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Sorry, I got the game mixed up. There are 2 turtle nests on the beach and the copper coins are in there. These are what you need to make the battery with.
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goldenrodfarm wrote:I took a look at the walk through's, and all of them insist that there is a treasure chest in the hole with the turtle eggs, is that a previous version? It is hard to believe I would miss something that big and they open it before they get the eggs, I already scoffed up the eggs.

There are 2 sets of eggs in the sand. One has turtle tracks leading away from it and the other ones have a pile of sand on top. You can also get bird's eggs from the cliff in the area near the place where the fire pit is, but on the opposite side. You can get oysters from the pool wall area and coconuts further down the beach, where you can also get the 2 crabs to cook and eat. You also need to catch the fish in the pond and eat it. Mina needs a lot of food.
Post here again if you get stuck again as I will be watching this forum for more people who need help with this game.
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[b]The gold coins are really the copper pennies found in the box near the mill.
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JoyceV wrote:I am in the Granite House and need to find rubber to make a slingshot (yes, I am using a walkthrough to help me). Is the rubber something I pick up along the way from a tree or do I create it from items in inventory?

The rubber is at the tree where the snake is. It needs Mina to make a cut on the tree branch, I believe.

This is a fun game, but I couldn't do it without the Walkthrough. I do not have a chemistry background, so the walkthrough was essential.
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spenny1 wrote:I have made a kite, clever me! Now, where do I use it?

The pole that you need to use the kite on is close to the red maple tree at the lake.
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[b]Have you tried to uninstall the game and download it again?
Sometimes that helps when a game won't open for me.
Have you asked Big Fish how to help if re-installing it won't work.
When you do get it running save the game a lot. If you need help once the game is running, post here and I will try to help out if I can. I just found this forum so I couldn't reply to you earlier. I will bookmark this forum and keeping an eye out for anyone who needs help with these games. They really are fun.
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tweetis53 wrote:I put in 3 new circuits...but can not figure out what to do on front panel where the red buttons are. does anyone know the configuration for this? tried to do what shows in walk thru but door is open n blocks first roll. uhg!!! please explain what to do as I can't go anywhere till laser works

You don't have to do anything with the red buttons, just the 3 red bulbs area, unless you need to change the red bulbs to green after the red laser light zaps the cat. Then you just turn a few if you need to make them green to disarm the trap.
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1Inkling wrote:
mazza66 wrote:I am replacing the circuits in the robot 3 have burned and now 3 do not have the right number of little holes How can I start this section again..or how do I get the right connections....Please..can anyone help Mazza 66

This is my issue too. Anyone know how to do this part? I've had 2 circuits burn out, so I have 20 holes and only 18 circuits. They are all in, but nothing is happening with two of the holes left open. Can't find more circuits. Stumped! Please help! Thanks!

Save before you even start to replace circuits. That way, if you burn out some, you can go back and start over. I have had to do this often. Save a lot so you can restart it from where you left off. Mine kept freezing at 1 spot and it really helped me there.
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archanx wrote:Somehow I lost the pipe to go on the still. Had it once, but now it is gone so I can not make red paint.

Did the monkey Lenard steal it from you at the sawmill or after you were on the clifftop? If so, try getting past him on the clifftop by scaring him with either the snakeskin or green paint can. Jep then has to jump to the palm tree to rescue 1 item.

To make sure my important stuff doesn't get stolen by him, I put it all in the place where an item goes when you first get it. It's a pain but at least you don't lose 2 important items and are able to only get 1 back. Remember to always save the game often as it can freeze at times, or you might need to do something over again.
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[b] Have you tried moving around and then trying to move it again?
One thing I learned from playing this game a lot is always save the game a lot.
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1. Get Jep to eat a raw egg. Jep can use a 21 foot pole to get the blue dessert fruit from the mud where he got the clay from. Do not use the eggs in a cake, you get more points if you cook them. Use water, flour, oil and a cooked fish to make a fish pie. Use all of the flour to make 4 fish pies. Cook all fish except the one needed to catch the last fish (using the 6-foot pole, cable, twisted nail for a hook and a small uncooked fish to catch the "Lake Monster" fish. Cook it and the bait fish.

Do not use any vase item until you make all of the vases, including the blue vases.
If you put the contents of each vase (but you can only do this with 1 flour, 1 water, etc.) Put each vase item in each type of clay vases and then with the blue vases. You can really pile the points up here for a top score.

Use peas and boiling water to make pea soup. After you have put everything in all vases, add quicklime to the water and get hydrated lime. Use it on all vases for 12 extra points. Put the maple syrup on the fire to get brown sugar. Cook mussels, crawfish, eggs.

Amber...After you scare Slugger away from Amber with the noisy green paint can, give her: perfume, water, cooked mussels, brown sugar, fish pie, shell necklace, 1 purple flower and 1 white one, then the 2 combined. Give her 1 of every type of vase. Give her 1 of every type blue vase except the narrow top only because she already has this blue one. Groom her. Play ocarina for her. Don't stop giving her things because her line turns green, as you get points for everything that you give her.

Use hook on broken bone just before Amber to get marrow.
Jep can kill and eat the 2 birds at the big kiln. Later on he can go to place where honey is and kill 2 more. He can kill a lizard once he scared off Len.

Use 1 of each flower on Jep and Mina, then the 2 combined, and the shell necklace and perfume on them.

To catch termites very carefully try to get the end of stick under the ledge watching to try to keep the rest to stay on the stick. (Some times I can get 7, other days only 1 or two.) I was able to catch the fish without the easy button, but only once. On a good day, I can catch the glass tubes Slugger throws but the odd time I need to do the easy button.

