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 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 30, 13 1:32 AM
Played nearly the whole demo, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hard, you can swap from one to another while playing

- ERS game

- Voice overs

- Integrated SG, bottom left of your screen which only shows 2 chapters in the sample

- Diary bottom left of your Screen

- Interactive map, included in the diary, it's sometimes better not to use it straight away to change places as you can miss an action... (for me, missed the wolf cub)

- Shortly after playing, you get an amulet with the 4 elements, you get them as you meet people in the game, you find it bottom left of your screen

- Through out the game you find fortune cookies (which in fact are nuts), you get a casket for them, bottom right of your screen

- You get different achievements for performing actions, they can be seen top left of your screen

- Hint is a ballerina which you get shortly after starting the game, it's useful outside H0. refills quickly casual

- H0, you have to find related pairs, or silhouettes, you then have to put the item back into the scene

- Min games not over difficult up to what I played

- There are animals all over the place, some of them go in your inventory and help you in tricky situations

- Skip button fills quickly casual

- Good graphics

-- Extras : Wallpapers, concept art, screen saver, H0, mini games, movies, music, calendar

Your twin sister is very ill, to save her, you give your soul to an evil witch, Your sister then follows the witch through a mirror to try and rescue you. Lots of animals, a rather sugary Prince, a very funny dwarf (he saved the game for me !). I played the beta a while ago and wasn't over thrilled, that's why I played nearly the whole demo to give the game a fair chance. I'm still not too keen.....

 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 28, 13 1:49 PM
Exit the tavern, go further in the street, enter the forge and play the H0.
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 28, 13 12:38 PM
katie546 wrote:Hi all! If you're still having trouble with the diamond cutting the glass I may be able to help. I went to the small screen mode and that did it. I got the cut all the way around. Then went back to full screen. Hope this helps! katie

Thanks Katie, will try that, I'm stuck in the left corner, can't move the diamond any further left. Thanks

It worked fine
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 27, 13 8:03 AM
Played 40 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hardcore

- Voice overs

- Notebook

- No map

- 36 morphing objects to be found

- H0, regular, interactive, objects not too easy to find. A lot of them

- Some new mini games

- Quite enjoyed the graphics

- Good creepy music

Good story, old manor, treasure to be found, gold fever ?? I quite enjoyed what I've played, I think this game is well worth a punch card credit.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Salvation Collector's Edition on May 25, 13 1:30 AM
Demoed, casual, for a little over 30 minutes I would say (game's demo says I still have "60 minutes left"....

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hard

- Integrated SG which shows 5 chapters + bonus play. Extras includes wallpapers, concept art, music

- Notebook

- Interactive map showing areas of interest

- Shortly after playing you get a chest where the artifacts you collect will gather

- Voice overs. A lot of cut scenes and talk

- Interactive H0, regular ones, some with silhouettes where you need an item to find another, sometimes it's difficult to use the item found, you have to click several times before it works. A lot of H0

- Some nice inventive mini games

- Hint is useful outside H0

- Skip button

- Good graphics but not over thrilling

The evil witch was once a gentle maiden, up to you to turn her back to her normal self. I have all the other Love Chronicles but I can't say I'm too keen about this one. Will probably get it to take advantage of the sale.

Played 40 minutes, casual

- Blue Tea Games

- 3 modes, casual, normal, hard

- Integrated SG, which only shows 3 chapters in the sample

- Vice overs

- No notebook but a task bar, bottom left of your screen

- Map showing areas of interest, not interactive

- As in all Dark Parables you collect figurines to open a story in the Parables

- There are memorial closets, you dress up maidens to get a reward

- Fragmented H0, not too easy to find, some really big (not the ones you spot first !) and some pretty small

- Hint, refills really quickly in casual mode and is useful outside H0

- Skip button fills quickly, still in casual

- Good, inventive mini games

- Beautiful graphics

- Didn't pay too much attention to the music

Evil witch is changing maidens in glass maidens, looking for the real Cinderella in order to revive her beloved. She kidnaps a young maiden looking for her now glass sister... Quite a fun story and a bit of humor too, the tea served is blue for instance Good game, good story, good graphics = instant buy !
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 21, 13 9:22 AM
Played 30 minutes, easy

- 2 modes, easy, hard

- Right after you click on play there's a display of a tutorial showing how to work your way in the game. You have to click escape to exit

- A very long introduction to the game and it takes a while when you exit a scene to get to the new one

- Voice overs

- Notebook

- Map showing areas of interest

- You get achievements throughout the game

- Shortly after playing you get Black, a fun ferret that keeps chatting with you

- You find too blue glowing stars that allow you to get an overall view of the items to find in a H0

- Hint refills nearly instantly in easy mode

- H0, you do not interact, a lot of them, one round each corner Objects not too easy to find for some and sometimes they are strangely lighted to make it more difficult

- Mini games pretty easy, very few of them

- Will go against the flow but I've liked the graphics

Not much of a story but the game is fun, for a H0G lover, and the chat between Vida and her ferret is quite humorous. Might spend a punch card credit on the game which is well worth a try.

 posted in Family Tales: The Sisters on May 20, 13 12:57 AM
Played 35 minutes, easy

- 3 modes, easy, expert, pro

- No voice overs

- Notebook

- Hint is useful outside H0 and refill nearly instantly in easy mode

- Skip button, fills real quick, still easy mode

- H0, not too many of them, your interact, in some you have to perform an action before being able to enter it, in others you have to find silhouettes and use the object to get next next one. Quite fun.

