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 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 15 8:42 PM
Just got the Dev Record on Level 27, first one, and I think I know how it works, remembering previous games. It's not all time, it's total score. I finished that level with 6 seconds left to get gold and after all the bonus additions my total score was 48,521. During the level I kept collecting all the resources I could even though I didn't need them. Anyway, I may try earlier levels and see what happens. Would be nice to know what the records are, and by the way, you get a laptop icon next to the level icon.
 posted in Green City: Go South on Sep 11, 14 4:47 PM
Here's another fun way.

Upgrade High Rise all the way
Destroy back right building of that block
Put 2 promenades next to it and fully upgrade - really helps w/ rent
Put Cinema in top back right corner of that block and fully upgrade
Put arcade in bottom left of the right right block and upgrade prestige only as you'll destroy this
Buy multi-story whenever you can and leave it
Now just level all bad buildings when you have money and fill in flooded area
Just wait while the rent piles up enough to destroy multi and build complex on right side of right grid & then fully upgrade and put 2 promenades behind and full upgrade
Now collect money and when you have enough start building items to get this final layout

Top Left: top left park, bottom left complex fully upgraded, right side top to bottom Cinema & two arcades

Bottom left: enviro center upgraded a couple times, maybe 3

Bottom right: 2 parks upgraded twice

Watch your electricity and add some where needed

Last step: destroy arcade on top right grid and build zoo - game should be over when it finishes at just over 9 minutes

 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Aug 23, 14 12:32 PM
You have to build a platform where you restore crops and make your workers go faster. There will be a new icon for destroying all enemies.
 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Aug 22, 14 5:23 PM
Just did something accidentally but it really worked well. Was in level 24 and put a rain cloud over the food patch as a warrior was beating an enemy up and the rain cloud stayed over his head instead of raining on the patch. Then I tried w/ the sun and it turned him into a sun warrior and he killed the shaman in one fell swoop! Will have to try on other levels. Give it a try.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Aug 14, 14 4:51 PM
First, I haven't bought any partnerships and if the game gets to the point where I need to to make 3 starts, then I'm done. I may consider doing so if the price was about 1/4 what it is so that you end up spending maybe a bit more than a collectors edition but...

I built a ranch right away, sold it, got materials and built the workshop. Then as they came available I flipped two bungalows and inspected a couple and the duplex. Then demolished an inspected bungalow and built a ranch and sold it. Also put the duplex up for sale at the same time.

I have played some levels where I try to finish in 3 stars but if I don't, I get the gnome and do the optional World item. If I don't get the stars, I replay and usually get them but since I've already got the gnome & world I don't have to worry about them. Seems near impossible to get everything on the first try. Best of luck.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 23, 14 4:05 PM
Each time you start the level you get a different layout so you need to massage how you do things.

You always get the Colonial and Manor on the zoned spots. Appraise and sell them both right away.

You'll then want to build a sawmill and then a workshop but don't put them on the top row as you want a specific layout. I was able to do:

Mansion 3* Mansion 3* House Cemetery House Cemetery House

With this layout you can get the 100,000 rent and maximum bad appeal. So in any of the spots for houses you would build the first mansion, appraise and sell it. That will enable you to buy up all that you need. Next get the two 3 * Mansions going. One of the two remaining houses should be a cabin.

Once you get the two 3* mansions built its just a matter of buying up property. So my next two rows ended up like this.

Middle Row:

Windmill Windmill Windmill and in the right two spots it was a sawmill or workshop with a cabin next to it.

Bottom Row:

Windmill Cabin Cemetery Cabin

This layout worked and I had some time left. You may have to demolish a sawmill or workshop depending on where they are to achieve the final layout.

I had tried all kinds of different approaches that didn't work but thanks to Tiam47 saying you only needed 2 mansions to get the 100k, I got this idea. Have fun.

 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 23, 14 1:36 PM
This was a whirlwind level and after about 10 tries finally got it. Was moving so fast is hard to remember exactly but her is an outline.

All at once: Build Sawmill/Workshop (if you're luck you'll have a lot or too not next to a house) and sell Manor
Buy 5000 wood, start building mansions and inspect them

Hired 9 workers real quick then 3 more as first two mansions were being built, ended up w/ 27 - Train works right away

Now is the balancing act, buy lots or destroy lesser houses you have and keep building/inspecting mansions. You want to have enough wood so when a building spot comes available you can build right away.

While buying/building/inspecting I upgraded 4 mansions to three stars and one to 2 stars giving you about $400,000 rent.

At around the 4 minute mark had most all this done and was left with 2 manors and one farm house to buy. Also was finishing up the last upgrades and making sure I inspected everything.

At the five minute mark I destroyed the farmhouse and manor to build windmills. You don't need but about 1500 wood at this point as when you destroy a mansion you get enough wood for the windmills.

Made sure I had 27 workers and would check money then start destroying a couple mansions at a time that weren't upgraded.

