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 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 26, 12 3:21 AM
Do you have the Leathernecks (or whatever they're called)? They're the best to start with because they let you pop some bubbles right off.
 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 26, 12 3:19 AM
You have to cross the finish line before Darter does. Once you figure out the route, just go from "pumpkin" to "pumpkin" to beat him. You should get there with plenty of time to just sit and wait for him.
 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 26, 12 3:17 AM
As near as I can figure, it's destroying all enemies on a level, collecting all coins and finding all hidden areas. I've gotten 4 stars on nearly every level by redoing it and with an upgraded Darter and watching the map to make sure I didn't miss anything.

(I gave up on the race for your life level . . . )
 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 24, 12 3:56 PM
When you come to a big enemy, you have to have your friends trailing behind you, NOT in the "defensive circle" where they whirl around you. With them trailing you, you move in a circle around the bigger enemy. Your friends will shoot at the enemy making it smaller. When it gets small enough, you can either left click to circle them up and smash the enemy or just keep shooting til it pops and releases the friend.
 posted in Glow Fish on Feb 24, 12 3:48 PM
I've had this game for about a year and just love it!! There's as much of a challenge as you want from easy just gathering what you need to get through to seeking out all of the hidden spots and getting all of the trophies. Very different from most available games.
 posted in Mother Nature on Feb 14, 12 2:58 PM
I really tried this game hoping that it would get interesting. I got through quite a few levels, had plenty of flowers and bushes available but . . . yuk. It was the same old, same old area after area. Plant, plant, plant, dig, plant, plant, plant, dig. Get the special piece of whatever, move to the next area to plant, plant, plant, etc. I guess it beats watching paint dry.
 posted in Coconut Queen on Jan 24, 12 2:06 PM
Wholeheartedly agree that this is a no-brainer buy at 2.99. Decent strategy game, requires some thought, amusing enough story line. Just a fun, cute game.
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Jan 11, 12 2:21 PM
This is just a very odd game. Unlike most other games, there doesn't seem to be an overall strategy that, once you figure it out, it helps you beat later levels. Each level of the game is entirely different from the next. Some levels are very, very easy and can be finished in a matter of seconds (literally). Others are completely mystifying (I'm on one now . . . )

You learn a lot through trial and error--like somehow a church supplies water to lots of houses--go figure. Most levels have to be replayed to be able to move on simply because you finally figure out how the heck you're supposed to meet your goals.

Do I like it? Not sure yet. I bought it largely because it wasn't a hidden object game . . . but also because it seemed like it was varied enough to hold my interest.

I will say that I'm getting tired of the heroine just paying off these thieves!!!!
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Jan 11, 12 9:18 AM
It's not a silly question--and it wasn't explained well at all in the "tutorial". It appears that water towers have to be built right next to a lot if you want to build a house there, they have to share a side edge (altho I swear I've had a level where it was enough on the diagonal . . .). Once you build the tower, the affected lots will glow blue if they're part of the tower.

I've found trial and error is my only way of being "sure".
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Jan 11, 12 8:48 AM
I think (but I'm not all that sure at this point) that if you click on the commercial building, the area served glows gold. This will give you an idea of the buildings you have to improve to reach the goal. The area served does seem to change a bit so I haven't quite figured that out just yet . . .
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 8, 12 3:22 PM
That's exactly why I like these kinds of games--many ways to beat most levels so they actually have replayability!!!
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 8, 12 10:19 AM
As a general strategy, you need to upgrade the office ASAP, then free the incoming road. Don't pay the merchant or build a quarry--you can get all the stone you need from destroying unneeded roads (like the one next to the merchant and the one at the top near the foundry.

So start off by removing the ruin toward the mine. Get rid of all the bandits while your workers on the ruin. Chop down the tree and build a bank. Wait for 60 gold, then upgrade the office.

When you have 80 coal, you can destroy the mine and replace it with a bank.
When you have 40 gold, add another worker (you can add another one to speed things up right after that)

Then work to clear the path to the incoming road while also clearing the path to the sawmill. However, make sure you improve the incoming road first.

You'll need to order 1 load of wood and 2 of iron (once you collect the wood up by the factory and near the merchant, you'll already have 20)

Finish destroying and improving roads while you wait for your deliveries, then make the products you need.

Et voila, vous etes finis! (Figured I throw in some French in honor of the theme)
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 7, 12 6:25 AM
While I am very happy with most of the game, it would have helped for certain things to have been explained a bit better (if they were, I missed them). For example, when you upgrade the office, not only are your ordered item loads increased but your production from other buildings increases and your haul from chopping down trees increases.

This is especially important on those levels where you need lots of scaffolding and beams. Instead of alternating orders of iron and wood, a tree will now give you 40 wood--enough to make an order of scaffolding. If you leave enough tree spots unbuilt, you will have a constant supply of wood without ordering.

It took me a while to figure that out and changed the way I complete levels.

I'm sure there are other tips that should have been included (in a perfect world). I look forward to learning them from the other avid players!
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 5, 12 2:55 PM
Totally agree as well. I was put off by all of the negative reviews but gave it a shot anyway. I found it to be a challenging strategy game that provided plenty of play time. I've been replaying many of the levels just to try things a different way.

I think a lot of people expected it to be a different kind of game and trashed it because it wasn't what they expected. I hope others give it a try.
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 3, 12 6:43 PM
I know you don't need gold on all levels because I didn't even retry the silly smack-the-burglar level a second time to try for gold. Even so, the game ended with the tower being built. You should be okay--and can go back and try again at your leisure!
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 3, 12 6:12 AM
And finished with LOADS of time to spare!!! Not even a close one!!!

 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 2, 12 9:44 AM
This level has me stumped. I can't get enough resources quick enough so I know I'm building stuff in the wrong order. I have a cold with the cotton-head so I'm just not feeling like fighting with it anymore . . .

Can anyone help????
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Jan 2, 12 9:42 AM
I almost didn't try this because of all the negative reviews. I don't understand many of them. The graphics are fine on my computer. I don't know if it's a resolution issue or something because there are so many comments about the poor graphics but they appear quite nice on my system.

It's not a Build a lot game--it's much more of a strategy game in determining what resources you need to complete levels and how best to manage those resources.

I've found it to be quite challenging even though these games are usually pretty simple for me.

Glad I gave it a try.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 30, 11 4:56 AM
Yes, they are extra levels and no they are not all the same.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 26, 11 6:28 PM
I've had it appear on the ledge under the apiary. I don't know if it moves around or not, but that's where I've seen it even when I've replayed the level to check. Good luck!!

I played through a couple more times and noticed that it usually appears on that ledge under the apiary BUT it will appear there even if the area is in the dark (dastardly!!!!) and it will sometimes appear above the well near the idol by the cocooned worker. When it appears there, it is right on the edge of the shadow so it's difficult to see.
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