- Quite a few mini games, regular ones, not over difficult up till what I've played

- Good graphics

- Music a bit loud and slightly repetitive

You have a nightmare about your sister and decide to visit her. , surprise, surprise, she has disappeared !!! You investigate. This looks like a nice SE and I will spend a punch card credit on it.

Played 35 minutes casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, custom

- Integrated SG which shows 7 chapters + bonus play

- Voice overs

- Notebook

- Hint is useful outside H0 and fills really quickly in casual mode

- Shortly after starting the game, you get :

1. a dragon flute, use it to call the dragon who will help you (located up, right of your screen (you have to assemble it in a mini game)

2. a magic wand, it will allow you to get the power of some creatures and then use it (in casual blue sparkles indicate the animals you can fill it on) -bottom left of your screen, next to the hint button.

- As in all Isabella's games, you must find pieces of portraits to open new scenes

- H0, you don't interact

- Mini games not difficult up to what I played

- The graphics are different from the other games, they remind me of the ones in Awakening.

- Music is rather loud

You're the daughter of Princess Isabella. The 3 fairies who look after you are kidnapped by the evil witch who, of course, is back, as evil as ever. I've been quite disappointed in what I've played, the game didn't grab me at all and it's a no buy for me though the sale is tempting.
 posted in Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition on May 11, 13 4:16 AM
Played 35 minutes, normal mode

- 2 modes, normal, casual

- You have to click on menu to access the SG but you don't exit the game

- 9 chapters, 3 bonus ones

- Notebook

- You sometimes have to combine items in your inventory to get an object

- Interactive map

- Voice over

- In some areas you can move your cursor left or right to move in the scene

- Throughout the game you collect coins that you need to open different chests, in them are items that you need

- In normal mode, you can see on the map where there are coins, don't know if they show in casual

- Hint takes a while to refill, even in normal mode (over a minute), it's useful outside H0

- Skip button

- Interactive H0

- Mini games are easy up to what I played

- Excellent graphics

- Good music

Captain Williams used to sail all over the world with his beloved wife. She's seen less and less and then disappears. One day the corpse of the captain is washed ashore, dressed as a pirate. You investigate. I'll be going against the majority as I have loved what I played, it's a very intriguing story, there are a lot of clever things to achieve, the graphics are superb, it's an instant buy for me.

Now that I've finished the game, I just wanted to add that this game is fantastic. 3 chapters in the bonus play are really worth it. Thank you so much devs, a long time I haven't enjoyed a game so much. Gorgeous graphics and such a good music. And it makes such a difference to have a real story, not just the usual stuff of good fighting evil. THANK YOU

(This is still my subjective, humble opinion )

 posted in Island of Death: Demons and Despair on May 1, 13 7:10 AM

Demoed 30 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hardcore

- You get awards as you play, no hint in H0, quick finds, etc...

- No map

- Notebook

- Hint refill quickly and is useful outside H0

- H0, you interact

- Mini games quite easy

- Good graphics

You arrive on an island for your honeymoon, a terrible virus changes people into zombies... Your brand new DH has been infected, you investigate. Luckily the rain stops the zombies and it's pouring. This looks like a decent SE, might spend a punch card credit on it.
 posted in Mysteries of the Undead on Apr 30, 13 1:15 AM
Demoed 35 minutes

- No gameplay modes

- No voice overs

- Written dialogues

- Notebook

- Interactive map

- You have to collect 10 runes throughout the game. You use them on a kind of totem at the bottom left of your screen. You then get a piece of history about the island and a useful medallion. .

- H0 you interact

- Regular mini games,

- Hint useful outside H0

- Skip button

- Good graphics

People are turning into zombies on an island, You and your team go to investigate, Your ship hits a rock you miraculously escape and start searching the island. Game looks OK, not keen enough to buy. (This being my humble, subjective opinion ).
Played 40 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, soul savior, you can change mode while playing

- Integrated SG which shows 3 chapters plus a bonus play

- Notebook

- Interactive map which shows areas of interest

- You can combine items in your inventory, the ones you can combine are marked in green

- Voice overs

- Shortly after playing you get a raven that will help you gather things out of reach. You get, while playing, different powers for your raven : air, water, fire, earth. You've got to play a mini game to acquire your power and one each time you want to use one, it empties after you use it.

- You get a puppy right at the beginning of the game and, throughout the game you collect medals (5) for him and other items, you can then buy him things and play other mini games. There an arrow at the top left of your screen, use it to access your puppy.

- Hint is useful outside H0

- Skip button

- H0, you interact, only came across one during the time I played

- A lot of interesting mini games, some new

- Gorgeous graphics

- Didn't pay much attention to the music, so it must have been OK

You're riding home, with your dog, on the subway and end up in a cemetery... Here you discover you have to save the souls of 3 people before you'll be set free as well as your dog who's kept as an hostage... This Redemption Cemetery look really good, I had been a little disappointed with the previous one but this one grabbed me straight away. A buy for me.

