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 posted in Dr. Mal: Practice of Horror on Dec 23, 12 3:45 PM
@purusty - when you collect enough stars to diagnose the first patient, you are asked if you want to see the next patient right away. I presume you clicked "no" at this point.

At any time, you can click on Mal's noticeboard by his desk, and click on one of the trinkets to switch to another patient.

Oh, and FYI, there are fifty patients.

Hope this helps.

 posted in Dr. Mal: Practice of Horror on Dec 17, 12 4:59 PM
@Mossy224 Click on the notice board behind the desk to go to Mal's Trinkets - is the red shoe trinket available? If so, click on it to see the next patient.
 posted in Crime Solitaire on Jan 31, 12 7:13 AM

Yes, I meant a Full House!!

In my defence, I'd finished writing the game quite a while before it was released so the some details of it had seeped out of my sieve-like brain in the meantime. So, thanks for the correction!

Regarding the money - you do get some, but how much you get depends on how many cards are left on the board when you use it - you can get nothing if the board is almost completed anyway, though it's fairly random. Even so, if you use the Dog Powerup without playing a single card, you don't get very much - you'll get a heap more cash if you actually play the level and go for 3-up combos and the like.

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 6, 12 6:19 AM

It's not a case of hiding it! Saved game files have to be stored in very specific places in order to comply with operating system standards - this applies to both MacOS and Windows.

The Magicville saved game file is located in Users/Shared/Desktop Gaming/Magicville. Deleting the Magicville folder will remove all saved data for the game.

If you delete any files, you do so at your own risk, obviously.

Hope this helps!

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 6, 12 2:55 AM
I particularly enjoy the fact that the items discovered upon completion of a board have been used in the mini-games, and the “use,” “look,” mode is indeed reminiscent of the style of my much-loved parser-based adventure games of the 90s.
Hi Lainie,

The 1980's text adventure games were my inspiration for doing it that way, long before the likes of Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky changed everyone's way of thinking (for the better, I might add!).

Just to add - yes there *is* a skip button on the minigames now, due to popular demand. This update was released shortly after the original release due to an oversight (by me!) in the first place. I never really got why people would want to pay for a game then skip through half of it, but oh well!!

Anybody found the cheat yet?
 posted in Crime Solitaire on Oct 1, 11 2:48 AM
Hi kdorian - thanks for the feedback!

It's like that by design. The problem I found in development was that players could play part-way through a level, then quit the level, and restart. Had the player been allowed to keep the money they earned previously, then they could repeat the process over and over to raise enough warrant money whilst not actually progressing further into the game.

This is why, on abandoning a level, the player is stripped of any money, awards, power-ups etc they earned on that level. It's really just cheat-prevention! It isn't really a penalty as all you lose, is what you didn't have before you started the level.

 posted in Crime Solitaire on Sep 4, 11 3:14 AM
Hi guys

You can acquire the use of a dog unit for scoring a 'clean sweep', not a full house. A clean sweep is where you remove all the cards and clear the level without turning over any new base cards, though you're permitted to use other power-ups and bullets in order to do it.

It will automatically complete a level for you, and give you a nominal amount of cash for doing so. It can be useful in circumstances where you're having difficulty in removing a lot of cards from a level, and if you're having trouble getting the last few dollars in order to issue a warrant. That said, it's something of a red herring. While it can be useful in very specific circumstances, in the general course of play you won't really need to use it. It's arguably the least useful of all the power-ups.

Note that you can only carry one dog unit power-up at once.

Hope this helps!

 posted in Crime Solitaire on Sep 2, 11 4:19 AM
Hi alilona

This type of solitaire is traditionally called "Forty Thieves", although most people nowadays call it "Golf Solitaire".

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Mar 15, 11 4:07 PM
Hi again

I presume you're stuck on the Monk & Turtle Inn (match three level)? The skip button is only available in the minigames - not the match three levels.

The easiest way to conquer the more difficult levels is to stock up on Light Spells (you can have up to three at a time and they're by far the best spell for clearing large numbers of tiles quickly. To use one, click on one tile, then click on a second tile*, and all tiles between will be removed.

* The second tile must be on the same horizontal or vertical row as the first tile.
 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Mar 15, 11 4:00 PM
MissTerry wrote:Hi Dave,

Once again, I owe you a big "thanks!" By the way, asre you real person at Big Fish game site or are you a person like me? Just curious..

Have a nice day.


*prods self* Yep, I'm a real person thought I'm not at BigFish, I'm in England and Magicville (PC and Mac version) was designed and written by me.

Glad you're enjoying the game.
 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Mar 5, 11 7:23 AM

You have single and double chained tiles which take more hits to get rid of than regular tiles. After that, enchanted tiles take one further hit to get rid of. They have a sort of 'frozen in ice' appearance about them and they shatter into pieces when you hit them. From memory (which isn't a good memory!) I think the enchanted tiles start to appear from roughly half way through the game.

