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 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 10 2:46 AM
Wow, after reading all of the positive feedback, which is so rare I might have to buy my first CE game. I'm going to download the demo first, but for everyone so far that has given this game such great reviews it really may be worth the money. I will post again after I play the demo.
 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Aug 30, 10 4:33 PM
All I have to say you better have really really really gooooood eyes to play this game, even after hinting the hint button I could not see the item. Not all ot the items are like this but enough to make me delete the game after 15min of playing the demo.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream on Aug 28, 10 3:19 AM
I have played 30 min of demo and so far it is a buy for me. Found 2 short easy on the eyes HOGS and alot of interatcive things to do and put together, Not hard to figure out. So far it seems that if you do not have an inventory item that you need in one room go to the next room and as soon as you find it go directly back to the previous room and use it, it will give you what you need when you go back to the new room you had just entered.

Graphics are good, very quick recharge on the hint. I did come to my first mini game but have not played it yet. The first 30min went by so fast, which means I was enjoying the game. I really like these type of HOG/Adventure games. This is not the best one I have played but it is purchase worthy. This game may be a little easy for those of you who play alot and a bit more challanging for others.

This game is like many others where you have inventory items that you may have to combine to get them to work and you do have to jump around from room to room and back again. Most of the things you have to do just make sense
Everyone have a great day
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Aug 22, 10 6:23 AM
Ok, just finish the game, boy I am so happy I did not pay the 20 bucks for the CE version not worth it. It is a really good game, however way to short, it is almost like they were pushed for time and the developers decided to release the game before it was complete. I spend 3 hours trying to get the game to activate and abut 3 hours of play time. I only skiped one mini game and that was the one where you had to line up all three balls to the holes, and had to use the walkthrough twice. Oh well I hope the next one will be longer and we all won't have so many problems with the downloading. Funny how different everyone is I just read NBliving's comment and they thought is was a good length, oh well I guess I was just comparing to other games that I have played that are just as good quality and were longer.

Happy gaming

 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Aug 21, 10 4:46 AM
I had alot of problems installing this game here is a list of things I did to resolve:

1. First time I installed I got error 769, updated adobe flash player and installed the adobe 10.1 debugger.
2. Uninstalled Game and Restarted computer
3. I went to Game Manager and at the bottom I clicked options, than advanced, then changed it to alternate method. ( switched it back to default after game was activated.
4. Reinstalled game, downloaded ok, activated ok, then when it says "Waiting" got a 703 error. I was stuck in that mode so I turned off my anti-virus and went to purchase history and hit install again, and it did not have to install again, but it did get it out of "waiting" mode and game is now installed.
5 TURNED ON ANTI-VIRUS MODE after everything was ok

I think as long as you temp turn off anti-virus mode from the start, your install will go more smoothly. Not sure if I had the demo already installed the 1st time if that had anything to do with it eaither, someone else mentioned that they had to delete the first installation and then reinstall and everything went fine, that is what makes me think the demo may have something to do with it. You may not have to do the whole adobe thing like I did, just uninstalling to remove demo and reinstalling may work and reinstalling game under alternate method. (if you get stuck in waiting follow the above that may help)

Hope this helps
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Aug 21, 10 2:46 AM
I played the demo and bought it after 10min. Played one HOG scene It was fine found everything with no problem. RTR look out this looks like a good one. I did not read the reviews on the CE of this game.
 posted in Mystic Diary: Haunted Island on Aug 16, 10 4:09 AM
I just finished the game, good game worth buying I did get stumped once and had to use the walkthrough, HOGS were fun. graphics were good and mini games where pretty easy, it beats pulling my hair out and not being able to skip them. I was able to find most of the items in the HOG scenes. However, of course I can't remember which HOG scene the item was differant then the one they were asking you to find, you will see it when you have to hit Hint. Sorry I can't remember which one it was.

Happy Gaming
 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff on Aug 12, 10 5:16 PM
Love this game bought it after 5 min of demo, finally a decent game without it being a CE. Graphics are great, game not to hard or to easy, interesting story, not just a straight HOG which gets boring. Mini games are easy. This is a very nice relaxing fun game. I really like the interactive parts of this game, several different things to do to keep you busy.

Just like it, not the best game I have played but I'm up to chapter 4 and feel it is worth the purchase. This game may not be for everyone, hard core adventure players may feel it to be to easy and people that do not like to jump from scene to scene to find things to complete a task may not like the game.

For all of you that complain ( and I have the same complaints) that objects are to small to see, in many of the HOGS, you will not find that problem with this game. I have had no problem finding objects. There has been a couple of recent games in the past couple of weeks that I wanted, but everything was so small (including the list of items to find) that I did not buy the game, this was very disappointing since they looked liked they would have been fun.

