say that I am also running Win 10 but I have had no problems with any of the games you have mentioned. Might look elsewhere for your problem. Good luck.
 posted in Lost Island: Eternal Storm on Sep 1, 15 3:34 PM
I am running Win 10 and I'm having no problems. Game plays fine.
Wait and see what the weekend special brings on Saturday.
Happy Birthday!
 posted in The Inner World on Aug 26, 15 1:37 PM
Interactive game plays fine but the short videos(such as intro) are blank. I assume there is a "loading" screen but it too is blank. Running windows 10. Tried running it with win7 & winxp mode both with administration with an end result of win 7 still not playing videos and winxp giving me an access violation. Drivers are all up to date. I will repeat...drivers are up to date. Have reloaded game with no change.
Sorry because I wasted the money and also because what I can play is quite fun.
 posted in The Silent Age on Aug 17, 15 1:12 PM
Downloaded fine. Started fine. Opening screen with first text runs fine. Click on "1" to start game and screen goes black as if going to next screen but nothing happens.

Win 10 64
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 1, 15 4:29 PM
Picked up map in town. Went to move to hotel exterior and screen went blank and froze.

WIN 10 / 64 bit /PC
 posted in Surface: Alone in the Mist Collector's Edition on Jun 4, 15 7:35 AM
Possibly you played a beta.
I get sent so many it's easy to lose track particularly when some have alternate names.
 posted in Mythic Wonders: Child of Prophecy Collector's Edition on May 28, 15 5:40 PM
Having the same issue with the round item for the door. Game will not allow me to pick it up out of inventory. Game does not freeze....just wont let me take it.
Also same problem with endless save.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion on May 11, 15 10:19 AM
Disappointing. Played this a while back so I looked at my notes.
No mystery that I could discern. Also no real plot, story line or any actual point to the game. They should have just called this "The Amazing Race" as it has all kinds of themed "challenges" for you to compete in to up your score board. And, unfortunately, that is the majority of the game and premise. Quite a few repeated mini games from previous NDMs with a few challenging new ones. Ok as a puzzle or adventure game I suppose but the dialog is often painful, boring and most often pointless with the end having you ask "What the????".
The one positive I can say is that it is short. This all sounds very negative I know but I was expecting a good mystery. There are good reviews out there so many may find this game enjoyable. Parts of it were fun and at times humorous but due to the disappearing plot on the whole I was sorry I bought it. Notes in my book gave it 2 out of 5
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 18, 15 12:45 PM
And of course I found the Salamander guard holding it right after I hour of clicking and it was right in front of
Did I mention I love this game.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 18, 15 12:42 PM
Finished the game, lovely fireworks by the way, and fortunately it allows you to continue on.....
I have the two pie shaped stones but only one of the round stones needed to operate the ancient mechanism on salamander island. Only thing not completed in entire game. Driving me Did anyone find the second round stone?
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 17, 15 9:48 AM
OH...duh...never mind. Missed the
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 17, 15 9:44 AM
I've clicked 'til my clicker is sore...
Where do I find the oil?
 posted in Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Collector's Edition on Jan 29, 15 8:41 AM
November of last year it was sold. I do see them moving to only mobile/PTP gaming in the very near future.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Collector's Edition on Jan 29, 15 8:38 AM
Have to agree. It now resembles every other game site. Condensed to be read on a phone. No mention of forum. Only "game tips" which leads me to believe the forum will soon be history.
 posted in Monument Builders: Cathedral Rising on Jan 21, 15 9:45 AM
Thank you geobabe. I own this whole series and never actually thought about it or even opted for them.
I'll have to go back and replay now...

Happy Gaming
 posted in Monument Builders: Cathedral Rising on Jan 19, 15 4:22 PM
Ok...I have to ask. What are "Specialized Workers" that I can opt for?
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