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 posted in Farm for your Life on Jun 6, 13 10:40 PM
Yup. Spoilers below.

In the graveyard, you need to dig in front of the tomb.

I believe you need to download a patch for this to work though, and it is only on their Facebook page.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on May 17, 13 6:00 PM
Keep an eye out in the flea market, there is something called a rock hound certificate. It costs 1500 coins and once you've bought it, your peeps can dig in the dirt piles.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 23, 12 3:54 AM
The wire cable is in the construction site.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 3:33 PM
The soldering iron also goes to the road worker. He asks for a pin, then a soldering iron, then paper and markers.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 1:49 PM
Main floor, building 18.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 3:42 AM
He's in the upstairs of building 18.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 3:39 AM
If you mean the house with the wheelbarrow out front, it's number 85.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 3:22 AM
He is behind house 51- to the right of the cop subduing a suspect.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 3:07 AM
She's in house 42. Her quest is not in the walkthrough.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy on Jun 16, 11 12:11 AM
I suggest building a hut instead of the villa and upgrade twice- you'll get 200 steak instead of 100.

And thank you Obsgirl- I was stuck.
 posted in Escape from Thunder Island on May 22, 11 4:01 PM
You need to set the three discs to a certain configuration. There is a room where you can use binoculars to look at three towers that will give you a hint.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Dec 17, 10 2:20 PM
Having issues after I put the blue crystal into the bedroom safe- the mini-game isn't coming up and there's no way to exit or skip the game.
 posted in The Heritage on May 22, 10 1:29 AM

Goofyduck- use the cloth on the spigot in the sink. It will no longer leak.
 posted in Tropical Farm on Dec 9, 09 2:05 AM
I found this game to be fairly enjoyable. I found there was quite a lot of clicking, between harvesting and weeding and processing products, but I had gold trophies for the entire one hour demo. Might be too easy for experienced TM players, but fun for the rest of us.

The music was not annoying, and the graphics were okay, though nothing spectacular.
 posted in Antique Shop on Jun 4, 09 11:56 AM
swpfca wrote:I just purchased Antique Shop and can't figure how to move the item from the storage room to the perosn buying it. All my customers get angry while I am trying to move the item they want. HELP

What you have to do is, click on the object in the storeroom and then on the customer's thought bubble. This will get the assistant to pick it up and then take it to the customer.
 posted in Jessica's Cupcake Cafe on Jun 3, 09 10:59 PM
I played for most of the demo hour, but then the decorations started showing up wrong (clicked on bear- got car, which wasn't even an option!), and then Jessica froze while the game kept running. Think I'll pass on this one.

Oh, and I'm running XP, not Vista.
 posted in Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard on May 10, 09 10:30 AM
I found the game lagged a lot when loading levels. And it took me quite a while to figure out what to do in the hidden object part. A little explanation would have been nice.

On the plus side, though, the artwork was wonderful.
 posted in Everything Nice on May 3, 09 6:10 PM
whatever1605 wrote:I like playing TM games, so was happy to see this one today. But having a really hard time trying to pick up the button in Week 2. Nothing happens when I click the Button Bin after the button is made, so I can't pick it up. Is anyone else having this problem too?

I'm having the same problem. Can't pick up the buttons for the life of me.

It's too bad; the game looks cute.
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