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 posted in Deep Blue Sea 2 on Jul 27, 10 9:44 PM
Graphics intensive, so it played slowly on my computer. And I don't like Hidden Treasure games. I expected a fun M3. This isn't it.
 posted in Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventure on Jul 27, 10 8:46 PM
Hard. Not fun. Didn't finish the demo. Not going to buy.
 posted in PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor on Jul 27, 10 7:39 PM
I played 30 minutes of the trial. This game is too girly!

I just couldn't stand the chef jumping up and clapping her hands, winking, then the screen filling with sparkles and a winged fairy flying through after every. single. level.

Take all that out and the game might be playable. Not enjoyable, because it's too much like all the other restaurant TM games. But I probably would have used up the whole 60 minute trial before deleting it.

It looks like this game was designed for 7 year-old girls. But how would they remember Pac-Man?
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 5, 10 8:03 PM
Ok, I bought a skateboard as soon as I could (day 2) and bested Reggie, Libby, and Nora on the same day. I shaved 3 days off my best time, and am now down to 57 days.
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 5, 10 3:25 AM
Interesting that a motorcycle is only slightly faster than a bicycle. I've been skipping the skateboard and going straight for the bicycle. Then I upgrade the to the motorcycle when I become an Accordion Teacher, and then straight to the Chariot while still at the Stuffy Truffle.

I'll have to try this & see how it affects my game.
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 5, 10 3:17 AM
Nice tip, but I change the wall color, tv unit color, and buy a rug to help me beat Brock. Comes to $40 exactly.
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 5, 10 3:01 AM
My best so far is 60 days.

I wish the game would tell us which day we're on without having to complete the game & wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, for the credits or having to exit. I'm always very annoyed that I don't know what day it is.
Edit: After buying the skateboard asap and besting Reggie, Libby, and Nora on the same day, my best is down to 57 days. I'll see if Lottery Tickets will help.
 posted in Success Story on Jun 12, 10 10:58 PM
Tried the game. Level 2 is too hard. I failed.

I'm not a novice at TM games. But I do not like this and will not buy it.
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 12, 10 4:37 PM
Ok, I've tried the game. I can't get past the Tutorial (which should have a "Skip" option) without having to steal.

So I won't buy this game. Please don't ruin your reputation by releasing games where breaking the law part of the game.
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 12, 10 2:59 PM
I was interested to see this, thinking I'd try it and maybe buy it. But of course I check the Reviews first.

I wonder if my concerns about FC1 were dealt with.

1) The helpers weren't worth hiring.
2) We should be able to assign tasks to the helpers.
3) The helpers cost too much and come back for their pay too often.
4) The helpers should complete the task at hand before asking for more pay.
5) The helpers should go to a pay station instead of going to where Ginger was when their timer ran out.
6) The voice acting was extremely poor.
7) It should be possible to let us move plots around (like with Ranch Rush), instead of forcing us to remove them by digging them up and planting grass there.

Since I don't see anyone talking about these, I guess I'll have to try the game to find out if it's been improved. But the fact that I'll have to steal worries me. That should not be part of any game, and I frown on BFG for adding it to Farm Craft.
 posted in Life Quest ™ on May 20, 10 2:26 PM
After skimming all the reviews, I'll add that I agree with asierrahiker & bestXgirl. The game needs a LOT more substance. There were no problems with the family, no problems with the house, no problems with the car, no problems at work. The whole game was mindless point & click.

Every place of business is always open and always operates flawlessly. They never need to order supplies or have any other expenses. They never place an ad in the paper looking for new employees. The Paper never does anything but accept ads you place. Their parking lots are always empty. There's no traffic, no crime.

I didn't notice any falling of my Happiness when my mate had 0% Happiness. So after we had a baby, I found I could just ignore my spouse and baby. Ignoring the family should have consequences, but I didn't see any. There should also be more to having a baby than clicking a button when your spouse has 90%+ happiness.

The game needs a Hospital! And a Bank!

