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 posted in Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition on May 14, 16 6:45 AM
I guess BFG know just how starved us TM lovers are
I come in every day hoping for a new good TM game and if one is out, yeah, I'm likely to want it, so why not make it a CE hmmm? lol
As I understand, standard version has 40 levels, while this CE has 12 extra levels and some wall papers? Okay... if it was just the wall papers, I'd probably wait, but once extra levels are included, even though 52 levels is hardly CE worth, I'm likely to not pass on such an option and get the CE.
This won't stop me from buying a good game I'm planing to enjoy (unless, unless, we had a lot more TM games to choose from, and not always resource management, I so miss good old TM games some days, cooking, farming... don't you? lol) AND we can buy it with the sale today or for 2 game credits, gives us 3 punches, is there still bonus punch Monday? lol

Anyway, yeah, seems nice enough to go on my "to buy" list, I like the pirate theme, the story part impressed me enough to believe some real effort was put in to it, and there are hidden treasures too, so looks nice enough to get (starving for TM games here...)
Oh and agreed about the "must return home even empty handed" thing - if it's just to clear an obstacle - they need to be able to collect the resource behind it without having to go back home first, but oh well, to me this isn't really a deal breaker (not sure what is? TM game yay!! lol )

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 4:00 PM
[Removed by Moderator]
Happy gaming and peace on earth.

And thank you to my dear friends who are always helping,
I do my best to help you all out asap too
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 3:31 PM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:efi24, I think when the spring event first came out and everyone noted players had to visit the spring terrace 1000 times, that's when the idea of adding just SE players to our games was born.

Everyone who joined knew it was only for the spring event and was good with that because they already had an amount of regular friends that they were comfortable with. It wasn't for the purpose of gifting, just helping each other get the achievement. So no one is insulted, it was set up to work that way.

That doesn't mean that some SE friends couldn't become permanent. I've had several gift me, and I've gifted back.

Besides, the friendslist acts really stupid when you have a large number of friends. Some of it disappears and you have to go out and in a few times to get everyone to show up. It wasn't made to handle that amount, I guess.

I'm sorry, I'm really not that familiar with all that goes in the forum. I just saw a friends post and gladly offered my id to have more game friends.

As for the friends list not showing the full number - I have that too, but usually when I log in, I just play a couple of scenes first and then when I enter the friend's list, it's all there - just takes it some time to load properly. I have almost 400 friends, never saw it as a problem. But yeah, I'm being weird, and this is just a game, so...
Thank you and happy gaming
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 3:25 PM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:You didn't realize it, efi24, but you said it in your post...SE stands for Spring Event.

I agree about keeping the room open for as long as we can for every player we accepted to get their fair share of the "goodies," but having so many friends does play havoc with the friendslist.

I feel like I'm back to playing peek-a-boo trying to find everybody.

But it is fun, at least, and a challenge.

Thank you for answering
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what havoc means. English is actually not my native tongue. I just use the search tab to find the friend I'm looking for, never saw having a lot of friends a problem. I hate to think I'm going to lose all the new (and maybe some confused old) friends I made. I didn't realize SE stands for this. Nor do I see a problem with being nice and gifting someone, for simply opening their spring room to you, why not?? And I write down all names and try to gift back everyone asap.

I honestly thought some of my newer friends were gifting me to thank me for offering them a spring room to use for their achievement. And I'm gladly thanking them too, as soon as I can.

I guess I should be ready to lose a lot of friends once this event is over, and will be more careful next time an event like this comes (and it will come).
I think I'm done with this conversation, I have some weird notions about friendship and it's too depressing
Thank you to those who are friends, come rain or come shine
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 3:13 PM
Tzeitel99 wrote:
efi24 wrote: "for the spring" event added me so I can use their place and achieve my goals too (and make that a capital I yes), and I sure hope no one's going to unfriend me as soon as this event is over. That would be like offensive and rude. Snobish Even lol

What is SE?? lol

You used the term yourself! Spring Event is SE.....LOL

Yeah, that's really funny, I'm too laughing out loud here, thank you!

