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I've been working on an "unofficial" walkthrough; I just posted Act I and have Act II ready to go, but it will be a while before I can get the rest posted. I'm hoping it's helpful, though.
Act I Walkthrough - Last part...

25. Do you remember where you saw another place to use a hose? ** Go back to the cottage and attach the hose next to the front door. ** Use it to get down the cliff.
26. Once there, pick up the shovel and look around. There is a bit of paper you can’t get to, until you use an item in your inventory to cross the gap. ** Put the ladder on the ground.** Collect the paper scrap for later.
27. You need a fuse for the lighthouse system. In the areas already accessed, what can you think of that might contain a fuse? ** Go back to the car and open the hood. You will need to use an item in your inventory to protect against the heat.**
28. You need something to cool everything off and clear the steam. You have that handy bucket - where can you get water? **The pump is not working; you need to go under the bridge to fill the bucket.**
29. Open the panel (now visible) and remove a fuse. Return to the box outside the lighthouse. Place the fuse, then work on the now-functioning puzzle. Puzzle help: When you click the lever, the four number tiles will follow their respective paths. You need them to end up at the bottom, right-side up, matching the code you found earlier. Use the small buttons (+, -, rotate right, rotate left) and some trial & error to continue.
30. Now that the light is functioning again, what should be done with that control? Go back to the burned-out house to explore. Inside house – complete morph scene, collect a “V” symbol from fireplace. Look at the brick on the floor. Don’t you have something that will complete the note? ** Use the bit of paper from the cliff. Make sure you read the text as well!**
31. Proceed into the area outside the house. Examine everything, and make a note of the tombstone for Mr. “LAST”. This sequence is random. One example is: 4 2 3 2 1
32. Use the code and the note to get a sequence to enter into the lighthouse system. Once you enter the right sequence, the light will shine on a specific place instead of rotating. **1 = East, 2 = South, 3 = West, 4 = North.** The correct sequence for the above example is N, S, W, S, E.
33. Go there and use your shovel. End of Act I!! **Return to the cemetery behind the burnt house. Dig 3 times at the base of the blank tombstone. Note, after 2 “digs”, your own profile name will appear on the stone, for a creepy foreshadowing of what comes next.**
Act I Walkthrough continued...

14. You now have the means to retrieve the lighthouse key. Go open the door. ** Use magnet on key, then use twine on the magnet. **
15. If you check your journal, there is a clue as to how you should proceed. You already have what you need to get more light in the house. **Look in the wood stove in the corner. Use lighter fluid, then the match, on the wood.**
16. Close-up of desk (left) – get magnifying glass. Also note the puzzle clue here (it is random).
17. Look at chest on right; using clue from the desk, change these numbers to match. The key to this puzzle is the diagonal buttons. It's quite straightforward otherwise – use the '+' or '-' buttons around the center numbers to either add 1 or subtract 1 from all boxes in that column, row, or diagonal. Hint: You can use a diagonal and then a vertical to increase, then decrease the same box (to leave it the same while changing the numbers in the other row or column). Inside the chest, read the journal and note the code and instructions there.
18. Examine the map above the chest; if you need to, jot down the numbers around the compass points. Note the sketch of the “secret lever.”
19. Next room – examine the floor. You don't have a janitor, but you do have something to clean with. **Use the rag on the paint until it is cleaned up.** Morphing scene (green chest) – collect wrench
20. Halfway up stairs – jot down clue on wall **NWSNw**
21. Top of stairs – anything look familiar? Use secret lever. **Click on the left-side newel post at top of stairway.** Look over railing at floor.
22. Enter correct code in the now-revealed panel to open the trap door. You have the clue from the staircase, the one from the map, and the clue from glancing over the railing. Press the correct numbers and pull the lever. **2 8 6 15**
23. Top of Lighthouse - Zoom in on the control panel. Once you mess with the knob 3 times, the light will go out and you get a new journal entry. Time to get the light turned back on! On the way out of the lighthouse, take a look again at the journal in the chest. You need the directions there - You will need a fuse, and the code listed. **5 3 7 4**
24. Head back outside the lighthouse. Collect the garden hose. ** Zoom in on the pump, and use the wrench to remove the hose. **
A note about this walkthrough: I have tried to give hints in many places, instead of explicit directions. This is so those folks who only want a nudge in the right direction will not feel like I gave away all the answers. In many cases, I will simply tell you “you have the resources you need” so you can figure it out yourself, without wondering if you missed a few steps along the way. I am hoping this will be helpful to anyone who is confused by the strategy guide, or is afraid to look at it & spoil the game. In some scenes, all you are missing is the fact that you need to “zoom in” to a closer look at a place. I have tried to note where these close-up views are available. I will put spoilers in white text between ** symbols, so if you need further help, it can be highlighted. I will post this in multiple parts, and I'll get to the other acts as I can.

