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 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Dec 22, 08 5:38 AM
Ya...same here grammykitty...the cards and the fireballs are a pain in the neck... I can't do them. Now I've used all my skips... and I'm ticked off cause I have a lot of the game to finish.. and no more skips left... !!
I"ll have to start all over now... how stupid to just have so many skips...and then nada...!!! Once again I lose control and am at the mercy of the people who made the game... Grrrrrr... that is my biggest gripe about these games...Let me be in control please... and if I want to SKIP.... then let me..for heaven sakes.. !!

Other than that... I like the game..!!
 posted in Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii on Dec 1, 08 6:10 AM
Ya Koalanut.... these gamers are going to have to step up their games challenge and length if they want us to buy them.... Any games between the likes of Mushroom Age ( for example but there are others too ) and RTR........ are the only ones I"d be bothered with anymore...

Good point.. I should have looked at the length of the walkthru and that would have given me a clue.... I wouldn't have been near as disappointed if the game had some duration to it... but I was just getting into it when it was poof.... OVER... !!

Well guess I"ll go play RTR for a third time.... that is one fabulous game.. !!
 posted in Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii on Dec 1, 08 5:54 AM
What a HUGE disappointment... it ended way too quick...not much of a challenge...AND.. . no bang for your buck on this one.. if I"d have known that I probably wouldn't have bothered buying it.

Thrown together is right... BOOOO..... And here I was so anxious to get this game..

The only good thing.. no timer and the hints refreshed quick...

Course can ANYTHING beat Return to Ravenhurst... ??????
 posted in Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii on Dec 1, 08 12:45 AM
It's finally here.. but it won't install for me... double darn... !! Anybody else having this problem...? I click install game... hit run... twice... and it just goes away... Whats with that...?? My BF manager won't even open up....

Well, it's after midnight and time for bed anyway... will try again in the morning.. Strange... !!

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 5:22 PM
Yes, Bin... I know.. but my inventory is not full.... and I agree I do use them as soon as I can... but I think I have more of a problem going on here...

Thanks though.. !
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 4:57 PM
Oh Cesse47... I"ve about had it with this game... stuff isn't going into my inventor like it should.. etc etc.. So I uninstalled it.. reinstalled it.. and now this time.. the male statue by the skeleton door is not clickable... ( I only know to do this because I was following the tips and tricks )

I did get all the marbles the first time I played this.. didn't get all the typewriter keys though.. I"ve plain given up for now until I head back from tech support.. if my game isn't working right them I'm just banging my head against the wall for nothing..
Patience isn't not one of my virtues...LOL

I don't even know what twins door you are talking about...LOL

Wish I could say it was Happy Gaming.. but in this case it sure isn't...

maybe a few of these will calm me down....
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 1:51 PM
Yes, I have... I"ve clicked on a couple things that should have gone in my inventory... but it didnt'..I also contacted tech support
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 8:22 AM
Top of the tram..??..LOL... oh lord above... I"m so lost and I forgot my bread crumbs...
I have no idea where the tram is... LOL. I"ve gotten to the beauty parlor.. up into the bedroom and bathroom... but haven't seem a tram either..Don't have a hammer to take the nails out of the dresser.. or the key to unlock the medicine cabinet.. Sigh.. !!!

What twisted minds these game makers have....LOL

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 8:13 AM
Putty knife..?? What putty knife..? Where do I find that...? What a challenge this game is.. Whew.... !!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 26, 08 5:34 AM
I"m in a heap of trouble already... 2 minutes into the game and I can't get thru the gate..!
I"ve tried everything I can think of..

Putting out an APB for help..

Many thanks
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 11, 08 5:40 PM
Oh prpldva... did they really...? Should I just delete this game and download a new one then.... ??
I"m glad they fixed that...LOL

Thanks for the heads up..
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 11, 08 4:25 PM
I quite liked the game myself....!! Yes, the hint button took too long to recharge...and some of the things were impossible to find without the hints...The graphics were great...I especially like the raft scene... how cute.. ! The mini puzzles were a bit challenging ( some of them ) but I managed to solve them although I'm not sure how..! I had the same problem as everybody at the end... you have to control, alt , delete to quit the game ...Huh... how come guys...??