So here's where I get confused:
SE - Spring Event - makes sense! Yeah
But see? if I see someone has "SE" on their name, I'd think it's them being nice and welcoming to let their friends know they have the spring room open and everyone's invited to visit their garden. Which is the intention I had when added "spring open" to my name.
Where is the guide book that explains that SE actually means "I'm only your friend for the spring event, have every intention to remove you as soon as the event is over [Removed by Moderator]

I mean seriously, I am a very naive person, I am not one of this forum's highborns, I'm a simple playing peasant, and I do believe I've stopped coming in this forum a while back because of stuff like this. I keep my friends, I am not going to unfriend anyone, and I'm not sure I'll accept those who unfriend me next time there'll be an event they need me for. I try to gift back my friends asap, I am most grateful for any help I get and I wish you all very happy gaming.

Now, I understand I'm this weird person with feelings, I mean this is just a game and a virtual forum right? lol "get a life", I know but rationally thinking - there is an achievement for unlocking stuff with keys, and hey, so far we don't have enough things to open, do we? So makes sense more rooms will open in time? More events we can all enjoy with each other are likely to come?

So does SE also stand for "I'll be friending you again next event, expect you to accept as I need your help, will put 2 letters on my name and expect you to understand it means to not gift me nor expect to stay friends for longer than I need your service"?

This is the Spring Event?
It's a good thing the actual game is fun.

And on that note, thank you to all my dear friends, happy gaming to all
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 2:56 PM
Dear Magz13, I'm nowhere near reaching that achievement myself and been enjoying your spring room every day, thank you for that and hope you've been enjoying mine too
I do believe we've been friends since the 1st day this game came out or sometime back then? And we've exchanged gifts several times before so I actually hope you will not be unfriending me at all at any point.
I will be sorry to see you go, if you chose so. You're very welcome to stay
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 17, 16 2:22 PM
Pardon moi for taking the donkey's clown face roll here, but can someone please explain what SE stands for? Is there a MC dictionary somewhere? I really can't figure this one out. SE... Seasonal Eclairs, Southern Elves, Something Etc. What is this? Seriously. I've seen it around, I have no idea what it means and would never realize it means not to gift someone??

That said, I've been gifted by many as well, I figure special events keep more players interested, I personally keep a list and answer everyone asap, when also have a few I try to gift on a daily basis, but I'm sure we all understand we only get to send out 15 gifts tops a day (and given some of us work etc. maybe only 10?) so we're not getting mad at people for taking few days to respond or for gifting us and well, hoping to get something back, are we??

I believe those who added me "for the spring" event added me so I can use their place and achieve my goals too (and make that a capital I yes), and I sure hope no one's going to unfriend me as soon as this event is over. [Removed by Moderator] lol
You know there might be a summer or tea room at some point... don't lose out on good game friends

Gifts, meant to make people happy. Thank you for all the gifts many of my dear friends are sending me, doing my very best to respond to all asap

What is SE?? lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 12, 16 11:02 AM
Thanks for this great post and all the helpful tips!
Been digging in the forum to find an answer to my question, haven't quite found it yet though... but am happy I found this!
I know these events end with no indication, just gone after a while, BUT, any estimation to how long this will last?
Can anyone say how long last year's lasted? I missed it unfortunately so am happy to finally have a chance with it this year
Was it like 2-3 weeks? You think it'll maybe last until like the end of April? lol
Thank you
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 10, 16 1:00 AM
I really hope the developers are actually reading here or that the mods for this forum are submitting this to them in some way.
The Spring event is GREAT - Love the spring room and the idea of being able to visit a hos at our friend's place and all.
We complained at Christmas, which didn't do much, and now it's even worse!
Everyone show up on that list, including those who never opened any room at all. No indication to open the spring room, so many haven't. No way to screen for only those who have the spring room open, click by click by click, and it keeps going back to the beginning of the list - makes it a really difficult and annoying task!

I really hope and wish developers did something to both fix the scrolling thing and only show those who have the room open, or at least A room open. Or allow us some sort of a "favorites" list to add people to? So we don't have to go through this endless task of scrolling and clicking every day...
Other than that, the idea is really cool and fun, just could use some improvement.