Act I – House & Grounds
1. Car & Gate – Collect Matches, Locket, Find all morphing objects and collect can opener. Close ups: Car grate, Lock on Gate
2. Path (to the left of gate) – Closeup of Swing rope; note damaged metal fence/rail, path straight ahead to lighthouse, and path to the right over the bridge.
3. Under Bridge – Morph scene, collect rag. Note container that will not open.
4. Lighthouse – Close-up of rocks; pry out rock with one of your items. Note closeups of water pump and lighthouse doorknob.
5. Go use your rock to obtain a new item (iron bar). What have you seen lately that won't open, that you could pry with the bar? ** Check under the bridge. Retrieve the can of lighter fluid.**
6. Head right, over the bridge. Make note of the letterbox, then approach the cottage. Note the faucet (close-up) for later, and take a look to the right, over the cliff. Examine front door (close-up). You have the resources to open it already.
7. Inside – Morph scene, collect shard of broken glass. Note the puzzle on the right for later, and the hook & pulley.
8. Back to cottage entrance, collect twine from mail.
9. Collect rope from swing.
10. Use rope in cottage, collect chain
11. You need the chain to open the front gate. **Use chain on locks, then zoom in to front of car and click on the chain again. Get inside the car and use the gear shift.**
12. Just inside gate – collect bucket from well
13. House steps – collect ladder; complete morph scene (planter w/ a face, to the left) and collect a magnet.

To Be Continued...
 posted in Azada® : In Libro Collector's Edition on Nov 18, 11 10:25 AM
I have to say that like others, I am somewhat disappointed. I loved the first Azada games, simply because they *were* full of puzzles. I finished the demo in about 50 minutes, and found it too easy. The only thing slowing me down, really was two instances of having missed an item. What I expect from an Azada game is a lot of puzzles, with some interesting or tricky ones to solve.

If I were to compare this with other, similar adventure games, I would call it a very good game - good artwork, interesting scenery, no dratted **** scenes to wade through (I really don't enjoy searching for random items in order to "find" one thing to keep). My biggest complaint, really, is that I was looking forward to some interesting puzzles, and they simply weren't in evidence.

I may buy this later, when the SE comes out, but I can't rationalize paying double for a game this easy. As locuran said, when you have expectations based on previous games in a series, it's a letdown when future installments completely change the gameplay or storyline.

To each his own, however - for those who enjoy this style of adventure game, it's a good one. Enjoy!
 posted in The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter on Oct 17, 11 1:16 PM
I don't know if this would help in that situation, but I'd take a look at the map. If only one shows red and you go there to collect the "last" feather, then return to the dungeon, did you leave behind the rest of them there? Since you're switching back & forth from three characters to one at a time, I'm wondering if the game just left them with the other two.

