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 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 14 10:50 AM
catlynn54 wrote:". . .One of the most interesting of these is the difference between American English and British English. They are not errors. They are simply different ways of saying the same thing. It never hurts to broaden one's horizons."

I agree 100%, catlynn54. Whenever I don't know what a particular word is for an inventory/Hidden Object item, I'll examine the word - prior to hitting the 'hint' button - to learn what it is, and try and remember it for the possibility of its' use in a future game. Further, if a particular word is misspelled, or there's incorrect [U.S.] sentence structure in the subtitled dialogue/journal, I totally overlook it because I understand what the writer (character) is conveying and realize the sentence could possibly be stated differently in the native tongue of the developer, which - IMO - adds to the developers' charm.

Oh, to have my own wings to travel the world over. And, no. . . . . I don't mean by airplane!!
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 14 2:41 PM
It just so happens that I do have that game, Agnes. Looks like I'll have to play it again to check out that last 'game extra' you speak of. Thanks much!!
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 14 10:51 AM
. . .it most certainly would be interesting to know who the good-looking male models are that all the developers use as the lead characters in many of their games!?! Oh, and yes. . .the game's good, too (lol)!!
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 14 8:30 AM
Penny1942 wrote:Don't forget Artifex. They are really good too.

YES, 'Artifex Mundi'. . .THAT'S the other I wanted to mention in my "Large name" developers' list/post above, but could NOT think of it while typing it. Thanks for that one, Penny1942 (lol)!!
 posted in Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 14 7:15 AM
My favorites, for the large-named developers, are the exact same ones you mentioned, but also add 'Blu-T', 'Maad Hed', 'Mum-bo Jum-bo' and, when they decide to put out something, 'Big Fish'. The smaller-named developers, which I also think make the best games, are 'L-eh-Fun', 'Big+Top', 'Dom-N-ee' and, whenever they put out a game, 'Ur-CHin' (added changes to the names in case the site **** any of mine's, too)!!

This is an interesting forum you started, as I somewhat frequently mention - during gaming conversations with my sister or daughter - the names of the developers that, I feel, put out the best games. Also, as we've had some pretty good soft-edition games put out by new/fledgling developers over the past several months, I look forward to - hopefully - adding some of them to my list also.
 posted in Order of the Light: The Deathly Artisan on Feb 16, 14 8:48 AM
. . .when I played the demo of the CE version of this game, I thought the 'ghost catcher' was received in the beginning (after the intro) via a package sent by the Order of the Light. However, in this version (SE), we're reading the letter (via the journal) from the Order, but no package is received. Thus, how does one get past the invisible shield, as well as manipulate the morphing numbers over the entranceway in the hotel without having the 'ghost catcher'? Is it just me, or did anyone else not receive the package (in the beginning) with the 'ghost catcher'???
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope Collector's Edition on Jan 25, 14 6:39 AM
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Tiger2010 wrote:Hear u r, Teeca. Tickeela comin up Hic

Surprized woz one left. When I passd buy had botle of red whine, four , two Whiskas strait up and 3 lickeurs....

U'll beet me eashily at points Hic

LOVE IT, Tiger. Too funny!!
 posted in Midnight Macabre: Mystery of the Elephant on Jan 16, 14 8:27 AM
Hi there NewInThePond and welcome. I just wanted to say - if this helps in response to your comment - that if you are looking for thorough accuracy in game reviews, read the reviews by 'Nilosh' and 'JustTheFacts' (in the forums or game page). Everyone's reviews I read are informative (no matter how much or little they say) and gives me a different perspective of each aspect of the game, according to what they like or dislike and why (what most of us look for) and then use it to take into consideration of whether I want to even bother doing the demo or not, even if just out of curiosity. However, 'Nilosh' and 'JustTheFacts' give complete reviews summarizing/overviewing the games and offer excellent subjective and objective points of views which, normally, are "dead on". So, if you're looking to understand which review(s) would help you to fully get a feel of whether or not you want to demo a game (and ultimately purchase), read 'Nilosh' and/or 'JustTheFacts' reviews. . .as most of us use them as our finned, gaming pond guides of the games. Hope this helps some. Oh, and no. . .this is not a paid endorsement!!
 posted in Excursions of Evil on Jan 15, 14 10:56 AM
Been off the 'radar' for a bit. Thanks for the info, Tiger2010. Now that I'm back, I guess I'll download and demo. Hope there aren't too many issues with it.

