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 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 20, 12 4:11 AM
YES I finaly did it, it was the first few bugs that was difficult with so few plants so it was important to place them very good THANKS:-)
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 20, 12 3:41 AM
Thanks, so very nice of you, now I will keep figthing even it is still a big challenge, what is the differens between Private, Sergant, General? I have play the Private as I think it must be the easy one:-) but difficult enough for me, but now 3 stars on all except level 30:-)
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 19, 12 10:07 AM
WOW thanks Smalldeveloper where will I be able to see it?
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 19, 12 6:24 AM
Tha last level is impossible help
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 19, 12 6:12 AM
Oh this i a nice game, very addictive but I can not get through the last level 30 it is impossible HELP please, I can not find a walkthrough any where
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 6, 12 8:06 AM
But what about 4000 stones to build the brigde I can see how I can do that in time?
 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 14, 12 2:12 AM
Thanks Ceepia:-)
 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 13, 12 11:39 PM
Love this game:-) I can't figure out how to make excotic wood, when I build the wood cutter shed it looks like it was done by it self when someone was cutting wood but now I can not make excotic wood and I can not make someone work in/on the place, what am I doing wrong?
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Mar 1, 12 1:34 AM
I loved this game, it is wonderfull different from other games, very funny and beautyfull made I bought it but was disapointed that it was way to short what a same:-(
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 3, 11 3:34 AM
Thanks Jo-Jo I found that I could change in option so now no full screen and that is just no fun to play with my old eyes:-( I am so disapointet as I like this game but also disapointet the they came up with a number 3 but without any new og changed things:-( did they just take number 2 and change the name to 3?:-(
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 4:02 AM
I can not see the "timer" so I don't know if it soon or not will be nightfall, any surgestions what to do?
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 4:00 AM
YES I was so happy to see this game this morning, but was a bit diaspointed that it is not much different from the other 2. I can just play the others over again, but I hope as I get into the game there will be some change, and I have a problem I can not se the "timer" ?????
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 30, 11 2:30 AM
I am stuck tooooo:-( she tells me to get "the leaf is like a fan", I have in my inventory 2 different yellow flower and a pleasant smelling green plant. I try to go outside and try with the Sickle on all the trees and leaves but nothing happens PLEASE HELP
 posted in Trade Mania on Aug 25, 11 4:30 AM
I bought it and loved it, it was so nice to play something totaly different from HOG and TM games, I just whish there were more places to visit, I won all 3 places but it was had work to wind and a lot of luck:-) did you also win, will we always win? man against computer:-) ?
 posted in Trade Mania on Aug 24, 11 10:25 AM
Love this game, it is very addictive, and perfect if you like to play bordgames but have no one to play with you:-)
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Aug 10, 11 11:30 AM
I was so happy to see this game on BF I saw and tried it on another side but waited for it to come on BF, I am a bit disapointed because it is the same again and again, I thought the surroundings would change when I came to another location but no and that is a little borring but I did by it as I like this kind off game:-)
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 5, 11 1:25 PM
bfgArnoStyx why is it that you want us all to go throu the difficulty off writing to tech support and with a report and all that when it is clear that we are many with the same problem and you can se it right here?
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 5, 11 10:54 AM

This is the problem and what do I do then????????????
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 33, in <module>
File "Platform\__init__.pyc", line 24, in launchApp
File "", line 14, in mainFunc
File "System\Framework.pyc", line 319, in go
File "System\Framework.pyc", line 347, in _setUp
File "System\Framework.pyc", line 450, in _configure
File "System\ProfileManager.pyc", line 26, in __init__
File "System\ProfileManager.pyc", line 39, in loadAllProfiles
File "Utility\CFGReader.pyc", line 56, in loadPlayerProfiles
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '0: 3251'
 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Aug 5, 11 10:33 AM
Finnaly a TM game but when I download it say Errors occorred and tell me to see log file????
I have almost never had any problems with games from Big Fish but it seems to me that after the new game mannager I have problems all the time
 posted in Casino Chaos on Aug 3, 11 12:10 AM
I also tried to download this game many times but nothing happens I genneraly think that after I got the new game manager it does not work as well as the old manager ???
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