Just a thought. Good luck - you are correct, it would make sense if the game just didn't allow you back to the dungeon w/o all the feathers for that character.
 posted in The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter on Oct 17, 11 1:11 PM
Although I had an action left at the top of the tower, my map never showed a green dot there. I could, however, complete the final segment of the game. I'm not sure why the map didn't register, but when the game itself never prevented me from continuing after I used the real cannon there. I could still look at the miniature, but couldn't do anything with it. Are Tara and Maya done with all their tasks? Give it a try, if you haven't. Good luck!
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Aug 10, 11 1:37 PM
I'm still struggling with this as well, but I wanted to clarify this:

By the way, collecting wood is actually FASTER than beans/grain, so you can reach the main goal faster just doing that (they all sell for 40 gold each anyway).

The logs actually sell for 20 gold; you can sell the planks for 40, but it's not worth the extra time, I don't think. Although it's possible, since you can set it working, then go harvest stuff. I haven't tried that approach, yet.

Thanks for the tips, though, SeverineSnape! - I had wondered a bit if it was worth building that second plank bridge.
 posted in Architect: Episode 1 on Jul 8, 11 11:30 PM
Try going to the map area - there should be a second place to select (I think it says "level 1" or something equally bland.) I seem to recall that you can go back to the tutorial (I think it's in the upper right corner of the map), or select an actual level (lower left someplace?).

Note that, due to some poor planning on the part of the devs, the first thing you will have to do is replay level one of the tutorial. Hopefully, however, you will then be sent to the actual puzzle. I hope you figure it out - there are some very interesting puzzles to be found.

Good luck!
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Jul 7, 11 10:04 AM
As an experiment, I just played the level 2 endless mode up until the point when I had each of the basic resources maxed out. With 2 temples at 3 stars, plus a chief, and 3 stars and 3 workers in each, I was getting +25 with each building - iron mine, sawmill, gold mine, and quarry (also a poultry farm, but I removed one worker to place him at the second temple). I figured the only way to further increase my yield, was to replace a sawmill with a "big" sawmill, etc. I started with the quarry. Once I had it upgraded to 3 stars, I was quite surprised to discover that my yield was still +25.

If I remember correctly, you get a small bonus to yield if you only have 1 worker. However, for the higher levels, I can't see any advantage at all to upgrading - all you do is increase the repair costs for your building, particularly if you have 2 or 3 workers at your building.

Am I missing something, or have others found the same to be true?
 posted in The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation on Jun 26, 11 12:30 AM
I'm a bit torn about this game. Length was not an issue for me - I just finished it, and took a tad over 3 hours. I generally figure I want one of these games to last me about the same amount of time (or more) as it would take to read a book of comparable value, and I'd say this one did.

I enjoy these games much more for the puzzle than the HOG scenes. Every time I play an HOG, I get irritated with the searching and wonder "why did I buy another one?" This one was no exception, though in general, since I don't care if I use hints in those areas (why prolong something I don't enjoy much?), these were not all that painful. It does get a bit monotonous, though, searching for multiple like items.

The puzzles were mostly fun. The glaring exception for me was the second spot-the-differences scene. I find these annoying and tedious at best, and to try one with the second picture upside-down was just excruciating. I used the hint button about 4-5 times, and with 2 of them I still had trouble pinpointing what was actually different. This was the only time during the entire game when I wished for a "skip" button, and there wasn't one.

I won't spoil the ending, but I did figure it out partway through the game. It was still entertaining, and sort of brought together the three parts of this "trilogy" in a semi-logical fashion.

All in all, I don't recommend getting this one unless you have the first two and like to finish things out. If you avoid the walkthroughs and just take your time, enjoying the puzzles, it can last a reasonable amount of time. Unlike others, I did not have trouble with the "taking a pulse" bit. As another poster mentioned, there is a built-in keyboard shortcut for lightening the scene; once I started using it, the HOG scenes sped up a bit.

I'd say, 2 1/2 stars if you have not played the first two games, and perhaps 3 1/2 stars if you are finishing up the set. Gameplay is pretty similar to the others, but I still like the first one, best.