No penalty for clicking was great...and no timer... !!

I give it a thumbs up and will certainly play it again.

 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 10, 08 5:07 AM
Yep... this game's for me... May not be as challenging as some... but still enjoyable...and I"ve just started so maybe I've spoken too soon.
Bought it without trying the demo...
Love to start a morning like this...makes my day... !!! thx BF
 posted in Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii on Nov 8, 08 9:03 PM
OH.. Poodlebear... you are right.. I screwed up the name....LOL.. OH dear.. so many games.. so few brain cells..

Well ya'll seemed to know what I was talking about ... so I guess that makes us all a bit "off" eh....LOL..
It was a good game though eh...?
Yes.. we do need a new name for these games.. personally I call them my HO Plus games... but this one doesn't exactly have any hidden objects listed...
My hour demo went so fast.. I want this game...


Okay.. now this makes 3 games I must get... I hope BF is going to get 2 of them at least..
Return to Ravenhurst... the new Mortimer.. and Alabama Smith.. ( or Steve if you prefer...LOL )

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Nov 6, 08 8:39 PM
Oh my gosh girl.... thanks a lot... I"m going to write those down... such simple words eh..? Smart fish is right...
I did read thru some of those threads.. and learned that is the place to go to unscramble words... which helped a lot.
I'll certainly keep those threads in mind though... I have a feeling I"ll need them

Many thanks

No giggy... haven't seen that ...will check it out too... thanks
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Nov 5, 08 8:22 AM
lineck..... I"m in the same boat...I just starting playing it again last nite... Wow.. what a game. I never finished it the first time around... and I can see why not. I didn't know there was a forum where you could get help.
I"ve been reading thru the posts and someone had mentioned a website called ( hope I spelled that right if not pm me and I"ll send you the link cause I bookmarked it ) and wow... you just type in all the letters and spells your word for you... It just saved my butt... so it should help you too...

Have fun... I"m going to try too...
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Nov 4, 08 7:31 PM
Holy cow.... just reading thru all these posts is giving me anxiety attacks....!! It's painful to read all your problems you are having.... soothed only by the yelps of victory when you finally figured something out..

I bought dear Madame Fate a long time ago..thinking it was just a simple HO game... wrong...!! I couldn't figure out the puzzles so I made the "phone call" which knocked 5 minutes off my time...ouch... Well, needless to say I always ran out of time.

I decided to try it again today....and continued where I'd left off. Well in no time I was stuck on the silly game where I was suppose to make 6 words out of three. Stuck again.. !! I haven't a clue.. !

Is there a walkthru with pictures that I can get some help. There is no way I"m reading thru all these posts..........LOL
I know I'll love the game once I wrap my head around it... but for the moment it terrifies me....LOL
I think I"ll start from square one again....after I get your help....

Thanks in advance

 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Nov 3, 08 7:29 AM
Oh giggyann... you're too much of a neat freak... !! LOL.. heavens even now I look for pretzels on the ceiling during TV commercials.... and I wouldn't be the least bit surprized to find a scorpion or a screwdriver in my soup.

Hey.. anybody else know what a recorder was...? I've seen it called that in several games.... heck folks .. it's a flute.. !! Gotta say some of the games have things I"ve never heard of.. especially oriental objects... thank god for hints.. !!

I"ve seen an hourglass called a clock.. which threw me... such an education one gets from playing BF games...LOL

 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Nov 3, 08 4:17 AM
Oh for heaven sakes... LOL.. I"m about 2 minutes into this game and I'm already stuck.
I have a letter X and a gold looking thing that looks like a feather duster... I"M suppose to find some hidden passage... Well for the life of me I can't..
I've used the X and scanned the whole screen... used the gold thing ..scanned the whole screen... used just the mouse..did the same... and no where does my cursor turn purple....
I"ve read the letter again... tried to combine the two things... and nada..

I know it is early in the morning.. and my brain isn't quite at full speed..but can someone tell me what the heck I have to do to find the secret passage..

My demo times is going to be up... think I"ll have to buy this game. If I am stumped this quick it should be good. I really like the hints system..

Heeellpp !! ( a cry in the night )

 posted in Redrum ™ on Nov 2, 08 6:10 AM
not for me... !!
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