And, 'ello there, Mate (JTF)!!
 posted in Excursions of Evil on Jan 15, 14 6:38 AM
Hmmm. . .couldn't help but notice there are 14 reviews for this game on the 'game page' that are dated November and October of 2013. So, is this a re-release?
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 10:56 AM
"BUT new glasses cost $$$$$ and would rather get a game!!!"

LOL. . .glad to know the priority of things, Orphaned (LOL). Oh, and I just sent an e-mail to Customer Support about the CD, and have now come back to find the moderator's message that they're no longer doing this (I missed that notice also when we were notified). However, the issue is not that major and there's no need to hinder the Technician's on troubleshooting this. I'll just order it from Amazon or the company (developers) direct (always more than one way to skin a cat!!). Thanks Orphaned & Mr./Ms. Moderator.

As for you, Orphaned: another LOL!! Pitiful!!!!!
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 10:12 AM
Hmmm. . .thanks for the 'tip', Orphaned. I didn't think to order the CD of the game . Since the 'download' didn't work for me, maybe - just maybe - the CD may be the way to go. . .that is, if BF still offers the CD's. I'll check into that. Thanks again!!
 posted in Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 14 8:13 AM
tookat wrote:". . .that I make the quality of my life.....not games, not other people...but me."

Well put, Tookat!! Although I haven't experienced many - with the unusual exception of this recent rash - I, too, have met with a few 'glitchy' games over the years (fortunately, during the demo trial), and I always take the attitude of "Oh well, on to the next. . .", even if it was something I really wanted to play. The only game I've been unable to play that I was 'quietly' bummed about is 'City of Fools'. That one is all too different/unique and what I got to play of it (demo only), I enjoyed immensely. Otherwise, for every/anything else in life or game-wise: 'On to the next. . .!'
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 7:56 AM
From what I was able to play of 'City of Fools', Silverbranch, is that the developers made this 'version' into a Hid'n Obj game; whereas, the original was a point-n-click adventure game only.
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 7:48 AM
Thanks for the head's up, Cottoncandy2. I also read, in another thread, that this new one is a very short game (if you haven't read that thread already), and now you're posting of this. Man, talk about another 'BFG' bummer!!
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 7:42 AM
Noooo. . . .nelliegemini, don't say that!!! As I was unable to play 'City of Fools' (wouldn't work on my computer), I was looking forward to this as being a possible substitute to make up for that, and now you're saying it's a short game?!? Oh SOB - and SOB - some more!!
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 13, 14 7:30 AM
I have been wanting to play 'City of Fools' since it first came out but, unfortunately, that is the ONE game I own that I have been unable to play (after I purchased) because my computer - for whatever reason - does not like it. The demo (when first released) played great but after I purchased, it didn't NOT want to play at all and I was all TOO disappointed. I can only hope the developers tweeked this 'Fools redeaux' (Who Am I) to adjust with Windows 8/8.1, as 'Fools' did not do well with '8' at all -- for me, that is. Can't wait to try and hopefully. . .buy!!
 posted in Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon Collector's Edition on Jan 11, 14 7:02 AM
Very observant of many of you, and something - altogether - new for me. I never knew/would've thought that it varied - country to country - which hand (finger) a wedding/engagement ring was worn. And the "you learn something new everyday" saying continues. . . .!!
 posted in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel on Jan 8, 14 7:12 AM
I had the exact same problem as NellieGemini. I was rather enjoying the game (demo), too, then ALL of a sudden. . . .!! I, too, have to wonder what's up with the jam ups (violation errors) with some of these soft release games?!? As I'm on a relatively new Toshiba Satellite computer (purchased this past March or April of 2013) and running Windows 8.1 with EVERYthing upgraded, I'm confused. However, since I do monthly maintenance on my computer(s), now is just as good a time to uninstall and re-install everything just to make sure it's not my system (which I know it isn't). In the meantime, it's 'tally-ho' on to the next game!!
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