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so I downloaded the demo and started to play I haven't finished the demo yet but.... As a ground search and rescuer I have notice a couple of things

1) searchers don't go out on searches alone ( saftey factor being the reason)

2) there would have been at least two teams of two or three hit the island as a go team ( teams that go in and scout the situation)

3) this searcher should already have quite a bit of equipment in his ready pack

4) why didn't he have an inflatable in the plane?

5) scenes should allow for the searcher to actually search in actual search thelast thing you would worry about is picking up crystals your priority is finding the person(people) not objects I found this dumb, searchers think outside the box when up against obstacles so they woulld have marked the safe if they thought it was important and called it in so the police could check it out.

6) why isn't he calling in his postion when landing and telling his rescue managers that he is flying around the Island.

Searchers would never progress without first contacting the rest of their team, as for when he swam ot the fog island his first piroity would be himself to get warm and dry. because as far as saftey goes in a search its self team subject(s) because if he is in trouble he wont be able to help anyone else. which brings me to the fact why hasn't he radioed the police once he saw the strange monster man thing?

perhaps I expected too much I'll finish the demo and see
 posted in The Flying Dutchman - In The Ghost Prison on Jul 11, 11 12:39 PM
well I played for 14 minutes I see what everyone means about the music.. short of turning the speakers off no way to turn it off. well I like match threes .. sometimes (mostly in the winter when I am very bored) but I think this on is well .. best saved for a very stormy day when I can't go out and play to finish off this demo. I will not be buying this one. Maybe if there was more to do in this game other than just match three all the time, more of a story perhaps... The title in this game "The flying Dutchman- in a ghost prision ' Makes one hope for a really spooky piratey( is piratey a word?) story .. and so is really disappointing in this respect. So in my humble opinion expect for the background graphics and music .. it is the same as any other match three game. I 'm sorry but if you've played one match three you've played them all.

May I suggest some story lines for this one as the title got my writer's imagination( can't spell today sorry) going.

First research- who was the captain of the Flying Dutchman - what was the story of her becoming a ghostship.

second Ghost prision? - who is in the ghost prison? the Captain? The Crew? Why? Who put them there?
could it be the players job to get them out?
There are so many other possibilities to this game other than just a match three.
 posted in The Flying Dutchman - In The Ghost Prison on Jul 11, 11 11:20 AM
Hmmmmm..... all these conflicting reveiws. Still from waht I read seems to rate a try at the demo at least. I hope the games aren't all match three's... I will give the demo and try and then state my two cents worth.
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 11 7:14 PM
In the upstairs of the mansion with the fountain by it, there is an unfinished mask, you need to collect the feathers and finish the mask, the feathers are in the pillow on the bed which beleive or not you open with a crochet hook. you put the feathers in the box by the mask which opens a game which is placing the feathers. when its done you have your mask.
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 11 4:18 PM
Thank you Valdy and Kelvarda, I was just about going nuts trying to figure out where I had missed it. Thank you very much
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 11 11:49 AM
I have searched the stragey guide and have looked in all sorts of crevices to no avail. Could some PLEASE help me by telling where to pick up the dang worm so I can move forward in this game. I know I must of missed something somewhere.. but where. Please help. Thank you.
tofinofish wrote:
finished the demo earlier this afternoon, kinda reminded me of a certain mystery tracker where the kids go missing anf leave tapes everywhere.

lunachan wrote: "Umm..that was Mystery Case Files ire Grove , where kids go missing and you find their tapes-just letting ya know"

Thank you lunachan i realized this after I posted and was just too dang lazy to change it. thanks for clearing that up for everyone.
finished the demo earlier this afternoon, kinda reminded me ofa certain mystery tracker where the kids go missing anf leave tapes everywhere. I enjoyed it though I can see aloy of running back and forth between scenes coming up if I went ahead a bought it . I say if because even though I enjoyed it it didn't leave me with the I have got to play this through right now feeling. so I'll probably wait on this one a bit. well worth doing the demo.
 posted in Escape Rosecliff Island on Jun 11, 11 12:45 PM
> > < ^ ^ thats all have to say hope it helps someone
I finally found my last bone.. in case someone else has the same thing take a very close look outside the study shack
had the oppurtunity to beta test this one and I have been looking forward to it coming out ever since. I'll buy this. great game.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 21, 11 2:32 PM
I just finished this game, I had demoed it awhile back then bought, started to play , stop and started again. So what does that say usaually when I get into a game my family is ignored, oh sure I throw them supper but otherwise..... This one just didn't keep my interest .. I was interested to finish it (eventually) but not interested enough too play for an hour or two at a time. For me it was only maybe an ok game.
 posted in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo on May 21, 11 2:24 PM
a no buy for me based on the terrible spelling alone! in one room it asked to find a partition when what they meant was a petition! I had to use a hint to find out I was looking for a peice of paper not a room divider! Get it together boys and girls.
I found this kind of thing happened alot in this game. this game belongs two thousand leagues under the sea.
Use the baby dragons smoke ability then use magic potion. hope this helps
Absolutely a sense of humour a look of intellingence, and maybe make him with a bit of mysterious background. I agree with you "gimp" is exactly the word that discribes the current Prince.
Just finished the game this morning. When I first started the demo yesterday I got really frustrated right away because the stragey guide may as well be non existant for all the good it does aperson in the beginning of the game. So after awhile I figured it out and it was ok. I bought the game and played it through, I hate music games probably because i can't read music and have a hard time following flashing lights, (those ones I always have to watch two or three times first.) was glad the things to do was more intersting than the first Isabella. The teaser was intriguing and looked like more of the same uncursing of the kingdom. I will say that all in all I enjoyed the game. I do have one question for the delvelopers of this game tho... why does Prince Adam look so incerdiably stuck up and weird looking surely Princess Isabella could have done a lot better than him. As a prince I think he has to go maybe have him die and Princess Isabella (the mom) can remarry a dark eyed, dark haired guy thats more humble and more down to earth.
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 17, 11 4:03 PM
Well I finally did it . Yeah for me . Thank Lizzie I watched your youtube video twice then attempted it and to my delight it worked thank you so much!!!
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 17, 11 10:03 AM
I was ok once i realized the ship keeps going forward and it took me awhile to figure out, oh you have to push + button so the gates clear. Getting old I guess., and that I have to keep my turns itight it took me about eight try to get it done, I tried to get my teenager to do it for me but to no avail. Now I am stuck on the compass and really feeling dumb because it will align almost but not quite. Ugh. I will go and do something else for awhile and comeback to it this evening.
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 17, 11 9:53 AM
oops posted twice twice by mistake, sorry didnt think it went through
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 17, 11 9:53 AM
So Here I am just dumb I guess. one walk through say to go counter clockwise three and a half time and bingo they will align. Ha and double ha ha I get the small and big wheel align but the tiny one is off just by a tiny teeny bit. I try going righ and left I need a for sure fire proof solution anyone.
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