Some of the challenges need to be more challenging. Like Starting a Family should be moved up to either just before or right after I buy/rent a condo. Becoming an expert DJ should come earlier; before Incorporated Inc opens, so that I don't take a 200% pay cut.

I don't understand why my big sis calls the town "the big city" when the whole town could easily fit on a one mile street. I also don't understand why I drive 1000's of miles to go a few blocks. If you make a sequel, please let us drive to other towns.

I also wish the game were a LOT less linear.

I felt I was being led by the nose: Get a job. Buy a pet fish. Then a vehicle. Then a sofa. Then go to College. Get a better job. Celebrate. Now buy/rent a Condo. Start a family. Buy a fridge and microwave....

I like how I can turn off the Tutorial after getting a new outfit so I can follow Bezdomny's Career Fast Track guide. But other than that, I have very little choice in what I do until all challenges are completed and the game is over.

I'm like "What if I don't want to live in a Mansion, drive a luxury car, or get a PhD?" I have to anyway, or I fail the challenge and can't advance in the game. But on the other hand, if I fail a challenge, I shouldn't be allowed to keep going until I complete the challenge. The level should start over.

It'd also be nice if there were some random elements added, so the goals and time allowed aren't always exactly the same in every game. Mix things up and toss in some surprises for us to enjoy!
 posted in Life Quest ™ on May 17, 10 6:42 PM
It was fun for about 3 hours. Now I'm bored.

I didn't know it was so task oriented. I'd like more freedom to explore. And more of a challenge. Maybe I'm too used to Diner Dash

It's too bad the game ends after defeating all the kids from high school. Why not go on to challenging peers from the college? Or set some financial goals?

It'd also be nice if there was a bank, if things were more expensive, (did I really buy a house for $3,000?!), and if I could take my SO on more dates (like dinner AND a movie, perhaps?).

Agree with coffeemom2, it'd be nice if a few monkey wrenches were thrown in, like the car breaks down and you need to take public transit (which slows you down) while paying for the car to be repaired (which may take a few days). Or you're laid off and have to find a new job. Or someone comes to your door asking for a charitable donation.

It'd be nice to see more than the living room and kitchen. It'd be nice to customize your SO outside of a date. It'd be nice if the SO acted like a person, instead of a dog that you have to take care of every day or it runs away.

It'd also be nice if the education and career paths were outlined, so we'd know what to do to get which degree and job, and they were all lined up in a row, instead of spread out all over the screen.

Also agree with Game_Toad, this game is 90% "upgrade your gear" (eg: get a better car, house, clothes, furniture, education, job, etc.). What a sad thing for a game called "Life Quest" to teach.

Overall, a cute little game, but it has room for LOTS of improvement. This game is just too simple, with not enough action or interaction.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition on May 1, 10 6:39 PM
Looks like the CE is everything the SE should be, but won't. I'm willing to spend 2 Game Credits on this, but I'm not going to pay $20 for a video game.

If this is how Big Fish treats its customers, I'll have to start re-thinking about whether or not I'll remain one.
 posted in Cake Shop 2 on Apr 25, 10 9:15 PM
I liked Cake Shop (I always played it for free online from start to finish without paying). So I was really interested to learn about Cake Shop 2.

I tried it free and do not like the conveyor belt. In fact, I hate it. I really hate it. I won't buy this game, simply because I hate that conveyor belt so much.
 posted in Farm Craft on Mar 21, 10 6:06 PM
I did not get any Workers, because they cost a lot of money, have to be paid often, and I think they're completely worthless.
 posted in Farm Craft on Mar 21, 10 5:51 PM
My advice is to ignore everything you don't need.

For this level, you can get by with only 8 plots of land. I've ended up with 2 plots of Carrots, 1 plot of Dahlias, 1 plot of Tulips, 1 plot of Mushrooms, 1 plot of Peppers, 1 plot of Watermelon, and 1 plot of Strawberries. I had a total of 4 sprinklers. Again, that's what I had at the END of the level.

