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 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Jan 18, 17 9:01 PM
It seems that this game has only one developer and no company unless it is BigFish.
If so they need to sendit back to the developer for an update. The game does not record your option choices, so each time it starts the sounds and music are at half maximum again. If I change it to windowed mode this is not remembered either.
to work out which level you are on , or having trouble with you have to count the dots on the map. They are not numbered or have a number show if you mouse over the dots.
All of this seems to show an amateur developer who may not have played his game much in testing or who has super fast reflexes. I am almost 70 and for me to proceed past level 17 looks nigh on impossible. These games should not be this difficult. It should be possible for novices to proceed to the end of the game even if only getting 1 star then have it a bit more difficult to get 2 or three stars, but at least people are able to play the game t the end.
I would suggest that Sargis Shahzadyan go play Landgrabbers to get an idea of what his game could become. Then re-adjust his coding to make the game more playable.

Or he could start to put some videos up on youtube to show how he can win at this game but I seriously doubt that. It would be in the interests of Bigfish and this guy to do an update as they both want to make money from its sale. However in its present form there will be many unhappy players.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Jan 18, 17 8:48 PM
Is anybody playing this lemon of a game or am I the only bunny around.
This level seems impossibly hard. It is the second (or third) after the orcs appear.

The Orcs are already stronger with both 40% stronger attack and defense but in addition they have closer access to an armory( doubles their attack strength) and also the Tavern (doubles the population growth). They also have closer access to smaller buildings and more of them.
Meanwhile the blue army of Goblins seems to always want to attack me first.They have a choice between small building closer to me and a small building closer to the orcs. It would give one half a chance if they at random attacked the goblins side occasionally.
Anybody gotten this far and have any tips.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Jan 14, 17 10:07 PM
After playing just 2 levels I wrote a review which gave this game some positive points. However I no longer agree with that.
The game is too difficult to get three stars let alone 1 star. The premise is like Landgrabbers, but the degree of difficulty is 10/10 compared with Landgrabbers 3/10

The drag forces to target is innovative and shows what forces you are directing there, but it is so slow and for novices in this game almost impossible to get anywhere.

These games are supposed to be fun with a little bit of challenge, however this one fails with to much of a challenge.
To make any headway you need to buy improvements but these use Gems and they are only 1 per level, not 1 per star so unless you can advance you cannot purchase more improvements
Other games let you get 3 stars for the first 5- 6 levels before starting to get a bit more difficult. this one gets impossibly difficult by level 2.

Wish I had not bought this game now.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Jan 11, 17 4:14 PM
I got to about level 3 or 4 cannot remember and tried to buy it using one of the free game coupons I have but because there was a sale on those coupons are made invalid, so have to wait to a non sale day before I can purchase.

Yes it is like Landgrabbers which has a much better tutorial. So to play this game gto do yourself a favor and play Landgrabbers for an hour to get an idea of the gameplay.In land grabbers you can win by just defeating the other colors, while in War Chariots you have to defeat all the neutral outposts as well.

To get past level two you have to be very aggressive. Don't wait to build up numbers to a safe level , get a bit aggressive and attack early.
Also let the opposite color weaken an intervening post before you attack it.