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Youda Camper on Jun 17, 11 3:31 PM
Unless you have the game paused, they should just show up at regular intervals. Check the "pause/play" button in the lower left corner. Later on, you can try advertising, but as I recall it's not really necessary. Good luck!
 posted in Youda Camper on Jun 17, 11 3:13 PM
I have had this game for quite a while, and have played it through completely at least two or three times. When compared to many of the available games out there, it really doesn't measure up, but I felt a need to defend it at least a bit.

Once you figure out the mechanics of the game, it is not only playable, it can be quite enjoyable as well. You need to build a campground, taking into account the needs and preferences of the various people who want to stay there. You aren't really penalized if a camper leaves without getting a campsite; it's just "lost" income. It's best to start slowly and offer only a few sites, and keep them maintained.

I ended up enjoying my second playthrough more than the first, simply because I knew what to expect as different types of campsites opened up, and made sure I didn't put senior right next to the teenagers, etc. I also just created a large "parking" area over in one corner, and added to it when necessary, instead of having people park right next to their tents. As far as the game is concerned, it doesn't make any difference.

For those who like very non-linear sim games, this should appeal. You have complete control over what you put in your campground, how you arrange it, etc. As a DD, it's certainly worth $3 US to me. I recommend giving it the complete hour demo before dismissing or buying, though - certainly it's not well-documented. and it can be hard to figure out what you're doing. A big key is to start small, pay close attention to the needs of your campers, and don't worry if a few drive away without staying.

I'd give this about a 3.5/5 rating, overall.

Happy gaming!
 posted in Hidato Adventures on Jun 14, 11 5:15 PM
I'd be happy to help, robinsegg, but maybe go ahead & start a new thread. What, exactly are you stuck on? Are you playing adventure mode and have no new places, or what?

At this point I have completed two of the bonus tracks - the timed levels, and the "Line" style puzzles, and my adventure mode map has me somewhere in the mideast, I think. I'd have to check. If you're ahead of that, I probably won't be much help.
 posted in Hidato Adventures on Jun 14, 11 3:39 PM
I love logic puzzles. It took me a bit before I recognized the name of this one, as I haven't played it in a while. This is very well-done. Unlike Rooibos0727, when I purchased and activated, it did not reset my progress, for which I am grateful. I did not have any trouble with window size - just went to "options" right away.

As for game play, there are directions for controls, though they are not entirely clear until you play a screen or two. I have finished 3 puzzles now, 2 on the hard difficulty level, and with "perfect" scores each time (no hints or mistakes). Like "Gemsweeper", another very nice computer adaption of a game I have played on paper, I am enjoying it very much.

That said, it certainly is aimed at those who enjoy logic puzzles to begin with. Yes, you can get a bit tired with the same puzzle type after a while; I don't expect to finish this in a couple of days, but I plan to just do a few puzzles at a time as I feel like it.

Happy gaming!
 posted in Garden Dash on Jun 5, 11 2:38 PM
I have to agree - There aren't enough pots to get good chaining bonuses & get extra time, so you're sort of stuck. This was the first Handy Harvester level I had trouble with, and even using my relax token meter, I was nowhere close to expert time.
 posted in Garden Dash on Jun 5, 11 2:11 PM
For level 29, I planted 3 green, 3 blue, 4 red, and 3 yellow pots (in whatever combination works for you) in each round. Save the 1st-round blueberries until the first blue order comes up. I always use fertilizer (hold both soil and fertilizer at once, then hit each pot one time), and I always use only the watering upgrades for the pots.

Using this strategy, I had plenty of time left; during the last round I planted only 1 trio of cucumbers and 1 trio of blueberries. My final stats:

34 seconds left
70 chains
22 color matches
Total score 13,461

Lev 30:
For this level, I planted 3 Yellow, 3 Red, 2 Blue, and 5 Green on each round. For the green pots, I used a triple planter for cucumbers and a double for flowers in the first round. In the second I planted 5 cucumber, then went back to 3 cukes & 2 flowers. For the rest, pay attention to harvesting order. Don't collect the produce unless the order is actually showing. For the lilies, once you harvest everything else in the first round, the first order of them will show up, and you can deliver those as well, freeing up the pots for cucumbers in the second round.