I got my spring room open for everyone to visit, thanks for opening yours too. (My current name is EFI- SPRING OPEN and my id is 6557).
Happy gaming everyone
 posted in Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree on Feb 3, 16 2:46 PM
I must say that I loved the first game's graphics A LOT, enough to enjoy playing it, as it is so beautiful, but didn't fall for the actual game play, I'm pretty good at these sort of games and yet found it impossible to reach 3 stars and even 2 in quite a few of its levels, which to me was a bit frustrating and felt like an in game problem really...
(not brag, I'm just playing these sort of games a lot lol)
when I first saw this game, I was a bit disappointed with the graphics and didn't care much for the zoom ins either, which I mostly skipped lol
MUST SAY - It is A LOT BETTER, game play wise.
It's a good game
And apart for the zoom in things which I too find a bit annoying lol, the graphics are pretty wow in this game too. And the game play is much much better.
I'd say this is a good, recommended, game, fun to play
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 7, 15 3:19 PM
Hey, I'm celebrating Hanukkah here and got my Christmas room open! lol
Why not? It's so fun! Holiday season, time to be jolly
This is a game! Imagine Grouchy Smurf playing it lol haha

Btw, thank you all for your comments, there should be a medal for reaching page 4 in the forum so quickly lol I was looking for the like button, like like and like and thank you

I think the idea is really great, it's always fun to exchange gifts, and the gifts are so great, I am so enjoying them!!
I'm just sorry for all active friends I have I can't gift and are missing out on this.
I think they should have put in an in game tutorial to let all players know, or at least a letter from the mailman, yes - Which can still be done! There's like a month left.

I don't know about players who don't have the room open at all, but I do think they need to NOT show up inside the room's list. I'm clicking my fingers non stop to go through the entire list, one by one, it hurts! lol No seriously, my finger is hurting lol Extremely time and energy consuming.
There must be a way to program this better.

Another thing is I'm starting to go very low on the gift boxes. They do not drop so often, I'm left with a little less than 200 now. They will not last for the entire event... What do newer players do?? They need to drop more often!

I just wish all active players were aware of this. I don't mean to rant here, I am very much enjoying the gifts, thank you all who send them - know I'm sending them too, every day, to any friend with a Christmas room I have. But it's very time and energy consuming and I'm sorry so many rooms are still set to regular.

And please, please, does anyone from developing team read this? (sorry, what's op?)
Do something to allow a search button, a favorite's list, not showing those who don't have it open at all, send letters to everyone so they'll know.

Until Christmas is officially over I remain a deer lol hint hint...
Have a very merry one and happy Hanukkah too
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 6, 15 2:26 PM
Where do I start?
Well I start with a message to the developers, I wonder if they'll get to see it from her?

You did NOT think this through!
Forget only those who follow this forum
or are medal freaks like me who are aware of every new medal that comes out and go out on research to know exactly what's it about lol
There's not much indication of this room existing.
I find many of my neighbors are set on the regular room.
Forget my medal people - have you seen all the great prizes we earn from clicking our tree? I click it several times every day and tons of great gifts are dropping!

And why isn't there a search bar, or a favorites list to add to or something?
Why are players who never even opened the room show up in the list at all?
Every day I click the small arrow one by one, 333 times. Then I click every friend, 333 times. And so many either don't have a room at all or have it set on their regular.

Switch to Christmas room people - the prizes are so worth it!!

The idea is great, and finally something to do with all the gift boxes, how nice.
But this could use some developing improvements honestly. 1,000 gifts? Next Christmas maybe. Got my 100 today
I'll keep sending but it's like 30-40 minutes of headache to do it every day lol

I am so jealous of some of the rooms I see - wow - how did you ever get all those shards? Wtg on that - looks so lovely. I'm nowhere near reaching them lol

What else?
Oh, while I'm here, apologies to all my lovely friends who send me great gifts so often - I've been away for a few days and am now very behind on gifting, but I will gift you all in good time and I thank you for your patience

What else?
Happy Hanukkah to those of us who are celebrating!
It's 1st candle this evening, have a good one
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 3:35 PM
I wasn't aware there's a pet to win for this either. Is it cute??
I'm still stuck on the first part of this achievement lol I used to get double 6 every now and then but I swear, ever since they introduced this new medal - not even once!
I get 6:5, 6:4... 6:6? It like stopped! lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 3:31 PM
12earth45 wrote:Greetings to all...

After reading many posts from many long time players. Felt something is amiss!

So this last tourney really paid attention to spins, chips.

I paid in 9 times (no more after this test) and one free . 10 entries

Not in top 100, but won some diamonds.

2 spins had zeros

3 had chip glitch , that showed higher chips, but went to spin, and chips lower, BUT the lower count was correct.

