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There are great ideas in it & I love that!
But its again a dark game , thats why I wont buy it. Wether the CE nor the other one when its out.
 posted in Glow Fish on Mar 2, 12 12:21 AM
You should have 4 friends with you then you can defeat one of the fish in a bubble.
2 at the beginning and 2 from defeating two enemies.
 posted in Glow Fish on Mar 1, 12 11:29 PM
Oh wow
Thank you so much bella81762
 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 26, 12 6:52 PM
I've played all levels and got 7 friends, but am missing the one between Scout and Leatherbacks.
Anyone has an idea where I get him or what I've missed?
Thanks in advance
 posted in Stone Age Cafe on Jan 4, 12 11:03 AM
Next to the time a wand appears, when its lit click on it and the ghost comes to cook orders for you but only a limited time
 posted in Stone Age Cafe on Jan 4, 12 7:32 AM
oh, next to them!
Thank you
 posted in Stone Age Cafe on Jan 4, 12 4:59 AM
Does anyone know how to use it?
Sometimes she sprays but most of the time she doesnt... Im losing customers because of that.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 14, 11 3:24 PM
I just bought it because I loved the demo
"well except the loading time"
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 11 6:53 PM
While activating I am getting an error msg. but I cant find the number on the help page...
its 251600 what does that mean?
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship on Apr 6, 11 4:37 PM
completely agree
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 25, 11 2:41 PM
It doesnt work at all, just crashes
 posted in Terrafarmers on Feb 2, 11 4:54 AM
I like the Farm Frenzy series but this one is even better!
It realy got me for hours on and I hardly couldnt stop with it.
In my opinion: highly recommended
After I talked with the boy; is that the end? Or am I able to go through that shiny door?
 posted in Magus: In Search of Adventure on Sep 5, 08 3:21 PM
Hi ;-)

I tryied uncoutable times to beat this level... but with no success
My problem is with the door; after opening the lock: where to stand and where to put the magical door.

Any help please?

Nevermind; figured it out by myself...
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