My best score w/ this strategy:
Time left, 49 seconds
Chaining, 64
Color matching, 22
Total score: 14, 873
 posted in Garden Dash on Jun 5, 11 1:36 PM
I realize this is a couple of months old at this point, but just in case someone out there is still working on this level, here is my strategy.

My best score on this level is as follows:
48 seconds left
Chaining - 45
Color match - 8
Final score: 14,598

You should only have to plant 2 sets of plants. I'll note which size boxes I used; if you picked different sizes, yours may turn out a bit differently.

1st round:
Yellow: 5 peaches (1 box of 2, of of 3),
Purple: 2 eggplant (2 boxes of 1),
Green: 5 cucumber (box of 2, box of 3),
Red: 4 garlic (2 boxes of 2)

2nd round:
Yellow: 2 peaches (box of 2) and 3 pears (box of 3)
Purple: 2 eggplant (2 boxes of 1)
Red: 2 garlic (box of 2) and 2 chili (box of 2)
Green: 1 cucumber (box of 2)

If you want the extra color match and chaining points, go ahead & plant your extra box w/ more cucumber. I always upgrade all my pots with the auto-watering device. Try to chain all other actions whenever possible (spray your garlic in sequence, etc.)

Happy gardening!
 posted in The Three Musketeers on May 30, 11 9:02 AM
I can't respond to the technical issues, but I have had this game for years. I enjoyed playing it, as did both my boys (now ages 9 & 10). It is called an "adventure" game, which it is, as far as the storyline goes, but the playing style is more like a platformer. You run a pre-set course, jump over obstacles or hit them with your sword, etc.

As far as platformer-style games go, it is a very good one. It has some 3D qualities to it - sometimes your path takes a 90-degree turn, and the viewpoint rotates around, other times you have to worry about archers in nooks or shooting at you from an angle. Boxes & things can provide cover. Some jumps are hard to manage and you need to re-do a screen, or sometimes you can get a bit lost. There are a few levels where you can choose to loop around and do the course again, if you want to get a particularly good prize (that's the only way to get it).

All in all, if you can make the game work correctly, I highly recommend it. The different endings are fun - I don't know if I ever managed to get all three, so it has replay value there.

I'd give this a 4/5 stars for a game in its category, assuming you can get it to run in a larger-than-postcard-size window.

 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 27, 11 2:59 PM
I managed this level on expert (though only by using the serenity meter). The key here is in chaining. Both grapes and lemons need to be watered twice. Make sure you color match the lemons in every planting sequence. If you have lemons and tomatoes, water the lemons first, then tomatoes, then lemons so you get the full sequence. Every time you chain an action, you gain a second or two on the clock.

After two rounds of lemon & grapes, do 2 rounds of lemon & tomato. Make sure you deliver the lemons first (in both cases) so both orders of tomatoes (1 each) are visible when you deliver them. In the second round (so you get the color match bonus) do the same; the last order of 2 tomatoes will be visible once you deliver the lemons of that planting.

At this point, you should have 2 orders of lemons (2 ea) and 1 of grapes left. To get extra chaining bonuses, plant both pots each time - since you only get a color match on the lemons, it won't matter which order you do these in. Do 1 set of lemon/lemon, and one set of lemon/grape.

You should be able to finish the level pretty easily, as long as you take care not to waste any extra seconds. For example, pick up the dirt before fixing the pots so you can fill each one immediately after fixing it. The first pot will be all ready to go once you finish fixing the second one.

I don't like the placement on this level of the dirt and the delivery buckets, but they can't be changed, so place your planters somewhere in the middle of the screen, and very close to each other.

Good luck!
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