 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jan 7, 17 5:18 AM
Are you sure you are talking about Moai II ? Level 3 requires to
Restore three fields
Two Groves
Open every chest.
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jan 7, 17 5:12 AM
Which level are you talking about. You did not indicate it in your heading.
 posted in Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition on Nov 2, 16 5:23 AM
Build a fairy house and use 3 crystals + ood to produce 80 Gold from the top right side Diamond icon
 posted in Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition on Oct 31, 16 7:49 AM
Finally got gold on this one. at 8.58 so 2 seconds to spare.
Used Sale (cheaper products services) , 20% more Food and 20% more wood collected
Cleared a much along paths and built tower and selected gold below tower before I built Mill above and Timber mill below tower.
Bought worker (3) Used moon on Tower and then obtained food with bonus applied, then wood with bonus applied while applying rain to farm. Cleared path up and down to allow both gold (near upper pig and the gold vase bottom below tower (select vase first as it takes time to gather then apply moon and get the upper gold purse and apply the gold bonus.
You need to keep applying the Moon t the tower throughout to keep the ghosts down . One application of moon will not clear all ghosts so keep applying.
Aim to get the gold mine going soon while collecting the food and wood. after collecting a couple of golds buy the decorative stone 4 times (once for each of the Mine Farm and Timber Mill and one for the Table to make the blue spheres. )
Aim to get at least two gold swords early and clear the two middle pigs as you need to clear the path to the table and the path to the bottom left pig.
It sometimes pays to wait a little before applying the moon to give the ghosts time to appear when going for food and Gold.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 16 5:57 AM
Have reported this in the Tech thread. But wondering if anyone else is able to get through Level 32. I cannot destroy the large Barricade in the centre.
I can destroy the other one.
Have tried this on Windows XP and Windows 7 and no luck in passing level 32..
I have noticed no requests for help so far on any level past 32 so does this mean others are having trouble here as well?
Edit. Finally worked out where to place the upgraded thunderstorm. It is not in a similar position to the lower right one. You need to place the storm lower down and almost off the Large Barricade for it to catch.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 16 5:56 PM
Running Weather Lord Collectors edition on a Windows XP computer.
Level 32 there are two large barricades that need to be cleared, Can clear the lower right one, but the enhanced thunderstorm will not catch on the middle Large Barricade.

Will try and reinstall and see if that changes.

Have deleted and reinstalled and the same problem so now I cannot proceed past level 32. Anybody else experience this bug.

Next I will try it on Windows 7 and see if it is specific to Windows XP.

Have installed on a Windows 7 laptop and again the large barricade in the middle cannot be destroyed. Can destroy the large barricade and lair at bottom right. So this is a bust as cannot pass level 32.

Edit. Finally worked out where to place the upgraded thunderstorm. It is not in a similar position to the lower right one. You need to place the storm lower down and almost off the Large Barricade for it to catch.
 posted in Townopolis: Gold on Apr 15, 16 8:39 PM
Have you looked at the solution on the second page of this forum. They even give a layout design.
 posted in Divine Academy on Mar 31, 16 4:35 PM
Just logged in after about 30 days of not playing and find nothing to be harvested . The divine gardens show as full of fod, but cannot harvest it without spending 1 crystal first. Mills need 13 days to harvest?????
So if you try to stay away until some updates make it worthwhile to continue you get penalised by having an overly long time to a harvest. They want to force you to play almost every other day to avoid being penalised.
I think it would be better to watch grass grow.
 posted in Terrafarmers on Mar 26, 16 1:39 AM
At this stage you should already have the blue ball pirate shooter and the red button rainmaker
There is already a short walk through at

You need to terrafarm faster than the creatures eat the grass so whenever the red button becomes available or you have cash keep the grass coming.
Should be able to get gold in about 1.56.

I am going back and re playing some of the older TM games as there are very few new quality ones coming out. Wish they had done a Terrafarmers 2
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition on Feb 16, 16 1:43 AM
I searched for a general section of the forums but there does not appear to be one . All forums are game specific with no General Games thread.
I did a search on this topic and found over 300 complaints of a similar nature.

You have just played a game for 5 minutes or hours and decide to finish so you hit the quit button. Then you see:
Are you Sure?
Do you really want to exit?
Are you sure you want to quit?
Quit the game?
Do you really want to quit the game?

Well let me see - you have a quit button, or Exit button and I clicked it. Unless I am an idiot that was my intention. The worst that could happen would be that I would have to restart the game.
Why are game designers so desparate to make sure we don't quit their games by mistake? Don't they trust the clarity of their controls - Exit, Quit? Don't they believe we have the intelligence to know that when we click those buttons we are wanting to finish the game.

Imagine if game designers designed a lot of the controls in the real world?

Are you sure you want to leave the building ? (at the sliding doors exit before opening) .
Do you really want to go to the 5th floor? (in elevator / lift)

Are you sure you really want to flush the toilet?