To start with, you need the Cucumbers to raise the $200 admission fee & then you need 7 more crates of Cucumbers and 7 crates of Eggplant. After that, you can let them die off. Later you can plant Beets in that plot to feed the Pig, and after that, use the same plot to plant Carrots to feed the Cow.

After selling 7 crates of Beets and Tomatoes, you can let one of them die off. You don't need both to feed the Pig, but you need one of them because the Pig will be a major source of income for a long time on this level.

I like to plant my Beets below my Pig with the Cucumbers below them, the Tomatoes below the Barn and the Eggplant below my Tomatoes, like this:
Beets Tomatoes
Cukes Eggplant

Then I let everything but my Beets die off and plant Corn where the Tomatoes were. Now my income comes from Beets and Pigs until I can afford a Refrigerated Warehouse to store the Eggs from the Chicken.

You need the Corn for awhile, because you use it to feed the Chicken, and their eggs are a nice source of income. But when you get the Cows, you can move the Pig, the Chicken, and the Barn out of your way with the crane.

Then I let the Dahlias and Tulips to the right of the Corn and put my Hives (I suggest using 4 Hives) just above. I like to plant my Sunflowers below, then when I collect 6, let the Sunflowers die off. I put my Refrigerated Warehouse & Greenhouse above my Hives.

Once you have the Cows, you can get rid of your Beets/Tomatoes (whichever you kept, you don't need both) and also, get rid of your Corn. Replace them with Carrots/Cabbage to feed the Cows. Again, you're focusing on getting 10 gallons of Milk, which means you can move the Pig and the Chicken out of your way and ignore them.

While waiting for the Cows, you can collect Honey and set it aside for when you need $1,500. Just 10 boxes of Honey will be enough, and it's nice to get it ready while you're collecting the Milk.

Now the end is in sight. I like to plant the Mushrooms and Peppers next to each other because I always have to fertilize them twice to get them up to 5 hearts.
 posted in Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero on Mar 9, 10 3:28 PM
Looks like I've reached the last hotel, and there's more scrolling! It's driving me crazy.

And I also wish the Maid could get a pair of RocketSkates, to get her to move faster than frozen snails.
 posted in Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero on Mar 8, 10 12:04 PM
Ok, so I decided to give Family Hero a try. So far so good. There's a Porter as well as a Maid. There's upgrades to make everyone faster. The artwork is more colorful, and so far, everything fits on one screen.

My biggest complaint is that the goals are too low. I never finish a level before it starts saying that I earned enough to move on to the next, would I like to do so now? No, no, no, no, and again, no. I want to see my Hotel with all the upgrades.

It'd be nice if I didn't have to keep choosing to Stay on this level.
 posted in Jane's Hotel on Mar 8, 10 12:14 AM
It's not bad as far as time management games go.

In early levels, it'd be nice to be able to install telephones in the rooms instead of one phone for the whole hotel.

The artwork could be a bit better, too. It'd be nice to see different colors, instead of everything (walls, doors, floor, rugs) being different shades of gold/brown which all blend in together.

Late in the game, the hotel doesn't fit onscreen, and players have to scroll back & forth constantly to see everything. The maid has further to walk, but you still only get one maid, and no upgrades to make the maid faster. So I lose tips & popularity. It would be simple to put the rooms closer together or simply add a second floor.

But I think the worst thing is the plants. I've had to tell the maid to water them up to 6 times a day. Not watering the plants also takes away from popularity and tips. Having to water the plants so often is not reasonable, and takes the maid away from other tasks.

If you're looking for fun time management, I'd go with Flo & the Diner Dash series. Flo gets upgrades to make her faster, and everything fits on one screen.
 posted in Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero on Mar 8, 10 12:08 AM
Does it all fit on one screen? Is the maid faster than in Jane's Hotel? Can we have two maids?

I kept losing tips and popularity in Jane's Hotel because the maid was never fast enough.
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