3 spins good, with 50%, 40%, combo 30-20-30

3 were mediocre

4 were bad

Concerning chips. Had mostly 1 and 2 some 3
Some were small, some faint, some next to timer, or under item after clicking on it

Last 4 tries, eyes tired... So will only do 5 at most now

Last tourney where I placed, wished I paid more attention. I played less times, maybe 6 or 7? But had many 3 chips, and wheel very generous , no chip glitch.

I play on iPad, and take all posts, hints, tips to heart.....

Hope this will help some people, but I read all the tourneys are different for each one....

Crystal P..... Eyes so tired, can't even play regular HOS for a little bit

lol thanks for the info and congrats on the win!!

I'm thinking it's not glitched. It's just another feature in it given to luck and chance.
It's like chances are of finding up to 3 chips per hos, but it's programmed to sometimes only hide 2, or 1, or none. Which may or may not affect your final chances with the wheel, as 2 times 50% will get you higher than 4 times 10%
lol I'm thinking of all the times I was so happy to have 12 chips yet kept getting 10% ha. That doesn't get you far.
And yeah, some of them hide very well and easy to miss. But I do find them usually, even at times I managed to click them like when the counter went down, a second before score came up. But I can't find what's not there!! lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 3:25 PM
Oh, there might be 4?? I never manage to find more than 3, and many times it's like only 2 or 1. Sometimes, not as often but at times none, yeah. But it's not because I miss them. They're just not there. I don't get it. If at the end of it, it's still up to chance with the wheel, why not put 3 chips in every hos?
We still might miss some, but at least we all get a fair chance in spinning amounts?
Oh well.

Again, good luck next time and congratulations to the happy winners!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 3:22 PM
Ha! So it's basically no more than 3 per hos yet possibly (and quite often might I add) less. Anyone ever had 15 chips? Like 3 for each hos?
I never find all 3 in all 5 hos and I think it's because they're simply not always there
I'm thinking at least those who reach top places, like top 10, are lucky to find 12 chips and get 50% on each spin? WOW!!
Wish I was half that lucky lol

Thanks for your answers, good luck next time!
Wheel goes round, maybe it'll drop a 50% next time
Thinking about it, 2 spins of 50% each will get us a higher score than 4 10% lol
But yeah, I agree, it should be the same amount. This is totally a game of chance and luck.
Congratulations to the winners!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 2:56 PM
Thanks! Not very good at these things, sorry if I'm misunderstanding something. But after you moved your game manager (your entire BF game manager??) to the F drive, can you bring back the saved game to c drive? Say, after formatting it? Or will you forever play on F drive? And what if F drive goes oh, out for a walk??
Yeah, not sure I got it right. Sorry. I need the kid's guide.
(Oh wait, kids today are so good with computers! I need the just turned 40 and am a woman, guide lol)
Please and thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 15 2:42 PM
Hi everyone, how are you today?
Sorry if this has been asked and maybe even answered before, but you know how hard it is finding things in this very busy forum...
I'm just wondering... has anyone ever managed to find more than 3 tournament chips in a single hos? Are there always 3 or do you also sometimes only find 2 or 1 or even none?

I never manage to find more than 3 and too often I find only 1 or 2.
Are they hidden somewhere or is that also a matter of luck?

I figure no matter how good and fast I am with playing the hos, it's the wheel at the end that really counts for the scores.
I usually end up with 6-9 (well, can be 7-10, but it's basically the same amount of spins) chips and on rare occasions I have 12. Never once have I had 15!!

Does that sound about right or am I really bad in finding those chips? lol Is it possible to find more than max 3 chips per hos?

Then you got the odds. I figured if my luck is to usually land on the 10-20%, rarely 30%, never once on the 50%, some people's luck is to land on the 50% often? lol
Lucky you!!!!
If only I got 50%X3 or 4 - wow!! But I get the 10% lol

Thanks and good luck!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 15 9:32 AM
I'm sorry, I really need to read before I jump - it does say windows 7 over there.
Sorry! And thank you!!
Will go over it. Much appreciated!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 15 9:29 AM
Thank you tazruby2000, got it!
But sorry I didn't mention - I'm actually on windows 7, not xp.
Is there a major difference? And also will probably install windows 10 after that. Does it matter? Sorry to be a pain, I'm really not all that good with such things lol
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