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 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 17, 10 3:12 PM
That's funny how the 'wrong' story makes you guys deprive yourselves of the pleasure to play a rather good TM game. Actually the 'story' is just a series of speech balloons from a total of 5 or 6 (i don't even remember cuz i don't care) characters, very rarely between levels. The story's short! The remaining 99% of the game time is about building and strategic planning and that's what i do care about, not about the 'cartoons relationships'. But yes, the story is, well, stupid, and yes, it's the case with most of the casual games, and i even like to look down on these inventions and ridicule them when there's someone to discuss them with.

The game is very similar with its predecessor, the Vacation Mogul, and has quite few differences (it's practically a 'new level pack with different buildings names and skins' for the previous game.) Unfortunately the research screen is now omitted, i liked it a lot in VM, but the bonus upgrades are still there and are exactly the same. So i can talk about both games in the same time -- they're very well done. While Build-a-Lots' interface usability (very important when time is the main resource!) was almost perfect and many imitator games brought additions to it to only make it worse (quite annoying when you play several such games in succession), the Mogul series have managed to even improve that interface, most changes are to better (some are to worse but few). In the beginning of a level the timer doesn't run until the player chooses an action, so its comfortable to take time to look and plan. The strategy is nothing like Build-a-Lots! In BAL you sell and sell and sell to get the cash early, in VM and SRM i completed the whole campaign within expert time without selling a single building -- correlations between resources (cash/materials/free space/time) are absolutely different. Knowing how to play BAL well, i had to learn again how to play this title well. For a hardcore BAL player this game's too easy (with bonuses; but it will be way more challenging to play without them so i practiced to buy one not before i confidently failed without it, thus adjusting difficulty myself -- a very neat option!) A hardcore player doesn't look much at the graphics (has no time) but they're really nice, too. So i liked the game and would recommend it to everyone -- both hardcore and casual players (you still can complete a level with a slightly less score if you run out of time).
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 17, 10 2:28 PM
Buggletta wrote:The only issue I have is that towards the end Julia and the new boyfriend don't disappear off the map so the new levels are obscured. It is still playable but annoying.
I third that. Could anyone complete the game WITHOUT this issue?
Also, a couple times when i was awarded a trophy in the middle of a level (for constructing N building of a type), i got a 'Level completed' message the very next, so i couldn't continue the level and had to go back to the map where its status was incomplete.
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