At about the 6 minute mark had the five upgraded mansions left and just got over 2 mil so started destroying and building windmills.

Just replayed it so I could write this and finished with about 20 seconds left.

Good Luck!

 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 21, 14 4:44 PM
Don't forget to energize your workers for $75000 at the workstation, they move twice as fast.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 21, 14 11:47 AM
This seemed to work well:

Build Sawmill
Sell Farmhouse
Get materials and build 3 manors
Buy up properties as you can and just leave them making money
Upgrade all 3 manors to 3 stars
You should have enough Victorians so just upgrade them
Demolish cabins and build Colonials - note: if a cabin needs repairs I just demolish it
Be sure to leave a Premium space for the Lighthouse.
Upgrade everything and wait until you have money to buy Mansion
Be sure you have 9 workers to then destroy Mansion.

Should have a fair amount of time left. Enjoy.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 20, 14 2:21 PM
I think I did this:

Built Farmhouse then sold it
Built workshop
Demolished the cabin I owned, built colonial, upgraded to 3 stars and then inspected
Bought any cabin for sale then demolished and did above
If a colonial came up for sale and you have money, buy it and upgrade it and inspect
Kept doing that until I had 5 3-star colonials
Buy final house that you can afford, get enough materials to build sub-station then light a 5 colonials

You should have plenty of time doing it this way - good luck
 posted in The Tiny Tale 2 on Jun 16, 14 2:55 PM
OK, after 4 tries and nothing, I shut the game down and then restarted and it worked. Does seem to be too many little glitches like this in the game.
 posted in The Tiny Tale 2 on Jun 16, 14 2:04 PM
Am I missing something? I get 300 mana, go to the tomb and the workers just jump up and down and nothing happens, the mana doesn't count down like when building towers. What does it take to bury the king?
 posted in 300 Dwarves on May 13, 13 8:35 PM
Actually my bad, the arrow does keep taking me back to the Port Town bonus level. Oh well.
 posted in 300 Dwarves on May 13, 13 6:56 PM
At least you got an arrow, I've played the first bonus level 4 times w/ 3 gold bars and have never seen an arrow. Oh well, missing one level isn't a big deal, should have been another 10 levels in my book.
 posted in But to Paint a Universe on Feb 22, 13 12:36 PM
Through Level 11 and no problems. What email address should I send the report to as I don't see a way to attach the zip file here? Challenging game.
 posted in But to Paint a Universe on Feb 21, 13 11:02 AM
FYI. I Cleared Data and and the box came back but starting at square one. Will let you know if it happens again and I truly hope it doesn't. Cheers.
 posted in But to Paint a Universe on Feb 21, 13 10:11 AM
Paused the game and when I went back the box that contains the colored balls for the the amount and order you need to complete was gone. Restarted game a couple times and it hasn't come back. Was on level 5. Am reinstalling game but need to know if this is a problem. Deleted game, reinstalled and still no balls. Would really like to continue playing, it is a fresh type of game. Thanks
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China on Nov 30, 12 2:48 PM
Funny, I just replayed level to remember what I did and was going to post as I finished w/ a fair bit of time left too.

My biggest difference was after sawmill and extra man I chopped trees to build bridge and then the Hunters Hut. Moved to the right meanwhile building the Steel. As soon as I got through to the right built the warehouse. Upgraded sawmill while building elevator, then stone, then upgraded warehouse and stone. Moved up the hill, got the wood pieces. At this point I had 3 guys, then got the fourth, cleared to the Fort and checked supplies. Usually you were short wood so I started building wall and collecting food wood and stone. Then if I had enough gold I would chop the rocks and build the wall as long as that didn't put me below the level of the fort. As soon as you could build fort, do, then concentrate on the wall and the rocks in the way. I forgot to use the speed bonus but still had plenty of time left. Don't forget the vases on the way. Good Luck.
 posted in Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty on Nov 12, 12 5:51 PM
If I remember correctly I cleared the two large orange block, worked on clearing all the trees across the paths and other items plus picked everything up I could. Also, cut the trees down and made sure I had a path to them to collect them. They are what you were probably lacking to upgrade all the buildings. Meanwhile, upgrade buildings when you can, the foundry & sawmill & bank, then build a quarry next to home. Make sure you have enough wood to upgrade the quarry, mine, 10 to build, 20 1st upgrade and 20 or 40 for last upgrade. Put another bank in and then start buying supplies. I finished w/ 11:40 left so if you need a better walk-through, I'll play again and let you know. Good Luck
 posted in Toy Defense on Jul 10, 12 2:43 PM
I'm sure everyone knows this but you can put a unit on top of your stronghold. Try it with whatever you need at the time. Sometimes the tank works best, other times the Ack-Ack gets the last plane at the edge of the screen.

Secret Slots? I can never place a man on one, maybe I've got a newer version of the game. Have slid my man up and down as far to the edge as possible but never see the circle turn green. Anyone else have this problem?
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