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 posted in Relic Rescue on Mar 5, 15 1:47 PM
How long do U have to wait to play the Bonus Level 'is it that U have to play for the game an hour' or what is it How does it work, cause I'm playing this game for oner 2 to 3 hours per night now I'm down to 5.16 minuets. Soooooo Frustrating.

Ria Bonus
 posted in Relic Rescue on Feb 28, 15 6:00 PM
Ok Guys just calm down I have owned this game 4 over 6 months now and just tonight I discovered that U have to land on the BONUS level U have 2 wait 4 30 minuets 4 to laps I thought it was playing time of the game time that U play in them, if U know what I mean.


BTW I'm in me 50s LOL
 posted in Relic Rescue on Jan 30, 15 2:13 PM
hezzak wrote:Finally did it. Just saved up my bonus shots and used them. Horrible level!

I must agree with U Horrible level! and I'll try that now too 'Wish me luck'

Ria Bonus
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 15 2:49 PM
and by De way she or him is not in the gift place only in the game "I Duno"

Ria B
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 15 2:39 PM
Dawnyl wrote:How can someone be looking over your shoulder? There's virtually no interaction between players, save for gifting.

Well Dawny its like this when I'm playing de game and this creature or person is always above me and looks creepy

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 15 2:14 PM
bayouguy wrote:Are you talking about in the game or on the forum? If somebody is behaving inappropriately on the forum, report them to the mods.


The Game

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 17, 15 3:38 PM
Sorry if this is already talked about but I would like to get rid of a friend Cause she seems 2 be looking over me shoulder all de time

 posted in Relic Rescue on Jan 4, 15 4:14 PM
inspector108 wrote:I actually googled "How to beat level 64 Relic Rescue" and got this forum. So I know others are having trouble too. I've played it countless times and just can't get through. So now I am building up flame balls and fire balls to try and get through. I just keep going back to the bonus square every 1/2 hour or so and play that till I build up enough. I'm gonna need A LOT!!! LOL
One trick I've learned is leave the game on the screen while I do my housework, etc. and come back every 1/2 hour to get more bonuses. That's one way to build them up.
good luck on level 64.

Brilliant Idea inspector and if U go 2 no 40 each time it is easer to do

BTW what ever U do don't start a BONUS lvl and come out of it strait away cause U will have to wait another half an hour that happened to me the other day

Ria Bonus
 posted in Relic Rescue on Jan 4, 15 3:41 PM
chiefbob911911 wrote:What is the purpose of the parrots, they don't do anything and what is the purpose of the gold ring at the end of a level when the eunused balls are shot into the air

Well Chef Look at the scores while the balls or poppers that U release and end up in the bins when the parrots and the sea urchins will double your scores from 100 to 200 points

Ria B
 posted in Relic Rescue on Dec 28, 14 5:05 PM
OK Guys I'm going to ask how the Ell did Some of U get passed lvl 54 I am havering a lot of trouble here. I get through to the top and see the KEY but I cant get to the very last part the


Ria B
 posted in Relic Rescue on Dec 28, 14 4:51 PM
suki123 wrote:what is the lock for on the bonus helps please how can i get it to open

Look at the time U have to wait come back about an hour later [or that time left]

Ria B
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 12, 14 5:15 PM
Well now I'm on Lvl 32


 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 8, 14 1:46 PM
aussiegirl1 wrote:ReallyHelpless,

As you can see the forum is a mess with multiple threads on just about everything but the top 3 are:-

1. Unique Stamps ( they come when they come)
2. Tournaments ( also come when they come)
3. Help I'm stuck, what do I do? ( go to " helpful links for Midnight Castle")

your question on frustration about the HOS is one that needs to be defined as what exactly are you frustrated about??
Or are you just frustrated in general? doing the same scenes over and over??

hopefully this will all get sorted out and threads dedicated to certain topic will be clear and precise, and the thread we need most of all will be the VENTING PAGE

Thanks to BfgVaiya and all the mod's, I hope the this will become a better place to get answers, as my mum says " It is a good start" ( she is a Teacher)

You are perfectly right on what U say about the 3 different Areas I don’t know Y BF haven’t tried this already because all I was looking 4 a question about the Tournament.

Ria Bonus Shamrock From Ireland
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 8, 14 12:42 PM
Sorry Guys I just haven’t the patients to read all U have to say Too long for me


 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 6, 14 4:50 PM
FionaN wrote:I was playing along nicely when my game crashed! What's new there I hear you all say!!

I can normally deal with it, but for the first time in a while I decided to purchase some diamonds as I wanted to reached level 51 today. Lo and behold when I finally get back into my game, I am back at level 50 and my diamonds have disappeared. I have emailed BF to see if they can reinstate my game or refund my money.

Sorry all, but I just needed a bit of a rant!

I'm all better now.....


Hi Fionna this is Ria Here I'm just opening another thread about lvl 26 it's so frustrating that I have to reboot my computer everytime I finish the game and it wont let me play another game. I hope U will get the money back from BF that U need, sorry that Hot-Lily sounded so condescending to U
Ria Bonus
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 5, 14 2:33 PM
Recently the game will not shut down and I can't play any other game, the notice tells me that therir is another game running 809 so I have to reset my Computer why is that?
Ria B
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 5, 14 2:22 PM
What's happening ""Nothing"" All that happened when I got into the update I had to choose a box when I did I got 3 Diamonds; is there any more 4 me ???????

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 9, 14 3:43 PM
I did the all the things for The Prof and did not get the 40 stars and some coins every thing just Disappeared and went on to the next job I'm Just wondering Y

Ria Did I miss something
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 4, 14 2:16 PM
Best Wishes from The Emerald Isle Gonzo Sorry their's No Shamrock here and couldn't Cut off one of the leaves

Get Well Soon from Ria B
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 4, 14 2:03 PM
TKS guys U really cheered me up tonight

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