This is, of course, only my humble, subjective, opinion Happy gaming
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 13 1:22 AM
Hi everybody Just wanted to add a little comment to my review, reviews are bound to be subjective and can't please everybody I'm afraid.... Fishies making comments are welcome to post their own review

Played 35 minutes, casual, always do for a demo

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hardcore

- Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters in the sample

- Voice overs

- Notebook

- Shortly after starting the game you get an interactive map

- Throughout the game you'll have to find 25 morphing creatures

- 80 whale bones to find too

- All morphing objects and items can be find at the end of the SG

- You get achievements, not skipping a mini game, finishing it in a short time, no hint in H0s, etc....

- Hint is extremely useful outside H0s, not only shows you the way but the action to perform

- H0, you interact

- Good mini games, not too difficult up to what I have played

- Gorgeous graphics

- Very good music and background sounds

Excellent, creepy story. You have left Pilgrim's Hook very young when your twin brother stayed, it was scaring you. Years later your brother calls you, he's in great trouble, you, of course, head to the island to rescue him. Could hardly wait to exit the game to buy it, this looks like a great game, thanks devs.

Played 20 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, expert, hardcore

- Voice Overs

- Integrated SG which only shows 3 chapters

- Shortly after starting the game you get a notebook which contains 3 parts
- Journal
- Interactive map showing areas of interest
- Amulet part where you store important items found

- Animals from the previous game (whale, dolphin, etc...) follow you to your new location

- H0s, you interact, items not too easy to find sometimes

- Mini games not over difficult up to what I played

- Beautiful graphics

- Good music

Your twin sister is on the loose again and is trying to harm your people. Phoenix takes you to the island where they live... up to you to fight evil again. This looks like a good beautiful game. I've loved the first Empress, less the second one (and so many sparkles in this one if I remember well), I hope this one will be up to the standards of the first one. Most probably a buy for me.
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 28, 13 1:56 AM
Played the whole demo, casual

- 3 modes, casual, hard, advanced

- Voice overs

- Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters

- Notebook

- Interactive map

- Shortly after playing you get a puppet helper that will help you to reach difficult places. You give it the name of your choice

- You find and build different hats for your puppet throughout the game

- You'll find 10 puppets throughout the game to fill your puppet theater

- H0, very interesting, you interact in the regular ones, then you have to find by silhouettes and the items you find are used to carry on with the H0, very good

- Good mini games, some new

- Beautiful graphics

- Music, nothing new from the other Puppet Show games

Felicia's father kidnapped again... is the story starting all over again ?? Nasty little spider puppet is back. Up to you to solve the mystery.... This is a buy for me

Played 40 minutes, regular

- 3 modes, regular, advanced, hardcore

- Integrated SG which only shows one chapter in the sample

- Voice overs

- Note book

- No map

- H0, 2 sorts, you put items back or play regular H0

- Very good mini games, quite inventive for some, not over difficult

- Hint very useful outside H0

- Gorgeous graphics

You arrive to investigate in a house where it seems evil tries to reign. As in all Secrets of the Dark, by clicking on a certain place, you move from past to present. Very interesting story, beautiful game, this is an instant buy for me , thanks devs....

Wanted to add, now that I bought it, that the game has 5 chapters + the bonus play. Still haven't played it yet, so can't say about the bonus play.
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 19, 13 4:29 AM
Played 30 minutes, casual

- 2 modes, casual, advanced

- No voice overs

- Note book

- H0, you don't interact, some items are really tiny

- Mini games really easy

- Hint, outside H0 only tells you there's nothing to do

- Good graphics

- Good piano music

Sempiternal story of a vampire in love with a mortal, will his evil vampire friend stop him from redemption ?. This can be quite an enjoyable game but get your glasses out....
 posted in A Wizard's Curse on Mar 16, 13 8:47 AM
Played the whole demo, casual

- 2 modes, normal, expert

- Voice overs (narrator's voice)

- Notebook

- No map

- H0, you don't interact, very clear, some items pretty small

- Good mini games, no reset button, had to skip the slider one

- Hint useful outside H0

- Beautiful graphics

- Good music

You're an alchemist and you try to stop your brother who has turned evil after his heart was broken.... why, who by ?? This looks like a good, beautiful game, will spend a punch card credit on it.

Played 45 minutes, casual

- 3 modes casual, advanced, hardcore

- Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters

- Notebook

- Interactive map

- You get achievements throughout the game, no hint in H0, no skip in mini games, etc

- 35 hidden symbols to be found

- Soon after starting the game you get a scent catcher to create new fragrances of perfumes

- Interactive H0

- Good mini games

- Hint very useful outside H0

- Very good graphics

- Good music that fits well the game

Young women are killed and there are fragrances of perfumes all over the place. Up to you to catch the murderer. This reminds me strongly of Patrick Suskind's book, The Perfume. For me the book was a masterpiece, I just hope the game will be too as it's a straight buy !!!
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