Are you sure you really want to exit Windows?

Do you really want to brake the car heavilly?

It does not happen in the real world where our decisions are respected and perhaps more important so why in the gaming world?

To be fair not all games do this :
Some games which do a clean exit are: Sweetest Thing. Fort Defense, Big City Adventure, Build A Lot, Monument Builders, Virtual Villagers.
Games whos designers think you are idiots are:
Youda Survivor, Adelantado series, Aztec Tribe, Farm Frenzy series, Choclatier, Gardens Inc, My Kingdom for the Princess, Royal Envoy, Samantha Swift, Vacation Adventures, Weather Lord series, World Mosaics and many others.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on Jan 12, 16 7:33 PM
Found this fairly easy. Make sure you have the market filled with resources to start the level.

I found that waiting to get the 50 % bonus for the wall helps greatly. You can quickly build about 3/4 of the wall using this bonus . Also leave one wall segment to the very last so you can fill the market for the next level.
May be a problem with your graphics card. No problems here.
I finished up using the Axe, Rake and Tower Staff.
Yes it is very tight.

1. Collect food, food, food build house. (2 workers)
2. Collect gold,gold / wood gold/ wood gold. Use rain on lower bridge.
3. Build Grain Mill,apply wind to rejuvenate mine . Build bridge, collect grain/ grain,grain. Gold grain . Get another 2 workers.
4. Use wind on lower right goblin and collect last grain there, wood and grain from field.
5. Build sawmill lower right , upgrade sawmill , harvest and renew field throughout.
Upgrade Grain Mill.
6. Concentrate on getting wood and harvesting field and getting just enough gold to build a tower . Build Tower
7. When you have enough food to destroy one lair apply wind to tower and repair hole to right (I know it sound silly attacking the stronger area, but by doin this you open up the wood to grain trader for a fast build up of food.
8. Destroy camp right at end (the front two goblins don't seem to go back there).
Reade wood quickly and then destroy the other two camps to the right. Continue harvesting wood and grain and trading wood for grain/ destroy the bottom right camp.
9. Apply rain to bridge at left and destroy the two camps there.
10 Repair hole at bottom and finally destroy the last camp.

Don't forget that wou can also apply the scare enemy bonus at bottom when you have ony one or two goblins. I also used the speed up bonus when I could.
Scraped in at 5.10 but can see ways of improving this.

I found this one quite easy .
I used a magician's hat (extra 15 units of resources when use weather), the luggage / bag (extra worker) and the Wind Staff (speeds up wind recovery.

You will have two workers to start:
1. Collect wood, wood, / wood, Build grainery / wood, gold.
2, Grain from field, upgrade grainery . During all this start throwing the wind around to clear the mists, try to clear as much of the remoter areas after you have cleared what you need as they try to cover those areas first before covering some of the areas you need.

3. Collect grain to centre south path, build house and when have enough grain clear right rock and buy a tool
4. Build the trader in lower centre and trade for gold .
5. Continue collecting grain from both fields and trading for gold.
6. Build bridge at top centre clear rocks with gold and pay top shaman.
7. Buy another tool from right trader and then build top trader . Continue clearing to top left.
8. Trade for wood and gold, clear left centre path and build a forge
9. Pay top left shaman and build a Jewellery shop. Collect gems and activate both altars.
10 Buy another tool and repair gateway and activate. While this is happening use the storm cloud to clear both obstacles.
11. Trade for gold enough to pay the remaining two shamans and trade for wood to clear the hole.

12. Buy the 8 tools.
Throughout use the freeze time bonus.

I initially thought that it meant that any altar could produce three different weather systems but that was wrong.
Normally an altar produces only 2 tornadoes or storm clouds or rainbows. With the scroll they now produce 3 tornadoes etc. Good for when the gems are difficult to get, or you have a lot of enemies and don't want to keep recharging the altars.
You must complete the next group of levels before the alternatives become available. You dot even have to complete with a gold medal. just complete them.
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