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 posted in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba on Mar 18, 10 10:36 AM
I thought it was fun also...enjoyed the mini games
 posted in Vampireville on Mar 14, 10 12:42 PM
You should be able to stop the game through Task Manager, on the rare occasions when I've had trouble with that I just log off and log back on and that usually takes care of it
 posted in Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy on Mar 9, 10 6:46 AM
Sorry guys, I have to disagree..I really like the Delaware St. John games
Keep'em coming
 posted in Escape from Lost Island on Feb 26, 10 5:25 PM
Got nothing but squiggles..had to use the Task Manager to close the game..bummer
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Feb 22, 10 11:40 AM
Uninstalled and re-installed and still have the red box..have to restart the computer to get out of the game..well, actually haven't gotten to see the game, got nothing but squiggles
 posted in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches on Feb 21, 10 3:26 PM
I bought and played this game about six months ago, obviously not from BF..
It's a great adventure game but it is NOT an easy game..whenever I got stuck I used hints from Universal Hint does take some brain power and you have to have patience..if you're looking for a game that you can spend quite a bit of time playing, you will get your money's worth with this one
It's definitely not for people who prefer the HOG's
A big
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 17, 10 5:50 AM
Some items you won't be able to find until later on in the game have to keep moving back and forth in some of the same areas..when you see an area that sparkles(you probably already know this)you will be able to look for more hidden objects and eventually you will find all of the items you need..don't get discouraged, it's a wonderful game
 posted in Voyage on Dec 16, 09 7:03 AM
Hi,..sorry you haven't received any help..I haven't gotten that far into the game but you can go to [GB] and get a walkthrough or do a search for Universal Hint System if you just want hints..good luck
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Nov 22, 09 8:20 AM
Hi, all..I'm usually just a lurker but decided I would post about this game
It's really a shame that it doesn't seem to work properly because I was really enjoying playing it..I've uninstalled and re-installed the game 3 times because of the disappearing inventory and flashing problem in the clock tower segment and the last time I installed it, it wouldn't play at all..

I do hope BF will take another look at the problems that everyone is having and consider a re-do on this one
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