Happy Gaming
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 7, 10 3:30 AM
I have only played for 15min and love this game, graphics are great, I love HOGS/Adventure games, and this is a pretty good one. You do have to jump from room to room to complete tasks. (some of you will not like this and my find it to confusing). I played one mini game and enjoyed it it was not to hard or to easy. The past couple of days the HOGS that have come out I have not purchased just because the items were soooo small which made it not enjoyable, this game is not like that you can see everything. This is not a young kids game!!!!!!!!

Some people mentioned the neon green graphics, this color is not in every scene. Also I hated the cursor but in the options you can change it. I dot not have the music on so I can not comment on that. I have found no glitches so far and I have Windows 7. Everyone should at least try the demo. This is a buy for me.

Happy Gaming
 posted in The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Aug 1, 10 7:27 AM
Ok, so I bought the game, for most gamers they most likely won't like the game reasons: too easy and a lot of reading. I bought the game because I liked the story even though I'm against long stories in games. Yes it it is too easy but it will pass time. Just waiting forl the 2 recent CE to come out in the regular versions, I will never buy a CE I do not feel it is worth the money. I have already played and finished all of the other good games.

Well I will get back to my novel now.

Happy Gaming

 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy on Jul 29, 10 5:58 AM
Ok played for 15min and bought it. Great game, howecver for those of you that do not like to leave a scene and then have to go back to it later to complete a task than this game is not for you. But if you are reading this to decide weather or not to try it, the answer is yes go ahead. I think most people over all will enjoy this game.The HOGS scenes are not to hard or to to easy, no junk piles, even those with not so great vision will be able to find objects.

Happy Gaming
 posted in The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Jul 28, 10 3:42 AM
Due to the reviews, I won't bother downloading, I mentioned this before in one of my comments on a previous game, gamers are buying a game not a novel. Since most of the reviews states that there is a lot of chit chat and reading I won't bother. However if the story is well written and not lengthy it can add to the game and not take away from it. I also hate HOGS that the items are to hard to find. Since that has been mentioned as well, I won't even try the demo.

Hey, does anyone besides gamers read these comments, like I don't know BF or developers. Waiting for a really good HOG/Adventure game with creative mini games to come out. There is alot more money to be made on one good game instead of 10 bad ones. Develop smart it is alot less work and more rewarding.

 posted in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy on Jul 26, 10 11:36 AM
Dittto again goofyduck77, you said it perfectly
 posted in Immortal Lovers on Jul 24, 10 5:05 AM
ditto on what oldbay said.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Jul 17, 10 3:41 AM
I just have to post another comment about this game for the developers, It is not to often that you find everyone likes a game. So if you are a game developer please play this game so you can understand what all the hype is about and maybe you to will be able to create a game that is just as good or even better than this one.

Overall, most gamers that like HOG/Adventure games have the same complaints about most games. This developer has done their homework and has listened to gamers. Take the time when developing your game and yes quality of a game goes a long way. Also be more creative with the mini games, gamers are always looking for something new and fresh, not the same old boring mini games with different pictures. Yes, the story does count as well, but don't over do it, remember we are not buying a novel. If a gamer is spending more time reading the story then playing the game, make the story shorter.

Moral of the story, Take your time, and do your research when creating a game. Create a good reputation for youself and you will make alot of money.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Jul 16, 10 4:19 AM
Very easy, fun game play, for those of you hard core adventure gamers, this may be a little to easy for you, but if you don't want to pull your hair out tring to figure out what to do next, and want a no brainer, relaxing entertaining game with a good story and great graphics I think you will enjoy this game. I purchased this after 30min of demo time.

Happy Gaming

 posted in The Crop Circles Mystery on Jun 16, 10 4:15 AM
For you gamers that do not like cartoonish style games, this is not for you, however Some items are very easy to find as some are not so easy to spot. I do agree this game is more for 6-12 yr olds, but if you are an adult and are looking for a mindless game to kill time, you might like this one.

Does anyone know when another good MCF game is coming out?
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 12, 10 5:45 AM
same problem, can not read paper after it was rubbed with coal. can someone please help, it seems serveral people are having the same problem, vaugh can you send me a pm too?
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 12, 10 5:17 AM
Go back to the tree, click on the trunk, I was random clicking on the tree and it popped up.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 12, 10 3:39 AM
Love this game, however if you do not like to jump scenes or look for HOGS in dark scenes this game is not for you. I run windows 7 and had no problems with downloading. Just 30 min into the demo I knew I wanted to buy it. Just a note, 4 leaf clovers are hard to spot, and I found qty 2 in one scene. This game also has no timer and it appears you can click as much as you like. If you have played games like this in the past you will not have any problems on figureing out what to do next.

I hope this helps a little on anyone deciding if they want to try or buy the game

Have a great day everyone
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