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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 16 10:16 AM
alisonmeier wrote:The current monthly challenge was definitely a challenge! It took me 162 hidden object scenes to get 3 rare stamps.

I just finished finding the 100 objects in HOS, now have to find 200 airship items. So that's about 6-10 hours of just going around to the different HOS to get these things. So monotonous! If you get airship items from friends, does that count?---
Ok, nevermind. Just tried it and it doesn't count those items sent to you.

Will keep in mind the tip about feeding pets to get the medallions! Thanks for that!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 16 10:21 AM
bfgBellerophon wrote:Hi Everyone,

I wanted to pop in here and let players know that the moderators will continue to advocate for the players and pass along the feedback that is presented in the threads. It is understandable the concern that players have with the modes, especially Night Mode. The Midnight Castle teams have indeed listened to your feedback and have disabled it for the time being. It is also understandable the concern in regards to the achievements. As the night mode feature has been disabled for the time being, it will be optional in a future update.

What about those who have been working toward getting the 10 diamond reward? They just lose out?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 16 10:15 AM
jeanob wrote:I think you p layers complain way too much. You complain for an update and when it comes you complain of tbe content.
I also am on level 71. But I am content to play w h at we are given. We can always sit back and say this or that could b e better. But really, if you enjoy the game, p l ay it. If not, dont.

Well said!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 1, 16 9:18 PM
Desertdruid wrote:I think the real point is that a game is supposed to be fun. If it is causing people pain & suffering, something is wrong with the game & that needs to be fixed.

I personally have invested a great deal of time in this game over the past year, & many of the people who are suffering have invested much more than I have. I for one REALLY don't appreciate being told I should just quit!

Its a simple choice. What is more important to you---playing the game or causing yourself as quoted "pain and suffering". Nothing is more important than your health. Not even a game you love.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 1, 16 8:59 PM
Debs0504 anyone else stuck on the 30 day challenge....I have been waiting for nearly 4 days for a five part daily quest and keep being given 3 and 10 part frustrating ...this challenge is impossible to complete !!!

I know it seems that way, but persevere and you will make it! I was stuck on the wheel trying to get a diamond for what seemed like forever but once I got past it the next few were easty

Good luck!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 30, 16 7:02 PM
Second time trying to get the diamond on the wheel. Spent loads of coins and no diamond. Now I have to wait another day. I am getting so far behind,I'll never catch up!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 29, 16 8:04 PM
jack7242 wrote:I had problems waiting for the 5 part quest too. Did 4 x 10s and 2 x 3 before the 5 came up. Hang in there it will happen.

As an aside I've has 3 five part quests since! Now I can't get a diamond!!

Here is some luck and sustenance to keep you going.

Sounds like everyone is having different problems. I'm having problems getting the diamond too. Spent $1500 coins trying and now it wont recharge for another day! I'm not paying $600 coins to try again!

My mistake---its 800 coins and 21 hours to go! How can you move along this way?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 16 5:09 PM
AGGGGGHHGG! I was on the 5 part quest and thought I was on the last one with 10 minutes to go when I discovered I had one more to do! Now I have to start over. Dang. Dang. Dang.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 16 9:49 AM
I hope no one else did this but I mistakenly thought the "days" were chronological ones and was using all my diamonds to hurry up and finish! Thought it was just a ploy by BF to get you to buy more!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 16 9:08 AM
Desertdruid wrote:I agree there needs to be an "off" switch, but available anytime, not just after completing the achievement. Some people are being caused real, physical pain & suffering by the night mode especially & should not have to suffer through something that causes them pain hundreds of times. That's cruel & inhumane.
Also some people couldn't care less about the achievement, so why force them to participate? Tournaments are optional. The game doesn't just send you there & refuse to let you out till you've finished. Night mode & its achievement should be optional, too.

If it were me and I was being caused "physical pain and suffering" I wouldn't play the game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 16 9:04 AM
I'm working on the 5-part but sounds like my next challenge will be a 10 part so I guess there's no rush. I mistakenly thought that the hours were chronological hours and was using all my diamonds to finish in time! While it does encourage you to use diamonds, now I know better.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 23, 16 10:04 PM
Della295587 wrote:
Davegnew1 wrote:The changes in the latest release are OK with the exception of Night Mode. What is the point to drag out finding the objects. Being able to see the whole screen with all the imaginary is part of the games allure. Having a small window with a blank screen, that is tedious to maneuver is boring and detracts from the game. Unless I need an object from a night mode objects room,, I just close
the Night Mode session and move on. My personal opinion is remove NM.

So sorry you don't like the new "modes" I think it adds so much to the game, not so boring this way.

I have to agree that I'm not fond of the new mirror or shadow forms. I don't find the night vision so bad. In fact sometimes it helps me focus! It was interesting at first but now I'm getting tired of them and wish they would switch back to the regular mode.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 23, 16 9:59 PM
Della295587 wrote:
gameslvr wrote:I feel really dumb asking this -- I should know but -- what is a zoom zone?

One of the most common zoom zones is the Gnome Road Sign, where when you click on it, you have to provide a coupla items to get something else. In other words, you zoom in on it, but it's not a Hidden Object Scene. Does that help?

Yes, thank you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 16 8:48 PM
OK, I have another one. Ever since these new changes with the blackout pictures and stuff I've had a problem with things disappearing.

Not sure how to explain this but when you go to find something and discover you have to get 3 items--- I got all 3 and then they just disappeared and I had to get them again. This has happened at least 3 times. Has this happened to anyone else???
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 16 8:42 PM
Della295587 wrote:
gameslvr wrote:On that note--- does anyone have a clue what's up with the creepy black "plants" that have appeared all over the buildings & grounds?

I take it that you're in the 50's levels? I remember that happening to me also. Once I got to a certain level, those "black things" disappeared and the HOS's went back to normal. I think it was just to make the game more "challenging" so to speak, lol. Kinda like we have now with latest update of mirror mode, night mode, etc.

Happy Gaming!

Thanks Della!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 16, 16 3:39 PM
On that note--- does anyone have a clue what's up with the creepy black "plants" that have appeared all over the buildings & grounds?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 16, 16 3:36 PM
c0c0_nuts wrote:

There are multiple threads asking this question. In the below thread, a moderator replied.

MODS - we need answer re red/green headshot

A green headshot refers to that particular player being active within the last 7 days. A red headshot entails that they haven't been active.

A huge THANK YOU coconuts! I wish the devs would explain these things when they add them to the game!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 13, 16 7:33 PM
Can anyone tell me what the green and red symbols are for on the "friends"?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 26, 16 8:51 PM
Rebecca_47 wrote:I have an odd question. I have a small Kindle I play on. In the Tavern over by you pet of the day/minute is something on the floor. Can any of you who play on a bigger screen tell me what it is. I know its stupid but it's driving me nuts. Weird things run thru you mind in the wee hours of the night.
Rebecca, it looks to me like a basket of some kind.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 24, 16 10:00 PM
Rebecca_47 wrote:To gameslvr. To answer your question Yes.

Thanks, Rebecca!
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