SPOILER ALERT! (Highlight the area below to read)
Are you sure you're close to the end? I'm not sure what you mean by 'last peninsula' but just in case you aren't aware, there is more to the game than the first island, which you leave via Monk's Causeway at the top, then there's (in no particular order), a forest island, a frozen wasteland, a red fiery island with monsters on it, plus a couple of small, rocky islands - all before you get to the final showdown on the last island, where several of the odd-looking and apparently pointless items you've collected throughout the game, will have a sudden useful purpose.

Maybe you know all this.... just saying in case you aren't as close to the end as you thought you were!

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Feb 3, 11 1:55 PM
Hi Terry

Inventory items - to give an item to somebody, click "Give" at the top-right corner, then click on whatever item, then click on the person you want to give it to. There are clues as to what they want and they aren't overly difficult. First off, when you first talk to a character they will give you hints or ask you outright for a certain object. Also, the name of the scene (at the top) often contains a clue. Finally, click the Hint button and Tiana will give you a further clue.

In some cases (like the cog game near the beginning, for example), click Use, then the cog, then the spindle to place it on. Or maybe you've found a locked door, and you have a key - click Use, then the Key, then the Door. And so on.

You can click on any spell in the spell shop, and Tiana will give you a brief and slightly cryptic explanation of what it does.

Spells - starting at top left:

Hint - shows you a move if you get stuck.
Vanish - remove one tile (not chained or enchanted).
Swap - click any two tiles to exchange their positions (not chained or enchanted).
Chain - remove any single or double-chained tile.
Enchant - remove an enchanted tile.
Multi - remove all tiles of the type you cast the spell on.
Explode - remove five tiles in + shape.
Light - click two tiles on the same row to remove everything between.
Shuffle - shuffle the board when you're struggling for moves.

Depending how far you are into the game, then you may not have even seen chained or enchanted tiles so the relevant spells are useless until you reach that point.

Hope this helps.

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:44 PM
Hi Myamistic

As Scobeaux said, the game was originally released without a skip button, and I added it in an update soon after as a lot of people seemed to be requesting it. If anybody is still playing and *doesn't* have a skip button on the minigames, an update should be available to you via game manager which fixes that problem.

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:39 PM
Hi Safarri

Yep, the Skip button skips minigames. I just posted a few hints elsewhere relating to the cog minigame (you'll be pleased to hear that's the only time that minigame appears in Magicville!).

Not really sure what happened to you there, as nobody else has ever reported anything like that, thought some people may have been using the first release of the game (which didn't have a skip button - it was added in a later update).

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:33 PM
Thanks for your nice comments!

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:31 PM

Is this the peg solitaire game? There are a number of levels of this type and increase in difficulty - all are based on traditional boards and there are plenty of step by step solutions available online.

As I guide, I find it easier to work from the outside towards the centre as much as is possible. Try not to get in a situation where you've left one peg on its own, as you'll end up leaving it behind and unable to reach it. Doesn't matter so much on the early levels as they're pretty easy, but on later ones, every peg counts!

Hope this helps!

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:27 PM
To anybody still having difficulty with this bit - start by clicking the "Use" button at the top-right corner. Next, click on the cog, then on the spindle where you want to place it.

Hint: One of the spindles is slightly different to all of the others - it has a wee notch cut out of its end.

[edit] Just noticed that the third screenshot for Magicville on this site, shows the cog level completed - go have a look to see which spindle the cog goes on!
 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jan 29, 11 2:22 PM
Hi Kleenix,

Click on a spell in the spell shop - a popup appears at the bottom of the screen which tells you what it does. You can click on spells as much as you like - you don't actually buy them until you hit the "buy" button.

When to use them? They all have their uses. Some only work on certain types of tile, and some work on a larger area of tiles - the multi spell is probably one of the most useful as it will remove all tiles which are the same as the one you click on. The shuffle spell comes in handy on some of the more difficult levels, too.

One final hint - the light spell is really useful on levels which have rows of chained tiles as it will let you remove a whole line (or part of a line) of tiles in one hit.

One more thing - there is a hidden cheat mode which gives you infinite spells. I don't think anybody's found it yet.

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jun 29, 10 3:41 PM

There was an update released June 15th which fixes the inventory problem. There is a thread in the Magicville forums on how to install it.

Once installed, continue your saved game and your missing inventory items should be restored (including a large iron key!) and you'll be able to continue.

 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on Jun 25, 10 3:51 AM
Hi John

You can get it working again pretty easily by deleting your saved game files ("C:\Program Data\Desktop Gaming", however, that'd be at the expense of your saved game data. Its quite likely that something's gotten corrupted from when it crashed before. The latest version does attempt to recover lost data but obviously its a complex process and virtually impossible to cover every base.

I've checked out your specific problem here and everything seems to be fine.

If you have any further info on this (i.e. exactly where does it crash, for example, during loading as soon as you try to run the game, when you try to continue in adventure mode, or whatever), that might help me to identify a problem, if there is one.

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