My highest score after -20 easy points lost, was 901.
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[b]The sight does not attach to the pole. The lens sight needs to be combined with a sting (cord) and the weight from the sawmill box. You need a 15 foot pole put up at the big kiln posthole. You then go to the path and look through the "sight" and level it with the top of the pole at the kiln. Then you swing it around until you find the bird moving on a tree top.

Then you go to the sawmill and use the sight until you see the same bird on the tree. Swing the sight to the cliff area. There will be some movement behind a bush on then cliff. That is the area where the cliff passage is.
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[b]You need to wander around until you find the snakeskin. You scare him off with it. Pick a blade of grass beside the dead porcupine and get Jep to use it to get the ants.
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[b]The red paint crystals are in the chest at the sawmill. You need to mix it with alcohol from the still at the sawmill. To get alcohol, put water in the still after you have made the pottery vases at the workshop and pulled the cord to get the fire hotter. Fill 3 vases with water.

Put 1 water vase on the still barrel with the gray coil thing from the beach. Start a fire and put honey or maple syrup or fruit to get alcohol. Put a flower to get perfume.

White paint is chalk found at sawmill chest and is mixed with hydrated lime and palm oil.

Green paint is from the can of dried green paint on the inlet beach and needs gasoline to make it paint.

Turquoise paint is after you put the 6 and 9 fired token pieces on the beach puzzle. A sprout rises, take it amnd plant it at the base of the cliff where the potting soil is. Add water to make it grow and get turquoise paint from the plant in a vase.
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[b]The lights on the panel will turn color when you open the part where the 5 bulbs are after you put in the 3 circuits. If the lights are red, the laser trap is armed. You need to try to go towards the cat and the cat will get zapped. I hope that this helps.
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[b]If you are trying to get the sexton sight to work, you need to put the sight on a string and maybe the weight also. (The weight is in the chest at the sawmill. See below before opening the chest.) When you get your 15-foot pole, it goes in a posthole at the big kiln. You can then see through it so go away from the kiln and look through the sight for the 15-foot pole. Try to get it to move to where a white bird is sitting on the top of a cut off tree. The bird moves.

Go to sawmill and just swing the sight to the level on which the bird is. You will see a bush about part way up the cliff move and that is where the passage at 340 feet is. I put all of my important items in the spot where you find them when you first pick them up. (I do this before I open up the chest at the sawmill to prevent the monkey from stealing them. He (Len) tries to steal them again once you are through the passage. He doesn't do it after that time. You can manage to get only 1 item back so don't let him get an important one.
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[b] If you decide to leave the island, Jep dies. The pilot won't land because of the dense green fog so Jep died and you are still stuck on the island. This leaves the game producers the option for a part 3 game.
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The ending was so quick that all I got was the main character was arrested, but I don't know why, who was doing the killings and why they killed. The ending was a huge disappointment. I actually played it twice to try to understand the ending, but the same thing happened. Why did he get the gun? Who was Jack? Who arrested the main guy? What did
"Susan" getting lots of money have to do with the game? Who wqas she and why was she even mentioned? Why was Catherine killed? I hate the ending and am deleting it as a lost cause. Don't waste your time on this loser game.

I thought this was a really good game, just the type I like, but I agree, what a disappointing ending! Even though I was expecting something like that to happen there wasn't enough explanation of the reasons behind the killings.

Can't really see how there could be a sequel but if there is, I will be buying it.
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janwirtz wrote:Hi fishies. Played this through when it first came out, but I think "Oldtimers" has caught up with me. I'm stuck below the leopard and can't remember how to get out. I've already replaced the burnt circuits for the canon things, but can't get them to line up now. What to do? Help?


Jep needs to get muddy, then take the mud stick and go up the tree near the mud to put the stick on the bees nest, take it to windmill and bees will chase away the cat. Pick up stick and bee larvae from nest. (yummy for Jep.)
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Joyfullady wrote:Re points - in RTMI - there were 400 points total and in RtMI2 - the most I've seen someone suggested there was at least 700. I'm sure there has to be more as I ended with 734 and had 53 items left over. Fourteen of them were vases - some filled and[b]


You can get more points by:
1. Pouring everything liquid into each vase
2. Painting 2 of each vase blue
3. Putting all liquids in each shape of blue vase
4. Keep everyone fed as much as possible including the 1st nasty ape (Slugger) and
the inlet ape (Leonard)
5. Go up to the 2 monkeys up near the thorns where Mina can't go. Get Jep to knock down red fruit , get him to go up after you have gotten down to the inlet and gotten the shells and green paint can. You can get 2 peapods (use 1 with boiling water to get pea soup). Jep can now scare Slugger away so that he can give stuff to Amber.
6. Amber can be given 1 of each shaped vases, 1 of each blue vases, perfume (from putting a flower in the sawmill still. You get extra points if you also give it to Jep and Mina), shell necklace (after mina cuts holes in it with the knife and adds a string. Also extra points for letting Jep and Mina wear it first.), water, cooked food, fruit, almost every food until she is full.
7. Get oysters near helicopter and 3 crayfish inside it, Jep can kill both birds at the big kiln with his sharp pointed stick, and later on 2 dying ones in woods near sawmill, 1 lizard from crack on top inlet past Leonard, plus the lemurind near sawmill woods.
Cook everything that you can for extra points.
8. Keep all fish and cook all except 1 to use as bait to catch the lake monster (red cork, 6 foot pole, wire, bent sawmill nail).
9. Fish pies=flour, oil, water, cooked fish.) some empty. Rexred do you know?
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